Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter II - Actual world

II-01: The need of another look at the world.

II-02: Exit your endoctrination, a fight against the ideas of misinformation.

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux".

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan. "

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

Part 5 : Absolute Badness and Danger

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source.

"To teach superstitions and lies as truth is a most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Towards an psycho-remote-controlled society.

or the danger of dehumanization in an absolute order, in the name of freedom and of the fight against the evil.

Albert Einstein had said in 1946:

" We must warn men that they are in mortal danger... science becomes criminal "

Today It IS DONE: it has got it!

NOTA: I draw your attention to something that many people may not be aware of. It is highly probable that by marketing it's electronic implant, the company Digital Angel Corporation is only aiming at capturing a huge worldwide market, and maybe even it thinks it's acting for the general good. Thus let's not demonize it by accusing it of evil intentions that would be unfounded. Also, one should establish a clear and definite boundary between what is only an economic activity like any other : this company's one that does NOT IMPOSE anything at all, but just put forward their product, AND the political will, barely obscured, to implant the whole world's people to the ends we all know. Besides, not necessarily with Digital Angel's products, since it has rivals, among others the firm Hitachi that works in the same direction."


Obligatory implantation of micro-processors under the humans skin.

Article of David Icke about the world plan of this implantation.

Childrens on electronic chips.

The worst: nanotechnologies.

The control of the populations by forces of robots order

Scheduled genetic selection of the human populations.

The researcher on electronic chip.

The Kid on electronic chip.

The genetically selected baby.

An alive integrated circuit.

From the correspondent of war/machine, to the robot-soldier.


Are people already implanted ?

Artificial telepathy: the thoughts can be influenced from a distance.

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Greatest threats coming from the States:


I Obligatory implantation of micro processors in the humans.

The question is to place microprocessors under the skin of all the "citizens" what had already been envisaged by the successors of Gorbatchev who then had given up it. References of this article have disappeared, but I am sure of this fact.

Joe Delgado, a physiologist having belonged to the CIA said:

" What awaits us is more dangerous than the nuclear destruction. Our knowledge about the brain enables us to consider the worst scenarios; the danger which threat us is the possibility of intervening directly on the cerebral functions to handle them just as we like, that is to say to make the man a true robot without he realize this fact ". He developed processes (with psychiatrists) which make it possible "to control by radio" human beings by radio signal, with the help of chips implanted in the brain ". (Cooee, it is Tesla, the free energy, Editions Felix)

Since 19/10/1977 (finalized in 1994) system S.W.I.F.T was set up. It links all the banks. This one lists on only one computer a number of credit card distinct (being made up of 3 series from 6 numbers) which will be tattooed with the laser invisibly either on the reverse of the right hand, or on the brow. That was revealed by Larry Goshorn (President Director of General Automation Inc California) who has been chosen to create this concept.

This demonic idea gets out now again under a new face: that of aim "humanitarians", see article below.

The main idea is that a number - equivalent to code bars - is affected to each person so that no one can’t open a bank account, withdraw money, buy or sell anything, to vote, and so on... if he doesn’t have this microprocessor under the skin which indicates its identity and the content of his "file".

Connection inter-computers allowing to prohibit the access to these faculties (which are to open an account, to withdraw money, to buy and sell, etc, etc.) for all the numbers of this code whose holders would be in debt of their taxes towards the State, or wanted by police for judicial reasons, etc. etc.

It isn’t useless to go on and on about all that would become allowed thanks to that:

Geographical detection and specific localization by system GPS.

Mind control, by waves reception affecting certain cerebral centres.

Orgasm remote-controlled to reward the "good subjects".

Pain remote-controlled to punish the "bad subjects".

Mild elimination of the political rivals, or subjects "deviating", by "to be reduced to vagrancy".

Physical eliminations remote-controlled by the association of the system with a detonator.

See the details of this nightmare:


The fact remains that it is openly proposed, without acknowledging the true ends, of course!

