Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter II - Actual world

II-01: The need of another look at the world.

II-02: Exit your endoctrination, a fight against the ideas of misinformation.

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux".

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan. "

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

Part 2 : exit your indoctrination

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

"Teaching superstitions and lies as Truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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" The apocalypse will be for tomorrow” or” will not take place”

" Third World and Primitive People would Envy you "

" Only the Occident exists, and is carrying the only reliable Spiritual Values... ?"

" Your current Occidental Thought would be able to dissociate Judeo-Christianity "

" You would help the Third World "

" Genetically Modifying Humankind would be a Progress "

" You would be progressing in the preservation of Nature ".

" You would have lived a Sexual Revolution "

" GMOs should be necessary to overcome the Starving World "

Fighting against Accepted Ideas coming from Misinformation

For reasons we don't want judge, you are the object of a constant misinformation which blinds you. Amongst the opinions you can hear every day, you often can hear common speeches similar to the one below, and here is what you should answer:

1." The apocalypse will be for tomorrow"... or " will not take place! "

The apocalypse you fear is already in current process .

This process remains hardly perceptible, because it often occurs softly and in an occlusive way. And sudden events will consequently happen when it will be too late, such as the spectacular September 11 events -which were for the rest, observed from space.

Photos CNES 


Here the opinion of the scientist Hubert Reeves, concerning the Future of the Earth.
"From now to 2050, 25% of the Earth's species alive will be destroyed by Humankind. The last time where such a disaster happened was when a meteorite fell onto the Earth which 50% was destroyed, 65 million years ago... And we behave like is there was still a hope. I sincerely think that people are very optimistic! I do not wish the end of Humankind... Anyway, only two scenarios are possible: either the humankind is able to control its power, or it will be destroyed bi itself."
The Extinction of Tigers will precede the Humankind's in next to no time. And this regrettable event will undoubtedly take place before 2050, if drastic decisions are not immediately made: this is my intimate opinion.
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2. " Third World and Primitive People would envy you..."


Visit this interesting site for more information about civilization:

" 4,8 billion humans live in Developing Countries. They watch "rich and famous people's lives on TV" -hoping to reach their standard of life- whilst they are starving. "
IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Because there are too many people who firmly intend to preserve their Own Way of Life...

...and who want to get rid of your influence, because they do not envy you at all! This is the opposite: they have a feeling of compassion towards you, and they feel so sad to see that you are so stupid and unhappy -especially sane people such as my Sioux friends.

I can tell you, from my own experience, that the assertion preaching that western countries would be envied by other countries does not reflect the Universal Value it is supposed to have; Even in a general manner this fact is real.

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3. " Only the Occident would exist, or would be carrying Reliable Spiritual Values, and particularly your religions which indeed become THE Religion... "

This is typical of some absurd feelings of superiority: the only fact of attributing the word "Religion" such a meaning is simply Wrong, because it is only a limitation to the 3 religious major groups: Judaism, Christianism and Islam. And indeed, you have many other religions, such as Buddhism, that do not know the concept of God.

This way of thinking obscures several billion men who see these beliefs as pathetically poor.

Hinduism, Vedism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoisme, Shamanism, the Amerindian religions and many traditions of religious nature: From African's Animism to the Aborigine's Dream Time, they have an anteriority of several millennium on your current beliefs, which is not less than 5000 years regarding to their source (the Bible) and less than 15 centuries regarding to their practice application in Occident.

It is also, sweeping away your own spiritual knowledge former to Christianity... and nowadays forgotten


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4. "Your current Occidental thought would be different from Judeo-Christianity and would be thus carrying a Revival... "

It is not possible for you to oppose this one to your current techno-scientific thought or even the "New age": since this is only a distorted failure of the religions they are stemming from, without any fundamental thing have changed in your new beliefs comparing to the former beliefs.

The Creator/Creation's or Man /Nature's duality, or even the negation of these values are only in our eyes the primitive stages, or the deviances (by deterioration) of the human thought.

Between these 3 Religions and the Air Cargos' Worship, recently invented by the Papuans, there is no fundamental difference apart from the larger complexity of your rites and dogmas. And I am sorry if I shock you! Anyway, there are some myths which are often stemming originally from real facts, but which were wrongly worshiped by Men.


In any case humans base their spirituality on an ambition which is quite as material as the objects awaited by Papuans: indeed, the hope of the Paradise or of the Celestial Jerusalem is nothing else than a Hope of Immortality of small personal Ego that would then continue to get pleasure, eternally...
While True Spirituality is based on present time, harmony, and detachment towards personal Ego.
After my nap...

 I 'll fix you! 

