Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter II - Actual world

II-01: The need of another look at the world.

II-02: Exit your endoctrination, a fight against the ideas of misinformation.

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux".

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan. "

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

Part 3 : Mind control and brainwashing

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

" Transform Humankind to cattle is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Consequence of the brainwashing
The "Serf-Veaux"

Free your Mind from any Conditioning of All Kinds of Powers

What means "Serf-veau" ?

It's a French game word... French speakers have a similar pronunciation for both words: "Serf-Veaux" and "Cerveaux" (which is approximately pronounced "sairvo", in English). The word "Cerveau" indicates the brain (organ), or a kind of Genius. And the game word "serf-veau" (pronounced "sairvo" too) is the association of two words: "serf" which was the name of Lord's Servants (peasants or 'low class' people in the European middle-age -or 'the villeins' in English) who were treated as slaves; and "veau" which means "calf" in English language. In French, the word "calf" is a kind of insult: if you treat someone of with such as word, it means that this guy is a Buffalo! And it's in these terms that General De Gaulle (who was the President of France in the 60's) used to name His People...

You can clearly understand that the word "serf-veaux" indicates all the miserable people who are stupid enough to enjoy and believe in the system and its rulers.

Here are some other words you might need to understand the French game word "serf-veaux" :

serf-velle : is serf-veau's brain
serf-vitudes : serf-veau's duties, or any act that bury it in its limited world
Actually, every word with "serf-" implies a voluntary submission; something that is essential to serf-veaux's 'lives': and they're fond of serf-vitudes! (Servitude in English)

Consequence of Brainwashing and Megalopolis...

A spontaneous mutation of homo sapiens appeared during 19th and 20th centuries in all the large earthly megalopolis, Humans' DNA getting adapted to this new environment.

The mutants, at first being unnoticed, have proliferated at a lightning fast pace, and have been increasingly dehumanizing from human beings since then. This dehumanization process have reached such a point that now, Real Humans are currently threatened from disappearing from their own planet because of the invasion of this new species :

The serf-veau

(Creation without copyright)

How to distinguish Mutants from Humans?

It's simple: The serf-veau must be linked, his whole life, to a big machine called the "Church-Government" by invisible tubes connected on its Serf-Velle, which constantly get fed with serf-titudes. This kind of Mutant can not Live if deprived of this Big Machine dirty feeding.

These tubes implant is done on the day of Birth. The 'Thing' doesn't suffer, and the success' rate of the implant is 99,666 %.

Are Mutants Dangerous?

They are! Because whenever a non-implanted Human being is detected by the Serf-Veaux, they will strive to do it, and if they can't succeed, they will try to destroy him by all means. Just because they are convinced their survival depends on the Human's destruction.

On the other hand, Humans who understand the existence of these tubes try, by compassion for the serf-veaux, to cut them: in order to help them to become Humans again.

But if the Serf-Veaux's tube gets empty of serf-vitudes, the serf-velle of the serf-veau gets disconnected: whence its aggressiveness towards Humans, that the Serf-Veaux are trying to eradicate -for their 'own survival'.

Is it possible to disconnect a Serf-Veaux's Serf-Velle from its Serf-Vitude tubes?

Certainly Yes, but it's a long, and very complicated process! You can judge by yourself with this picture, a close-up, taken during an operation of elimination of the tubes, inside a standard serf-velle.
On the left, the external serf-velle; On the right, its substance and connections.


Is there a solution to the Humans vs Serf-Veaux conflict?
Unfortunately not! This racial conflict is unsolvable: the serf-veaux have decided that they should be only the only one on the Earth, and - for that reason - want that the few remaining Humans get implanted too. And No Real Human will Accept such a thing!

What can we do against the Mutants ?

Regarding the Danger that Serf-Veaux represent by themselves added to their Dreadful Technology, Real Humans must not have any compassion towards them. If Humans intend to cut some of the Mutants' tubes, they have to make sure they have enough means to protect themselves; in brief a point of retreat.

Is there any Hope?

Yes. Despite of the billions of Serf-Veaux who have invaded our so Beautiful Earth and the damages they did to it, Humans should not exaggeratedly worry about this phenomenon: the Serf-Veaux Species. And even if the species is still very recent, it's already endangered because -pleasant paradox- it has a very active self-destructing tendency.

What can we do while we are waiting?

Having fun with the pathetic show of the Serf-Veaux cropping their fields of potatoes with medusa genes, which will become their favorite fast-foods' French Fries!

The serf-veaux do not deserve to live on the Earth: their behaviors are abnormal and they should not be supposed to exist... But they are here, and there must be a reason for that: what is the reason?

Yes, Thai people consider that mosquitoes have been created to recall Humankind to Humility! Although the Thai word for mosquito is "yung", but this word also means "to tease" or to "bother" -someone-. The Serf-veaux are the Humans' "Yungs", and thanks to them to awake the Humans' Mind!

Does all this make any sense?

Fortunately, yes! This situation is only a temporary situation. It was necessary to make Humans becoming conscious, pushing them into a dead end: We are now aware that we are nothing else than little eternal bits, coming from the primordial Conscience-Life-Energy or Mother-Source of all things.
Note: avoid to adopt a Serf-Veau: It is an uninteresting pet.