So that you perfectly understand the aim read this article of David Icke, or because it is very long, skip from this article to pass to the following.

Population with electronic chips.

" A population with electronic chip is the main objective of Illuminati (ndt: or mdm: Masters of the world). They want to implant this chip in each inhabitant of this planet, and in each child, from the birth. It isn’t a madness of science fiction. That happens already, now. Of course, they won’t say it frankly, because they know that many people would resist. They set up this little-by-little, in order to conceal their true aim.

They started by implanting the animals; it was just with the owners authorization. Now, that becomes a law. And the same method is used for the humans.

In 1997, a friend presented me to an American scientist who wanted to meet me, because he worked against his will on top secret projects of the CIA, projects whose middle politicians don’t have the least idea. When I asked him for which reason he put his talent at their service, he opened his shirt and I saw a transparent sachet on his chest, similar to a dose of shampoo. CIA calls them patchs. There was inside a kind of orange-gilded liquid. He said he had joined up the CIA by believing that he was going to serve his country. But he had quickly realized that they didn’t want to use his knowledge to help the humanity and which them idea was to control it.

He rebelled against the devious use of his work. And a morning, he went out his place... and he remembered absolutely nothing, until he woke up on a kind of table of operating. When he regained consciousness, he noticed the patch on his chest. They had manipulated his body so that he needs the drug contained in the patch which was to be changed every 72 hours. If he doesn’t apply what they wanted, they don’t replace the patch and the anguish starts, slow and painful. A great number of very brilliant scientists, who could relieve the world of poverty and hunger, are in the same situation.

This man spoke to me about the project of implantation of chips and a lot of other things. He had arranged himself to meet me in order to explain what was planned for the human race, because he didn’t know if he could live more long. When these scientists fulfilled their objectives, the patch isn’t replaced and they die by taking away the secrecy on what occurs in the tomb.

Firstly he said that the remedy for cancer is known since decades, but they don’t want to release it public because they don’t want at all so that people survive. They gain much more money by doping dying persons and by treating the diseases symptoms, that they would gain any by curing them.

He said that there is a technology which can make sprout, without water, plentiful cultures in the deserts, by stimulating the energy spheres of plants and, when it is used to the maximum, it’s like to look at a speeded-up film so much the plants sprout quickly!

All alone, this technology could eliminate the hunger if it was at humans disposal. But, on the contrary, it was used to kill thousands of people during a massacre of which he was witness. The CIA (illuminati agency) had gathered an immense crowd of Ethiopian during the famine. He was in a plane which flew over an area on which, in his opinion, they were going to throw a vibratory field to stimulate the growth of the plants. When he looked by the window, he saw thousands of people laid down on the ground, died. They had been killed by the power of the magnetic sphere, because the CIA tested the technology as a weapon being able to kill people without damaging the possessions.

He also said that we knew since decades a non-polluting technology which could provide us - and free - energy and the heat which we needed. (I know people who produce these systems, but they can’t manufacture them because Illuminati control the offices of licences, the money, and the principal companies which can mass-produce them .

Imagine a simple kit which would get to you free heat and electricity, each day of your life, and for ever... This technology uses the sphere of vibratory energy invisible which surrounds us, and transforms it into usable electricity. It would be ours now, if Illuminati had not removed it.

But it’s by tackling the problem of the chips implantation that the science man of the CIA became more animated. He confirmed that the project of Illuminati really aimed at the implantation chips to everybody. On the one hand, it was to mark us and to know constantly where we were and what we did.

And the essential reason, it was to be able to handle our mental and emotional processes at will. He said that people shouldn’t think only about messages which go from the chip to computer. Most important, and by far, is the messages would be sent from computer to the implanted chip.