Asmat sleeping on the skull of his enemy

 Anyway, followers base their hopes on a future intervention of a celestial origin. And in my eyes, waiting for the Air Cargos' landing or the arrival of a Messiah is exactly the same thing.

 In any case, your hopes which were not carried out in the past will not be carried out in the future. While the humans are wait better days... either by the hope to reach the Paradise in the Heaven, or by waiting for the arrival of a hypothetical savior coming from the Skies... they do not cultivate any more the love of the Earth which is becoming their "Valley of the Tears"... with the image of the Papuans which, instead of organizing rites on their fake runways, should better sow them (or to return them to the forest).

 Today Techno-Science and Medicine took over from "Judeo-Christianity" in your minds, which should be -according to some of you- a Progress delivering you from the superstitions mentioned above.... but they are exactly similar!

You consider the Natural World as "Imperfect" -or even hostile-, and Scientists or Doctors did nothing else than replacing the "Messiah" in your hope for an eternal and better life for tomorrow.
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5. " You would help the Third World...."

In fact, Starvation in African countries is a consequence of Your topical and past Interferences (already old)!

Since you are not only the cause of the Resources Impoverishment and Starvation (by the destruction of the ancestral human cultures which could manage nature better that you do, and by the suppression of the infant mortality resulting in a uncontrolled demography), but also because you maintain this situation by supplying food at "Food Points" to the People instead of giving them Arable Areas (because you are politically unable to do this). You would prefer to simply let them die, but "Your Compassion" can not accept it.


The operation "Justice With No Limits"

Justice For who?


Let's have an Objective Overview of the other side of the September 11 events:


Victims: 35 615 children died of starvation (FAO)

Place: poor countries of the planet

Special editions of the electronic media: 0

Papers and magazines articles: 0

Messages of the Super Powers' Leaders: 0

Convocation of a Crisis Cell: 0

Demonstrations of solidarity: 0

Minutes of silence: 0

Commemorations of the victims: 0

Message of the Pope: 0

Level of alert: 0

Mobilization of the Army: none

Hypothesis on the Criminals' Identities: none

Probable Silent Partners of the Crime: the Rich Countries


If the September 11 events were considered as Inhuman, how do you consider the fact of consciously letting die 13 million of children per year?
Source: Extract of "Attention, Media" (Michel Collon), EPO Edition
Him again ...  Bullshit !

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6. "Genetically modifying humankind would be a progress in the continuity of 'Progress' or Your Evolution."


No! And this is why you Must Not modify Human Genome:


Sequencing of large genomes (Nematode Worm, Drosophila Fly, Humans and some Plants) allows accumulating a considerable sum of knowledge regarding their Components and their Organization.

One of the fundamental problems raised by the possession of numerous gene sequences is to understand how these genes interact, and how the genome interacts with its environment. Yet, Scientists Do Not really Know how genes function... and will they know it one day?

In this context, we have to note that the genetic sequences, having a clear functional role for the organism, only represent a small proportion (5% for Humans) of the complete genome.

Actually, your Incomplete Knowledge only concerns these 5 %!
The rest is formed of un-coding DNA and of numerous repeated sequences of various sizes, among which the Transposable Elements (TE) form an apart group (42 % of the human genome) but considerably interesting.

Indeed, we know that variations of the quantity of such elements are responsible for the variations of size of genomes between species. Thus, it is established that the maize's genome has doubled during these last 3 million years, following an invasion by specific elements close to retro-viruses. For a long time, "TE" was considered as parasites for genomes, but in fact, they have an essential role in the genome's evolution.


The problem was to know how genomes could withstand these elements, and by which mechanisms they could resist their capacity of invasion. In fact, "TE" contain all the necessary enzymes they need to their own displacement (or transposition). Thus they have the ability to induce mutations and chromosomes re-arrangements (recombination, reversions, translocations…). This mutant property confers these "TE" an interest during the evolution (they can modify their genetic variability): And it was demonstrated that their movements inside a genome take part in the genetic variability of some quantitative aspects for the drosophila. It is then possible to suppose that variability related to the Transposable Elements allowed, and still allows, the populations to adjust to environmental variations.

visit the site

Regarding the interactivity of the Transposable Elements with your own genes, and their capacity to create changes in them (visit: CNRS seven 2000), and of the interactivity -in a more general way- of all the components of our genes themselves, we must be aware of a serious risk of uncontrolled mutations induced by any modification of the human genomes (You said "improvement"? I would call it: Unsafe Odd Job!). Any modification will undoubtedly have aftereffects on the activity - and so, unpredictable- of the Transposable Elements, which thus could create involuntary but uncontrollable mutations.
In other words:
Your Scientific Truth of Yesterday has become Today's Scientific Mistake, just as Your Scientific Truth of Today will become Your Tomorrow's Scientific Mistake! FYI...
The less we can assert is that you Lack of Rigour!

