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Explanation: the big horses galloping towards the right side run away, terrified by a fire made by hunters who are aiming to pull them down -with the help of relay hunters who frighten them-, to the abyss where they are going to fall in and die (cf. Solutré in France); they symbolize the human beings in the current situation. The small mustang alone is galloping the opposite way because it KNOWS that, even if it will have to face a danger in this direction too, it is his ONLY chance to survive.
Chapter I - Presentation

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Part 1 : Why this website ?


Analysis of the Topical Planetary Context's origins

The Elementary Basis for a Just Way of Thinking

The current Dehumanization by Indoctrination

The difference between knowing and believing: an ethic of communication

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" One day I was born and I was offered what they call life: I went to school, did my homework, tried hard to have good marks at high school to enter university. Then I went to university to please my parents, and get into debt of 30.000$ to have the right to learn. Then I found a job to refund, during 10 years, the debts accumulated when I was at the university. I borrowed 120.000$ to buy a house that will be entirely paid 5 years before I die. I will wake up in this house every morning next to a woman whom I am not sure I really love. I will spend 5 days a week working, and we will spend our weekends taking care of the land of the house that does not belong to us, to be sure to have the greenest lawn of the neighborhood. This is the kind of life that most of our parents wish for us; and this is the kind of life the society show us as the aim to reach!; this is the result of 2000 years of religion and fake-beliefs. And ironically this is the dream-life of 6 billion people, isn't it ? " A reader of sens-de-la-vie.
Do you belong to the huge mass of the unsatisfied people ?

Don't you think your future deserves a bit of attention ?

Would you like to know the origins of the topical situation?


Analysis of the actual planetary context's origins;

And what we are heading for.


During the second half of the Twentieth Century, the very roots of the human beings were disrupted from top to bottom by the new conditions of life, essentially generated by the following simultaneous phenomenon:
1st The collapse of Christianity in the West, associated with the obvious development of the Materialistic Spirit and its extreme competition adopted by the entire population.

2nd The rural populations' exodus towards urban cities.

3rd The demographic explosion of the Third World and the migrations of its population.

4th The worldwide industrialization of any kind of production, especially the food industry.

5th The quick deterioration of the whole biosphere's ecosystems, including humans.

6th The ruling class almost taking the complete control of the planetary resources.

7th The ruling class increasingly taking more control of the human brains and behaviors.

The obvious consequences are that, from now on,

Humanity is on the verge of a chasm: A Massive

Extinction. And this is not a "point of view", it's a fact.

By a chain reaction, these facts have generated (on the individuals who became totally dependent of this system) a significant feeling of discomfort which has opened the doors to any kind of beliefs. Hence the spreading of the sects and the easiness of how the Gurus (and channels of the New Age or of any other kind) can trap these individuals, even some of the enlightened ones.

While simultaneously the Rulers of the World - named hereafter The Masters Of the World" or MOW - unveil their firm intention to totally enslave Humans, particularly by means of microchips implants in the human body (sub-epidermal or injected), transmitters or receivers of information intended to eliminate all forms of freedom and free will …and maybe worse. This objective, a singular Worldwide Government, will be created in the name of the unity for the fight against crime, specifically terrorism, pedophilia and other threats that the MOW will create to suit their needs, according to the strategy they've been using for ages.

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Would you like to know what stands in the way of the actual situation's improvement?


Elementary basis for a Sound Way of Thinking

Maât, goddess of the Truth, the Justice and the Harmony which results from the righteousness of the behavior

Put mouse on "Maât" to discover the meaning of this symbol.

It's not possible to accept that a minority of people controls what is essential for the humans' survival,

considering this minority's absence of scruples and respect for Life.
Vous retrouverez ce signal dans d'autres pages, il symbolise un danger majeur. Note: The W.T.O. (World Trade Organization) has programmed to privatize all the natural resources, which are belonging to the whole humanity, including fresh water and the underground layers. Their will is (badly) dissimulated in the General Agreement on the Services Trade (G.A.S.T.) Click on the link below for more information.

The scheme mentioned above is, at the present time, already launched and its process will accelerate. And it's not obviously possible to accept such a scheme, as it would boil down to giving up our lives at the mercy of people who have shown their malice and lack of kindness towards mankind, as well as their total absence of respect for Life in general.

Whoever respects oneself and cares about the future of the human species, as well as one's offspring, has the imperative mission to fight this deadly scheme, which implies the call into question of our way of thinking:

According to R. Hainard: "It would be an illusion to believe that it is presently possible to protect the Nature, or the Life - and then safeguard the integrity of the human person - without entering in conflict with the basic concepts of our civilization."

Considering the foundations of our obsolete way of thinking and behaving, the need of a global call into question has become an emergency that cannot be avoided anymore. Nevertheless, the obstacles to a sound way of thinking come specifically from two major factors:

You have to start the fight by adjusting yourself, and you need -if necessary- to be humble enough to admit your own ignorance; then you need to be motivated to have a real will to get rid of this ignorance: keep in mind that pride associated with laziness creates the ingenuousness that the Masters of the World exploit to manipulate you.