He added that people absolutely don’t have any idea of the level of technology about the secret projects of Illuminati, and that the day when the chips are implanted in humans, the computer will be able to make them docile or aggressive, to excite them or repress them sexually, and to close their spirits to the extent that making them zombies. He asked me to urge people to resist to the chip implantation at all costs, because once that we would be there, we would be nothing more than machines managed by the aliens which, in his opinion, are just behind all that.

We need a world campaign which says : NO at the chip implantation, and that’s all we need NOW!
The chip is in almost each small piece of technology and is present in the new cars. They can immobilize the motor from a satellite or to track each voyage. As I had envisaged in my previous books, it is already suggested to people to do implant the chip in order to make the world more effective.

Professor Kevin Warwick, of the University of Reading, in England, was used to promote of the human micro-chip. They implanted of it to him surrounded by enormous hype and he presented to us the benefit control of the electronic devices remotely. In the last news, him and his wife, Irena, were going to be made implant another chip which would connect their nervous systems to radio transmitters, piles, and processors. What it appears, their daughter teenager, Madeleine, was invited to join them. She answered: No way. There is at least one of them who thinks in the family.

It is about the next stage to merge the man and the machine, said professor Warwick, Our two nervous systems will be able to communicate through Internet.

Isn't it marvellous? According to Daily Mall, of London, large American companies of Internet give to him a half-million pounds sterling. Professor Warwick admits that his wife and him could suffer from permanent damage to the arms, but he adds that he hopes there will be no cerebral damage. We wonders how they will make to realize it.

People are now made implant a chip containing their medical files and another personal details. The plan consists in selling this chip like a means for them not to be attacked for their money, as the means of reaching it would be under their skin.

To warn the fraud of the credit cards is another excuse .Furthermore, they will advertise to implant the chip in the children, by declaring that they will be lost never again because, thanks to the chip, we could always locate them...

More children are reported missing or are assassinated, more these people make the promotion of the paedophiles danger in the community, and more the parents should be afraid to implant a chip at their children.
Because obviously, the largest murderers and torturers of children are these even which praise the merits of the chip.
David Adair, who worked on projects of high-technology to NASA, turned during years on the circuit of lecturers of the New-Age to America, renting the advantages of the chip implantation to our children. I don’t understand that a man - who knows perfectly the secret technology - can be unaware of what the chip would really mean in terms of mark and mental control. Implants were discovered in people who said to be kidnapped by aliens. And how much people have already had a chip implantation without knowing it ?
The scientist of the CIA said to me, in 1997, that the chips of the clandestine projects were now so small that they could be injected by the needle of a hypodermic syringe during vaccination drives.
A few years later, an English newspaper published the photo of an ant holding a electronic chip between its pincers; but this size is only that they authorize us to see. One of the other approaches to get the chip accepted, it’s to sell the fact of being able to speak with its computer and on Internet.

Sunday Times of London has reported: " the next computer you will buy will be perhaps the last which you will need. In future, the scientists want to insert a electronic chip in our head so that we can connect directly on the motorways of information. The English researchers belong to the international teams which work on an implant . This implant will translate the human thought into computer language. In a generation, said a group, people will be able to speak to the machines with the help of chip the size of a peppercorn implanted in their nape "

The werewolf which frightened the European medieval populations is an angel compared to authors of this current project.

What they don’t say to you, is that the machines will be able to speak to them. In... And the Truth Shall Set You Free, I relate a story of Dr. Carl W Sanders, a very famous electronics engineer in the United Kingdom, which had developed an implant of chip to help the patients sustained spinal column injuries. He said he went to 17 meetings with the world brigade, in places like Brussels and Luxembourg, and they misappropriated his project.