How your Geneticists can dare to assert you that their Prejudices and their Hypothesis are Reliable Knowledge? And are the Reality? As they confess that what they assert us as yesterday as pure truth, has become false today? And they've been repeating their mistakes for centuries. For example, the founder of Chemistry, Mr. Lavoisier, demonstrated Brilliantly the inexistence of the meteorites with the following simple words:

"It's not possible that stones fall down from the sky, because there are no stones in the sky. "
In addition, genetic diversity is an obvious factor of survival for the carriers of the "adequate genes" when the environmental conditions change; Now the genetic human patrimony is already very homogeneous*, which is a great vulnerability for our species, because the 6 billion humans living today have an extremely short descent of ancestors. And in particular because in the past humans underwent drastic traumatisms which led them many times to an Almost Total Extinction. And there are some visible evidences in our genes: visit these three websites mentioned below.

This vulnerability would be increased by any new attack to the diversity of your genetic heritage, which is already very low. And this is the intention of those who intend to remove in you what they call the "Bad Genes", in the name of a so-called Better Health or a Longer Life Expectancy.

They said: Bad genes? By virtue of which Criteria?

As a result, You Must Not Accept to Homogenize the Genetic Human Code more than it is now; even In The Name of a Pretended Health.

The Genome appears more and more as a Dynamic Whole subjected to complex and sometimes opposed Forces, which can change regarding the Environment Conditions. And this is the Unity of these Forces and their interactions that form the Motor of the Evolution.

Because of this complexity you must not play the Sorcerer Apprentices.

And people who behave this erroneous way, seeking for self-notoriety, honours and money profits, must give up to perform genetic modifications of any kind and on any species, because they have to realize that the consequences of their acts will be judged by their own children, who could eventually get personally harmed.


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7. "You would be progressing in the preservation of Nature"

Mouflons in Var Province, France - ©

No! Because your system intends the Deterioration of Nature!

Sheeps at Berre Pond - © Photograph Louis Tremellat

"Cupidity is not the only thing that can explain what reasons push a multi-billionaire to amass even more billions. This kind of people play in another "category": in fact, what pushes them is to reach the Supreme Power. As we already explained, the presence of Domination implies that there are Slaves, but no human can be reduced to a state of slavery, as long as this person is still connected with Nature. This is the reason why it is absolutely necessary to destroy Nature if one wants to reduce a human to a state of slavery." Apocalypse Now by Israël Shamir.

Disappearance of Nature is, indeed, the inevitable consequence of Ultra-Liberal Economic Society which only mainspring is the immediate or short-term profits... Why?

Here are the reasons:

1 The Nature's Production was estimated, by a group of scientists of the Institute for Ecological Economics of the University of Maryland -USA 1997, to 55.000 billion dollars per year: a huge amount of money which escapes the World Market. Now it is obvious that any Suppression of a Natural Resource results a corollary increase of the Market of Artificial Products. For example: the pollution of the fountains -source of free water for the population in the past- and in general of natural fresh water, resulted the development of the market of bottled water and Water Treatment industries.

2 A Liberal Capitalist Economic System is composed of multiple autonomous decisional centers that take into account only their own objectives. It is within their competence to take into account the long-term costs of the environmental pollution, and even if they were competent enough they could not do it: the excessive increase of the cost of their products would provoke the disappearance of these products regarding the less scrupulous World Competition.

3 Topical economic models do not take into account these values in their national and planetary reports: production of oxygen, fixing of carbon dioxide by the forests and oceans, temperature regulation, protection against solar radiations, chemical recycling, rains distribution, drinking water production, foods production, etc... They can not do it because that would be show that our worldwide economy, wasting its resources, is in fact in serious deficit and consequently condemned to collapse.

4 And to these 3 material factors is added a psychosocial factor. Indeed the production and sales of artificial materials require humans who are conditioned to produce and to consume them. Now, contemplation of nature gives to humans some different values and aspirations, which are spiritual; so that they quickly become refractory to the politico-economic conditioning, and as a result they are a threat for the established order that is so precarious because of its own system contradictions.


The destruction of Nature is completely inevitable because all the measures that have been taken to stop this disaster prove to be ineffective.

For example:

From researches based on satellite observations, experts could determine that if deforestation is continuing at this cadency, of which 70 % are illegal, there will be no more no primary forest nowhere in the world within 20 years. Primary forests are the shelter of 90 % of the planet's species, animal or vegetal: and if these forests are destroyed, animal and vegetal species will disappear at the same time. And the threat is the same for all the tribes living in these forests, such as the Pygmies who are already threatened of extinction.