See the humor reaction of a reader in this page's links.


What are the essential factors

of this deterioration ?

We are finally living a Worldwide Phenomenon that has been affecting Human Species quite recently. Not only in its behaviors -described above- which demonstrates totally dependent et childish deeds, but also -and it's much worse- in its genetic heritage it-self ! I'm totally convinced of this fact! It should be probably demonstrated soon, if not already done.

What are (out of TV-media conditioning, and other means that we do not know) the Mind control's Vectors -non-psychological- that bring to the Evident Brain Deterioration (amongst many others), and resulting in the actual stupefying Brain's Docility and Servility ?

I think that here is the evident answer: the base is coming from Industrial Foods.


This species of genetically modified ugly-chicken without feathers isn't Sci-Fi. It's exactly what you eat in your favorite fast-food! Fabrication? This will be Tomorrow's Reality!

" Scientists have bred a controversial featherless chicken which they say is growing faster - and could be more humane. The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need to be plucked, saving money in processing plants. While the researcher behind the breed concedes that they would not be suitable for cooler countries, he says that in hot climates, the birds would fare better. " 0003.stm

Do not accept it anymore !


Why is the World like this?

The main tool of mass manipulation - used for Ages by Religious and today by the M.O.W. (Maters Of the World)- to enslave the populations, is FEAR!

Now, Who Is Afraid? Only those who feel weak and not able to face any aggressions?

Then you are fed with Industrial Food, voluntarily impoverished in nutritive elements, with the only aim to weaken you. As a result You Feel that you are Weak and You Know that You Are Unable to face any kind of aggressions (you've got the street punk virus!): You are AFRAID!

Media, controlled by the M.O.W., daily feed your FEAR! This is the main reason why they are trying to prohibit the food complements or alternative medicines susceptible to give you what they are trying to take away from your life: such as Energetic Elements making you healthy giving you strength, courage, and then freedom!

If you recognized yourself as a Serf-Veau and did not enjoy this page, click on the Icon Above...

...but before, please let us take a picture of your miserable face: SMILE to that will have the pleasure to take a picture of You for it's personal Garbage Collection.





CONCLUSION intended to the "SERF-VEAUX": Even if you don't UNDERSTAND, Try it!

(I an afraid they did not reach this paragraph... Surely they got lost in between...!)

You are Weak, because you don't know the Strength you have inside Yourself!

And if you don't know how much you are strong, it's because the M.O.W. have been hiding it from you for Centuries !

You are Ignorant because you don't know How much You Don't Know... Inside Yourself

And the reason why you don't know yourself is because M.O.W. have been hiding it from you for Centuries !

The HEART of the problem is the persistence, in your minds, of the TWO official sects' TALES: (John 8, 44) and (Lucas 22, 31).

The secret videos of have found, and put into light this edifying conversation between two Bosses of the Serfs-Veaux:
I told my priests to be discrete. Ah what a strange period we are living! Moreover they file a claim in court against the Holy Sodomy! I tell guys, it's fucked up!

" What's gona happen if we lose all our serf-veaux? "

" Speak lower, they could hear us" ...'s Grand Awards:

"Absolute Bullshit vintage 2002"

was awarded by our Western and Eastern Juries.

I The Grand Award belongs, by right, to the amnesiac Serf-Veau who, on the Tuesday 15th October 2002 on France-Inter (french radio channel), during a talk-show about the September 11 events in New York, expressed his indignation by textually saying: "I don't understand why did Muslims act this way, and I really would like somebody to explain me what's going on! None other religions have ever committed such horrors! "


Hey! He is an Anti Semite this GUY!

II The Award for the second rank is generously awarded to the reader who has created a vast campaign of anti-Semitism accusations against me, indeed he wrote me, on October 16, 2002 (translated from French): "How can you state that it's the Jewish religion and no other that the Illuminati are trying to impose?"

Please check by yourself at the incriminated page. Where is there such a conclusion in this website? NOWHERE!

Note 1: The incriminated page is the page called: the aim of the Illuminati's Organization and of the M.O.W.



Note 2: Nevertheless ... this reader told that with conviction. It's sometimes due to the explosion of the serf-velle, which is generally not bigger that fly specks. Besides, it's the major risk for the lower category of this species: the serf-veau-s.h.i.t (for Stupid-Handjob-Illiterate-Turd)

To finish, some examples of real conversations of Serf-veaux on the Internet


A Logical Person Vs a Serf-Veau :
No, I don't know that tv series, and I don't give a tiny shit about it.

Wha, look at this guy! Hey hang out a bit more, if you know nothing about tv and it's few series you're probably the only one! Really man, you should hang out more !

It's exactly what I do: I hang out a lot, and that's why I don not watch tv, asshole!

A serf-veau preoccupied about communicating well:
What's this habit of pressing the return key every 6 words ?

XX It's for people

who have small monitors,

so they can also read

my messages

with no difficulties !

Seen at : (french)

Late declaration of the future Nobel Prize of Peace, exclusive to sens-de-la-vie-com :

" Sorry, no time to talk. I'm very busy : gonna fighting 60 countries, I need to rule more serf-veaux. "

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