Here what he related in Nexus Magazine:

"I was in a meeting where the discussion related to: How can we control people if we can’t identify them? People like Henry Kissinger and those of the CIA participated in these meetings. They wondered: How shall we do so that people take up to need a thing like this chip? And suddenly, the idea emerges: Let us give them to think that they can lose their children, etc. They discussed these projects in the meetings as if people were cattle. CIA planed to put photos about unaccounted children on milk box. And they applied this idea . Since the chip was accepted, you don’t see any more these photos, isn’t that so? They performed their objective "

Dr. Sanders says they want that the chip contains the name and the photo of the person, an social security number (of the world government), his physical description, fingerprints, medical past and that of the family, address, job, information about revenues and taxes, and police record. They will say to people that, if they have the implanted chip, they won’t need passport or identity paper; and then they will diffuse a quantity of other apparent advantages, enough to persuade a population comatose - and unconscious of the issue - to allow literally to give to others the key of their psyches. Or, at least, their cerebral functions.

That is meant to happen that, in a first time, people will be volunteer for implanting the chip. They will be encouraged to appreciate the conveniences which the status of computer clone gets. Then it will become obligatory. The more there will have children reported missing, bombs terrorist, massacres - and other horrors which can make Illuminati – and the more obligation of the chip will be justified and accepted by the herd.

They will say those who refuse the chip have something to hide, or that they don’t give a damn about the missing children, about those who are crippled or killed in the bombardments and the shoot-outs. Of course, They will also mention the terrorist threat with nuclear machines in their bags.
The computer world network which these chips will fulfil is already in place in many underground parts. One of those is in Brussels (Belgium), major centre of Illuminati and place of OTAN and the European Union. One of the others is in the United States, under the Cheyenne Mountains.

While I wrote this section, a named firm Applied DIGITAL Solutions (Solutions of Numerical Applied) announced the launch of human chip which it had called DIGITAL Angel, (numerical Angel).... It is about a human implant designed to keep watch on the physiology of the holder - for example the pulse rate, the temperature of the body, the place where he is. The firm declares that it is the first operational human chip which can be connected to the system of location by positioned satellites all around the earth.

It will allow that each one of our displacements, anywhere on planet, is tracked by satellite. It’s also designed to be connected to Internet and to become a system of user identification for the network. It’s described like an implant the size of a coin of 10 cents inserted just under the surface of the skin. The chip will be activated electromechanically by muscles movement and it can be activated either by the holder, or by the technological centre of control. According to the official declarations, it was developed by Dr. Peter Zhou and his research team, and they are well advances on the program.

You must know that the illuminati plan doesn’t depend on the necessary technology which would become available by chance. It was developed quite before and is introduced at the opportune moment, at the date envisaged. And thus, on this research, they say to us that technology just comes to be discovered - whereas it waits in fact in the backstage since years.

Foundations exempted of taxes, like the Rockefeller Foundation, pay huge sums to scientific research but, like the Committee of the American Congress in the Fifties proved , they always look how that the money is spent and make so that research serve the needs for the world plan.

University of Princeton, directed by Illuminati, and the Institute of Technology in New Jersey are implicated in the development of this chip. Dr. Peter Zhou is the chief scientist of DigitalAngel.Net Inc, filial belonging entirely to the firm Applied DIGITAL Solutions. Of course, Dr. Zhou stresses on the advantages which we would have to become human robots connected to a satellite. He enthuses about the chip capacities to save lives thanks to the supervision of the medical conditions and the very accurate site which it can locate for the rescue teams.

It’s exactly what I had predicted there is many years: this argument would be one of the means by which they would sell the chip to people when the time of its introduction would have come. He has said that the implant would become as popular as the cellular phones and the vaccines (the first damage your brain and the seconds weaken your intellect and your immune system). Dr. Zhou has said to us one the most alarming sentences that it was given to me to hear: "DIGITAL Angel will be a connection between yourself and the electronic world. He will be your guard, your protector. He will bring good things to you. We will be hybrids of intelligence electronic and of our own soul "

Just read still again these words, especially the last phrase. It is what us, theorists of the conspiracy, predicted during all these years. And now, we are here. I heard that the introduction of this particular chip would be called in question again (ndt: now; see the article published recently by the Motus newspaper on DIGITAL Angel: but it gives you an excellent idea from what awaits us.