The obstacles to a just thought come from those "spiritual movements" that pretend to hold the solutions to avoid this apocalypse: religions, sects or the New Age movement are all founded on beliefs that are unverifiable, and that they defend in a "stubborn donkey manner".

"I love donkeys" :o)
It is an easy task for anybody, whose mind is free of any beliefs and has a synthesis oriented mind, to understand and define what should be the new just foundations for our civilization. Especially if this person sincerely aims to help the others. It's, in short, the task that we've successfully completed with this website, which as far as we know, has no equivalent.
But the time your will be given to understand this website will - unfortunately - be very short, and should immediately be followed - as a matter of priority, for yourself - by concrete behaviours you will be proposed in the following pages.
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Would you like to know what is the meaning of the world "Freedom"?


The current Dehumanization by Indoctrination

Knowledge and bases of Humanity are totally disappearing


The eclipse (temporary?) of the human consciousness.

We often hear talking about "human conscience",

or "People's conscience"; what does that mean?

The word "conscience" has several and various meanings, but in the present case this word implies the capacity that the People or the human species have -or should have- to think by themselves, to learn, to be self-educated; and obviously this means to be adult, independent and free of one's choices. Consequently these capacities imply that People are able to preserve themselves from any manipulation, particularly demagogic, religious, commercial, etc...
This can be simply reduced with the very popular idiom:

" Everybody is free of thinking whatever he/she wants"

This implies the right to express oneself, and this is above all a democratic Right!

This colloquial expression seems to be stamped with people's wisdom, as it seems so obvious and so real: in fact is this really true ? According to my own opinion, it is widely false because this idea implies two underlying facts:
What each person thinks, only concerns him/herself, and so would have a few consequences on the others.

If we consider that our thoughts are at the origin of what we do, this colloquial expression is false.

That everybody would be the author of what he/she thinks.

Now, in so far as this expression contains the word "everybody", this colloquial expression is obviously false.

Indeed, those who unconsciously reflect the thoughts that were implanted in their minds by a source of which they are not conscious, cannot reasonably assert that they are free: they are not hearths but only reflections, even if -obviously- their ego refuses to admit it. Unfortunately this is a common fact, because there are plenty of minds' indoctrinations (which can be religious, political or of any kind), and were implanted since a long time.

" Everybody is free of thinking what he/she wants" Ce petit personnage est un "Serf-Veau", voyez sa définition à la page qui lui est consacré.

This idiom contains a dangerous trap, if we forget to add the following restrictions:

1st. Except if the aim of these thoughts is to deceive other people to exploit them.

2nd. Except if what the person thinks IS the result of a skillful cerebral implant.

In the second case, it is neither possible to talk about freedom, nor about free will!

In fact, most of the time humans say "I think": they are neither conscious that they are not at the origin of their ideas, nor that "I" does not exist, in the way they understand it.

In Fact:

We know from now on and since a long time that we are imbued with what we received from the environment during our childhood essentially determines (fortunately not only that) what we believe to be, and afterwards our ideas.

This mark is so deeply rooted in ourselves from the beginning that only a few people will, afterwards, try hard to understand its relativity to be able to get rid of it; or just keep it consciously and judiciously. Such people will eternally remain reflections, but not hearths.

Einstein said:

"It's easier to disintegrate an atom than to change a belief."

Now, the human species will be able to be -or "to become"- conscious, meaningfully speaking, only if they make the effort to reject all their beliefs or at least their systematic critical analysis. There are two huge obstacles to reach this aim:
1 Only a few people realize that the origin of their ideas concerning the world is most of the time (although not always) the result of an underhand indoctrination, which they don't usually realize.

2 Only a few people have enough free time, a physical health and a mental sanity at their disposal, which are the conditions to make possible a courageous personal call into question.

The "masters of the world "do not need to conspire! They just have to be discreet on their real intentions, what they make more and more badly.
Indoctrination has always been inherent to Religions and Governments; otherwise Wars would have never happened. And at the present time, the situation is getting worse:
A new form of indoctrination was born, a far more dangerous one than the previous ones, deliberately created by a worldwide economical and political system: this new indoctrination aims to have a total and global "mind control" of the humanity. Here are the following obvious reasons: this new indoctrination aims to standardize the People's thoughts, and consequently standardizing the producers' behaviours, the consumers' behaviours and the social behaviors.

The means used to reach this aim are not only limited to the influence of TV commercials or advertisings: it concerns information, except a few isolated hearths such as this website.

The medias used to secure this "mind control" differ, but the method remains the same: it is based on a total inversion, not only of the common sense values (which everyone can observe), but also of the meaning of the words or the sense of the information.

Associated to the fact that Medias constantly lie and issue "fabricated truth", these deliberated inversions repeated many a time, have brought about a total confusion in most of people's mind. Many of those have become 'disabled' at the point that they are not able to think, and to express themselves in a logical and coherent way anymore.

Subliminal information and probably psycho-telemetric weapons (used to influence people's emotions and thoughts) are also employed, although the International Conventions banned them.

