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The result of a logical deduction.

Today, each of you has the choice, between, remaining the slave of an oppressing situation that you know, or else becoming master of a situation that, at first, will be unknown for you !
This second choice is the one suggests you:

a true knwoledge encyclopedia that contains in it

a new dawn for man.

Credit N.A.S.A


Its objectives are to help you to:

I Become aware of all the psychic implants.

You are hypnotized: by the clever political or religious conjurers that washed your brain since such a great number of generations, that you have - in a way - integrated their lies in your genes.

It's high time for you to become aware that the religions are nothing more than official sects that, hand in hand, with all the temporal powers keep humans in the ignorance of their potential we can describe as christic or buddhic, and this for the simple and only reason that they WOULDN'T be able to manipulate them as they wish anymore.

Humans are deliberately kept by them in the slavery of their initial animal carnal condition, in order to manipulate them to their only profits. Already the Caesars, that ruled over Rome, didn't they say that to keep people in obedience one just had to give them bread and circus games ? Their only strategy since those times, is to keep humanity in a state of domestication - by assisting and distracting it - associatd to a chronical fear state (of death, or whatever) to manipulate it more easily, in order to keep it slaving away instead of them! It's the only reason, why political powers and religious powers, have at all times, been associates !

The other non-official sects, exist only because the official ones proved them, by their control over men, that it's by telling childish and unverifiable stupidities, that they get richer and that they may have a chance to become "official", one day, by proving to the politicians that they too, are able to do just as well as the official ones, using fiendishly, the main human weakness, the root of ALL manipulations and sufferings: naivety, daughter of ignorance !

II Strike at the root of the problem.

Your liberation can only be done by killing financially the official sects and all the manipulating powers. The only solution being to take away from them what gives them life since their beginning : money. For that you just have to ignore them in their speech, and buying them NOTHING.

No more mass, no more money ! No more baptism, no more money ! No more wedding ceremonies, no more money ! No more funeral mass, no more money !

No more GMO food eaters, then no more money to produce it ! No more industrial food buyers, then no more money to produce it ! No more buyers of everything that is harmful to the environement, then no more money to produce what harms it, etc, etc...

Carry on with the list yourselves.


III Heal once and for all from all you psychic implants.


It's to find again the white water of Life in ourselves, and for all of us. It's easy by reading this website first, and going then at you favorite bookseller to complete your knowledge by the lecture of the books named in the bibliography


IV Solve the dilemma of your imminent future:

" nightmare / civilisation " or " doomsday / stone age"

Painting of Siudmiak Painting of Siudmiak

it's to lead the " masters of the World " to correct their behaviors.

 Painting of Siudmiak

Siudmak painting 

Here is, below, with precisions and proofs, the criticism of the fundamental mistakes of your civilisation that demonstrates that are leading you towards a probable mass extinction, it they aren't corrected right away. This opinion isn't more personal than it isn't pessimistic : it's the realistic opinion of most of your greatest scientifics as Hubert Reeves, among many others, for whom Earthmen's future s more than very worrying.
It could have been a very nice toy, this industrial society of consumption and profits, if it hadn't been created with this scornful carefreeness to the earth and the human.

Wil you be wise enough to correct yourself in time ?


Film Ghost of Mars, your future ?

Maybe at best - or would it be at worst ? - you will disappear as men, to be replaced by nightmarish creatures half-human that will live in a completely artificial world well worse than those of your sci-fi movies...

which has no reason to happen !  
Indeed, your potential dramatical situation is in itself a stunning paradox because in fact you have strictly no fundamental problem insofar as no unavoidable natural cause is threatening you right now
and for the first time of your history, you have at your disposal all means to change this planet into a paradise

source NASA

You already have every thing you need, as much in feeding resources or other, as in wealth and technosciences - to build a future that reconciles the human dimension, the ecology and the technological civilisation, and this partially because of the latest.
Numerous alternative solutions exist - known and described for thirty years - that always bumped into a refusal to implement them from the "masters of your world" that are seriously affected by acute conjunctivitis. They are affected by conjunctivitis because in themselves, the factors that are modifying your planet up to your destrcution - and that are the economy and the technosciences in all their aspects - are in reality fundamentally neutral ; what counts is the use they make of them, and this use is bad for all of you.
In particular, but not mainly, because of your new weapons



american plane SR71 - source : french Air force

and of their use that is going to intensify since the opening of your last conflict.

NY the 11th september 2001 seen by a C.N.E.S french satellite

Jean Pierre Petit, astrophysician :

" What is going on nowadays on our good old Earth ?
A conflict between North and South is taking form, the Rich against the Poor, power lasers against cutters kamikaze commandos. The rich are as selfish as the other human beings, conjurers, lacking in scrupules as were the lords in the Middle-Ages. Then, from starving to starving, from blockade to blockade, from frustration to frustration the Great Planetary Jacquerie is brewing. To express value judgements is useless. The driving force of the earthly history is stupidity with a capital S. Ideally it would be nice if everyone was rich or at least comfortably off, if we preserved the biotope, if we shared equally wealth, the knowledge and energy, if we controlled the birthrate, if we kept humans healthy, if we gave all of them decent life and development conditions, if we enacted laws that would preserve men, women and children, if we abolished the various slaveries. It's been ages we have the means to do it, may they be economical, technical or scientific."

" It could be done if our planet wasn't dominated by the most primary selfishness, based on ideologies or beliefs of any kind, and if it wasn't the place of a huge waste in all domains, including those phenomenal sums that we swallow up in military projects. " (translated from french)

Moreover, to remedy your problems doesn't at all imply to destroy the economy and the technosciences- that aren't implicated in themselves, but in the wrong use that is made of them - just as their own power, but only to reorientate them in your collective interest and stop your armed conflicts, while recognizing in priority the right of the people, of all the peoples, to have their ancestral lands at their disposal, or one land, and this as they wish it.


Your liberation can only be done by killing financially the official sects and all the manipulating powers. The only solution being to take away from them what gives them life since their beginning : money. For that you just have to ignore them in their speech, and buying them NOTHING.

They can and must then completely change their wrong leanings; and quicly ! because if they don't, superior forces will take back everything from them, in order to bring back the balance and the order in your world.

Please, do it !

Quahatikà -E Curtis 

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