Pressure groups are fighting to reveal the environment destruction, the food poisoning, vaccinations, the medicine trusts, the oil-trusts, the transnational companies of all kinds, the governments corruption, the banking fraud , the Third World debt, the wars manipulation, poverty, cancer, the AIDS, the physical abuse on the children, the sacrifices of satanic ritual , the media repression, the murders, freedoms depreciation, the high taxes, and many other things again. But what we have need to understand so that the fog is dissipated, it’s that they are all parts of only one plan working toward the same goal. All swindling are only one and even swindling. We can be opposed to these individual wire during centuries, but we will be able to do fundamental changes only if we stop focusing us on the symptoms and that we look for their cause: Annunaki strategies and their plan to put in place a fascistic world state.

When a project which is remained hidden for a long time is about to appear concretely, there always comes a time when it surfaces and becomes visible. We are exactly here. We see big movements, groups fusions and whole empires - in banks, businesses and medias.

At the same time, we attend the concentration of the political power in the European Union, the free trade areas, and the United Nations.

These are the same people who control for a very long time all these aspects of our society, but it’s now that we can see them, whereas they put the last parts of puzzle of the world fascistic state or New World Order in place"

Ndt: An informed human being is worth two of them, spread this information.

This is an English article which had informed us since the last year that this "identity card" would be come into force before 10 years, and the author thinks it great, normal what! That will be so useful for my medicine to fight against kidnapping...

Microchip id on way

" A US company says it has developed a microchip identity card which can be implanted under the skin.

The tiny electronic chip can carry information on a person's identity or medical needs.

It can also be used in combination with global position system (GPS) technology to track down kidnap victims.

The first chips are to go on sale in South America within three months and the company, Florida-based Applied Digital Solutions, expects to have permission to fit the systems in the US within six months.

The chips are so small they are put under the skin using a surgical needle and "read" by scanners which pick up the radio waves they emit and translate the information they contain.

And today experts predicted they could be used to replace car keys and credit cards within 10 years.

The chips can contain up to 60 separate pieces of information and Applied Digital Solutions intends to sell them to people with artificial limbs and organs, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Doctors treating patients will scan them for the chip, which would warn them about the presence of artificial limbs or organs to avoid treatments which could be harmful.

The system has been tested by Richard Seelig, a consultant surgeon from New Jersey, who injected himself with two chips, one in his left arm and one beside his artificial hip."

Story filed: 17:37 Wednesday 19th December 2001


Do you remember this Bible phrase:

"No one will be able nothing to buy nor to sell if he isn’t marked in the name of the Animal or with the number of his name."

(Ap. 13-17)


II Childrens on electronic chips.

(ASP) - April 16, 2002 the electronic chip that anybody dream to implant in each child (see this text) has just obtained the approval of the American authorities.
"VeryChip will not be able however to contain medical information, as its manufacturer wished it, the company Applied DIGITAL Solutions, but it could be well and truly implanted under a skin of a child - in order to find them in cases of kidnappings, for example. Or under a skin of adults - notably to serve as "cardboard" of identification with those work in installations of high security or with the prisoners. It could send a signal-radio, which would allow to locate its holder, via satellite, wherever he is.

The identification number of VeryChip could also be read by an appropriate device, in the style of bars code.

The company called for American Administration of food and drugs (FDA) an authorization to sell its product on the American country. The authorization, although limited, will thus enable it to market its thingy, of which it promote for approximately three years. Cost price: 200$ US.

But in spite of the high cries let out by the defenders of the private life, the chip didn’t even need such an authorization, emphasized Washington Post. If it had contained medical information, the FDA authorization would have actually been necessary. On the other hand, if it’s only an identification instrument, as the electronic collars that already certain prisoners have when they benefit from an exit, the chip is legal.

Bar code for human. No, it isn't an account of science fiction...