Therefore, the "system" has the ambition to control Everything,

Included inside yourself: they want you to remain a Reflection, a slave totally submissive

"The poverty", Pablo Picasso's painting.

since believing that he is free: a human whose brain has been sucked up.

To add to the surrounding confusion, many of you are under the influence of an autocratic Guru, a Channel, someone who's been contacted by Aliens or some pseudo-Messiah. These ones are pure Masochists! And I do not talk rashly, since I have studied all these sources of teaching; and if sometimes those sources contain some partial truth, in my opinion the general meanings of what they preach is senseless. And their aim is only to sell something, isn't it?
"Mankind is senseless. It is not able to forge a thumbtack, and it forges gods by dozens" (Montaigne).  

You have to become conscious, if it's still not the case, otherwise you will eternally remain a reflection.

As soon as the Man gets rid of these influences and from the illusion of the "I", which is only a mental game,

His power of creation is arousing and he becomes the author of his own values:

He stops to be a reflection and becomes a Hearth.

The only human who can say "I am free of thinking"

The only one who cannot be manipulated.

Siddharta said: "Be your own torch to yourself".

The Masters Of the World do not want to govern hearths, but they want -for obvious reasons- to govern uniform shadows.

Source: Fine Art Only.

And to do so, their task is eased because only few of their adversaries dare to face unpopularity:
Montesquieu said:

"A simple person who has only the truth to tell is seen as the disturber of the public pleasure. We shun him, because he does not please us; We shun the truth he tells because the truth has a bitter taste; we shun the sincerity of which he makes a vocation, because it only carries wild fruits; we dread it, because it humiliates, because it sickens pride, which is the dearest of our feeling, because sincerity is like a talented painter who shows us as much as misshapen we are."

This deliberate politics of anesthesia of the minds associated to an artificial way of life and the industrialization of foods; the lot worsened by fears broadcasted amongst the public have decreased human vitality, physical as well as mental, and brings about two worrying phenomenons:
Dehumanization arises from the fear.

Knowledge and Bases of Humanity are disappearing.

1 Knowledge is "disappearing", either it is censored or it's forgotten, in such a way that it won't remain anything of it in a very near future.

2 Human species itself is genetically deteriorating, due to the influence of the artificial and seriously polluted environment we have created, in such a way that there will soon not remain any intact and healthy humans able to understand what is the Humanity's Root itself.

To attempt to remedy to this situation, at least partially, I have conceived and created this site for at least 4 reasons:

Help all those who are only reflections, to arouse the Hearth they have in themselves.

Help those who are already Hearth to become conscious that they are not alone.

Safeguard this knowledge, source of mind independence and of individual freedom.

Bring the world back from the actual Confusion -resulting of the Force and Profit connections- to Order that will spontaneously arise from the Harmony, resulting in the education of Self-Control and Respectful relations between humans.

This is the aim of this virtual support that cannot be destroyed: because it is possible to duplicate and multiply it, such as a living being. I don't know you but I did it for you, because I wish you accept to read it first, and above all the agent and the 'transmitter'. If the information contained in this website is understood and stay alive in the minds of most of you, it will become possible, after a certain time, to eradicate the actual confusion that prevails on the Earth. Jean ROSTAND(1894-1977) said: " The obligation to undergo gives us the right to know".

Finally I would really appreciate that you take part in this enterprise, and that it becomes a collective enterprise.

Feed the little flame that is this website with your ideas; many thanks by advance. Do not hesitate to send me your texts, and I will be pleased to put them online at the most suitable place in the website.
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Would you like to know a just way to communicate?

The difference between knowing and believing: an ethic of communication

"Qahatika " photo Edward S. Curtis.

Here is a highly important digression -that has to be largely diffused- on the way to distinguish the sincere information from the disinformation.

The first thing to do to avoid indoctrination and escape from the huge confusion due to the lies, is to become able to judge the information by ourselves; this implies to not believe approximately and to be able to recognize the level of reliability that we can -or not- give to the information.

My aim is to give you a simple tool to distinguish these 4 levels of information, concerning their level of reliability. It's the best way for us to communicate with precision and accuracy, which allow ourselves to get trust (like it's the case for; and it's also a method that gives us a chance to analyze anything that is offered to our reflection.

These 4 levels of reliability are illustrated with the following symbols:

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience. I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction. I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source. I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source.

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source. I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

Every pages -or chapters- of are preceded with one of these 4 symbols to indicate the readers the level of reliability of the information given. The following instructions are also indicated at the head of each page:

" makes you possible to check the level of reliability of the information that you will read by putting the arrow of the mouse on one of these symbols below that are - or will be - at the top of each page, to know their meaning, but also to invite you to check by yourself the sources (that are always mentioned either in the texts or in the links). You are invited to think about it, and nobody asks you to believe. "

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience. I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source. I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

The analyze of the given information (honestly or not), obviously shows you how much serious and reliable the information is (or not). As a result, the information simply gets clearer; but we always must keep in mind the necessity to always check the source(s) by ourselves.

That way, you will realize by yourself that only few sources of people are reliable F.Y.I!!!


 Amerindian languages allow these distinctions with their conjugations.

For further information you can consult the rules of communication of's Circle of Friends.

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