According to the United Nations' data concerning Food and Agriculture (FAO), 1,42 million square kilometres of natural forests disappeared between 1990 and 2000: this figures represent twice and a half the surface of France. And this rate of deforestation is higher than the previous decade (1,36 million square kilometres).

130 Ministers for the Environment, who rallied together with the aim of stopping this ecologic disater, established that they can do nothing, particularly because of the 3 mainly concerned States' refusal: Brazil, Canada and Malaysia. See the article

Indonesians did not cut their forest, they burn it: this process was quicker to clear areas they needed to exploit! And it’s why my island, located several thousands of km from there, was plunged into smoky skies for two years.

BP oil company, just asked for the authorization to exploit the Arctic for extracting petroleum. And soon, other well-intentioned companies will not miss the opportunity to exploit the immense methane reserves under the Antarctic ground: and do we need to specify that methane is even more harmful than CO2? The use of non-polluting energies thus remains an erratic vow!

Greenhouse effect will not decrease, but it's the opposite: it will accelerate. The Kyoto's protocol can not be applied, mostly because of the American's refusal to respect it.

Just as from some scientists in a congress just noted that none of the conservation measures decided by different governments 10 years ago, was not concretely applied in real situation.

In short, Nobody does ANYTHING to Stop this Real Threat of Mass Extinction.

What is the remaining solution?

On April 11, 2002, the International Penal Court was founded at the UN's Headquarters in New York. The fact that more than 60 countries having agreed and ratified this International Court's status, opens a New Era in the Judicial World History. And this, in spite of the uncompromising refusal of the United States.

The International Penal Court is competent for three acts of prosecution:

Outrage Against Humanity,

War Crimes,

and Genocides.

 Now, the destruction of nature is a crime against humanity, isn't it ?

It thus comes under the International Penal Court competence, and it is an Opportunity to Grab! And I think that the only possible alternative, at this stage of voluntary inertia, and the only decision to make against the people responsible for the destruction of the world is: Subpoena them to the International Penal Court to be punished for their Outrage Against Humanity, for their crime of Destruction of the Nature, which is the common heritage of Humanity necessary to its own survival.

And then to personally summon Guilty Companies/Organizations but also Guilty Individuals, and ask for very heavy convictions/punishments regarding the seriousness of their crime(s). Sentences should logically be the seizure of their total personal fortunes which was built on these crimes towards innocent populations and our children.

And if there are no laws concerning these kinds of cases (which is probable), let's make complaints that will result in the creation of a jurisprudence. Surely this measure is not within reach of individuals, but it is certainly possible for International Associations for Protection of the Nature and the People's Rights.

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8 - "You would have lived a Sexual Revolution"

© Ampewi Nunpa.

supposed to have freed you since 1968 from the Judeo-Christian society's taboos...


There ain't nothing Wronger than that!

It's a long time we know that a lack of contacts and physical pleasures -particularly during childhood and adolescence- generates aggressiveness in human relationships. All studies made on this matter prove it... In addition, if Sexual Energy can not be naturally evacuated, it gets "sublimated" in other forms of expression, generally nevrotic: especially through immoderate activities, most of the time far from its real needs.

The result is seldom masterpiece, and generally a monstrosity.

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9. "GMOs would be necessary to overcome Starvation in the World "

visit site


WRONG! A FAO report explains why we do not need OGMs to feed the planet:

"Hunger in the world remains a problem, but it is almost exclusively due to Poverty and the insolvency of the populations, but not of a lack of production. For example in the United States, 36 million of people suffer of starvation while the country is a food exporter. And a third of the world's population suffering of starvation lives in India, a country which surplus in cereals represented 10 million tons of cereals in 1999."

The last report, published in July 1999, again notes the Increasing Differences between Poor and Rich Countries.

" The three richest men of your world's fortune exceeds the cumulated GNP's of the your 35 least developed countries, and their 600 million inhabitants".


Your "grandfathers" have very big teeth ...


Regarding the countries, the fifth of the population living in the richest countries represents 86% of the World's GDP, 82% of the Working Markets, 68% of the direct investments in foreign countries, and 74% of the whole telephone line systems. The fifth poorest country only approximately possesses1% of these resources.

(Source: UNDP; Le Devoir July 13 1999)

Of course these examples are not exhaustive!
There is also much to say about thousands of others subjects such as: "AIDS Epidemic", confidential matters of the World Economy, or just Humankind and the World's State of Health, etc...

Do Not Accept Any More the Nails of the Bullshit in Your Head !

Be simply conscious of the need of not believing, a priori, what you are told by the media as being the "Truth". You need to control personally any information by consulting reliable sources, particularly those of the avant-garde scientists, honest and popular, who are themselves freezed by the "Lying Society".
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