Next strage: the obligatory chip for all, at which date?


III The worst: nanotechnologies.

The greatest danger is in the nanotechnologies invisible to the naked eye. Robots on a molecular scale.

I read very little time ago, information so nauseating that I didn't keep it, now I regret it. Scientists work on the development of injectable liquid microprocessors in the body human and programmed to connect themselves to the neurons. A traditional microprocessor under the skin could be withdrawn, not that one!

Because vaccination is obligatory, notably, no child will not be able to escape to the risk of this injection which will allow to operate by remote control from a distance the human cattle , and possibly to destroy it.

This is a similar article about these alive miniature robots:

They will inherit Earth

And if the electronic bugs invisible to the naked eye that we build escaped our control?

Beyond the fascination which this technology represents, do we really know where it leads us?

Would you be afraid of a mass of electronic bugs abounding in your body? Discuss in the forum Science-Presse/Médito


"Nanotechnologie. The word isn't yet one of the usual vocabulary. It brings back these microscopic robots which could walk in your blood system to leave a drug in a specific place. Or these carbon fibres of which the thickness would be measured in... atoms! Or these "molecular motors", called molecular because, precisely, they would have the size of a molecule.

In short, a nanotechnology is an technology invisible to the naked eye. Which belonged to science fiction 15 years ago, and which promises today revolutions as well in the computer industry as in that of materials, without speaking about medicine. But nanotechnologies are really without danger, asked Bill Joy the last spring, cofounder of the multinational Sun Microsystems, in a file of Wired magazine.

We know few things about what occurs on a molecular scale, adds to that this week the magazine Science , on the occasion of special file about the subject. Does it exist a possibility so that these creations of our genius escape our control and do damage on a scale of infinitely small, at the point where we would realize that only when it would be too late? A certain thing, last April, the question asked by Bill Joy, considering the weight and the credibility which Bill Joy has in industry , had been felt like a cold water shower among multitude of chemists, physicists and engineers trying since years to handle and to understand the functions of the matter on the scale of nanotechnologies (nano means in the order of thousandths of thousandths of millimetre ).

Inherent fear in all that - the human being still has a long future in front of him, if something turns badly, in nanotechnologies, in robotics and genetic engineering had sparked off many reports, and leads many other researchers to leave the shadow, in particular those who had raised same fears the years earlier. In June, a unconditional group of nanotechnologies - not all researchers - published a kind of ethic code , called Foresight guidelines. They hold out the prospect of nanotechnologies risk out of control but, contrary to Bill Joy, they don't ask that research stops and starts breathing again. They rather suggest measures which would make easier for the job of governments anxious to keep an eye on researchers.

Nothing very restrictive, but it's already far too much for certain researchers who, more recently, started to counter-attack, invoking that what Bill Joy and the others fear is "at best, improbable, and more probably, completely erroneous. "scientific research must be dissociated from moody persons",has declared Steven Block, biophysicist at the University Stanford (California). Some of these fears, adds to that Science, find their origins in a book dated from 1986, Engines of Creation, by K Eric Drexler, theorist and director of a thinkers group in nanotechnologies to the Institute Foresight . The book describes a world transformed by nanotechnologies, where microscopic "robot-assemblers" make about all that is imaginable, the cars to the carpets. But they also reproduce themselves.Ad infinitum. At the point where they devour all on their path: plants, animals, and humans.

And the capacity to reproduce oneself is one of the ways on which chemists, physicists and engineers specialists in nanotechnologies work.

Nothing guarantees that they will reach in a coming years: for Richard Smalley, Nobel Prize of chemistry and professor at the Rice University of Houston (Texas), the thing is even impossible. He explains in Science that chemistry doesn't just consist to put an atom in a place and to fetch another of them. "chemistry is the concerted movement of at least 10 atoms." What means that to place an atom where you want , you must provide it 10 nano-appendices to allow it to interact with its neighbours. But, knowing that a nanometer - the length about what we speak here - is already the size of eight oxygen atoms, even if you try to build something of tiny - let us say, 100 nanometers - "you wouldn't have enough place" to enter these 10 "arms" with each element that each other element would try to handle.

In fact, all this sector contains for the moment much more questions than answers. Among other things, we aren't still the least idea of the type of "fuel" which could effectively move a nano-robot. We are so much far that , for the moment, Don Eigler, of the Research center Almaden of IBM company , is used to say that "nanotechnology is a vision, a hope". In other words, "for the moment, nanotechnology doesn't exist".

Bill Joy isn't impressed by these arguments. He says in 20 or 30 years perhaps scientists will have found a means to get round these obstacles. A mixt of entirely chemical processes and displacements of well targeted atoms, for example. In any case, none of these fears seems to have slowed down the research this year. In October, the American Congress approved the creation of a new national Initiative about the nanotechnology, which will lead the next year to expenditure in the order of 423 million$.

Question of not let itself be overwhelmed by the Japanese who would reach 396 million$...

With the risk that the "nanotechs" undergo the same fate that Internet these last years: a excessive excitation, gigantic investments, followed many disappointments.

During a meeting organized in September by the National Science Foundation, representatives of the world of research and the organizations subsidized have discussed very seriously about problems such as: could the nanotechnologies remove employment by replacing the computer workers ? Are the schools ready to train enough specialists in nanotechnology? Could the decreasing cost of these microscopic tools give one day the easy task to terrorists? And how to persuade a patient to let himself inject into the body an army of robots? Those who already saw Borgs in Star Trek know what it's about...

during this meeting it was concluded that researchers must implicate straightaway "outside elements" in their work, in the same way that the anti-AIDS militants. Because they were implicated very early in the debates,they have contributed to choose the priorities in research. Such a dialogue was never made in time in the genetic sector , with the effects that we knows now... "

All about the subject, link list in English :


III The Controlling interest in populations by forces of order-robots

The present tendency to replace the humans with robots on the dangerous parts has already led to the perfect war/machines correspondent and the researches is going well for the robots/soldats. As a result that you will have checked by policeman/machine tomorrow .

Social and human implications are too many to be developed here, you can easily imagine them .


IV Genetic selection scheduled of human populations.

According to me, as soon as that will be really operational and reliable, that will be done in the name of health because :

There is already wills clearly expressed in this direction; when the permission to procreate?  


The researcher on electronic chip

Scientist who tries to connect himself to a computer is criticized by his colleagues a "gadget", protest in fact those who see more a media event than an experience which will advance the science.
It's all done: surgeons have implanted in the arm of the computer professor Kevin Warwick an electronic device which should allow to him "to communicate" his emotions and a number of orders to a computer.
The device 1 centimetre long must be the first move towards medical applications, in particular with the patients who suffered damages to the brain or to the spinal cord attack . at least that we read in the press release published by the team of Warwick, to the university of Reading, in England.

But several experts are skeptical. "It's good, for the recreation industry , but that wont' contribute in the least to the neurology", says Nick Donaldson, university high School of London.

One should say that dreams of Kevin Warwick go well beyond a medical chip. He often wrote that humans were doomed to become cyborgs -that is to say individuals partly human , partly machine. From 1998, he had temporarily implanted a transmitter in his arm, linked up without flex to a computer, which had the effect to open the door of his office and to light automatically the lights, as soon as he arrived nearby. This time, rather than to open a door, Warwick hopes to move his fingers via the computer -after to have moved as much fingers as it will be necessary for that the computer records connections corresponding of neurones, and next, tried to reproduce the all.

This implant type is already used in animal experiences, but the activity of the human brain is much more complex, from which the skepticism of Nick Donaldson, or Steve McMahon, physiology professor to the university high School London King's: for him, the experience Warwick will allow to collect few useful data. "Electrodes haven't potentially any chance to record the activity of the neurones associated with signals which transmit pains or emotions messages . Fibres nervous which are linked to these conditions create electric signals which are quite simply too limited to be detected with this technology."

THE CHILD on electronic chip.

(ASP) - An American company renews one's attack with a controversial idea: to implant an electronic chip in every child. The praiseworthy objective: to prevent the kidnapping cases , because every child henceforth could be find again , thanks to the signal that his chip would send to a satellite. The risk, less heartening : that each human can be henceforth followed to the trail, wherever he is .

It isn't the first attempt for the company Applied Digital Solutions. Three years ago, this compagny had announced his intention to market this chip, VeriChip, for the patients who would have wished to carry with them… their medical file. But parallel to that, the idea to use this implanted chip under the skin to follow to the trail a child, did his way. We believed the debate finished, but it reappeared in the weekend, the company having took over his marketing campaign in England and in the United States -where a patent request for VeriChip is under considération.

A time the technology put in place, you get caught up in a spiral, worries the British futurologue Ian Pearson: " you can't put back the cat in the bag. That will depend on capacity of governments to want to increase the supervision"

The genetically selected baby.

(ASP) - That's the first, perhaps a world first , and it disturbs quite a few persons. A baby was born to the United States after to have been selected genetically , because parents wanted to make sure that the baby hadn't a special gene.

The baby, a girl, isn't identified. 18 month old today she is well, according to the advertisement in the Newspaper of the American Medical Association this week.

The mother and her family are carriers a defective gene which is likely to them to develop the Alzheimer disease to a young age - before 40 years. The mother, 30 years old today, has so stressed to choose, among the frozen embryos, the one which not carrier of this gene - and the doctors have accepted, doing to reappear suddenly eugenism nightmares and genetically selected humans.

This form of premature Alzheimer is very rare, but well informed by doctors... and by geneticists.

According to the Institut of reproductive genetic of Chicago researchers, where the diagnosis was asked on the baby, this birth shows well and truly the first time that the "genetic diagnosis preimplanted", was used to carry out a selection among embryos or, if we prefer, to eliminate embryos. The Newspaper, conscious of the controverse that it was going to raise,has opened its pages to two ethicians of California University, which add a commentary to this opening. "Just as his elder sister (who has developed this precocious Alzheimer at tha age of 38 ), this woman won't probably be able to take care or to recognize her girl, in some years. .."

It's also in this clinic that, the last year, an embryo had been also selected , in order to give cells-strains to his future sister.


An alive integrated circuit

That's progress for you.

hey have just developed an integrated circuit

by connecting microprocessors with snail neurones.


08/29/2001 - A team of German biochemists have succeeded in doing to work a chip in silicium with cerebral cells.

The researchers, Günter Zeck and Peter Fromhertz, German Institute of bioalchemy Max Planck to Munich,have removed about twenty of neurones on a snail, the Lymnaea stagnalis, then they inserted them in transistors to field effect, amplifying small voltages and linked to an energy source.Then, they have connected the cerebral cells between themselves .

According to scientists, the electric signal produces by the chip propagated in the different neurones before coming back to the semi-conductor, creating the connection. The first hybrid circuit was created.

Results of these experiences, published in the reports of the national Academy of sciences of August 28, makes us think that the neuroelectric has a beautiful future in front of it. It allows to plan the making of medical prosthesis that will replace the damaged neurones, by a combination of cerebral cells and microprocessors. This science could also engender a new generation of computers. es chercheurs, Günter Zeck et Peter Fromhertz, de l'Institut allemand de biochimie Max Planck à Munich, ont prélevé une vingtaine de neurones sur un gastéropode, le Lymnaea stagnalis, puis les ont insérés dans des transistors à effet de champ, amplifiant de petits voltages et reliés à une source d'énergie. Ils ont ensuite connecté entre elles les cellules cérébrales.

Aurélie Deléglise 

From the war correspondent, to the robot-soldier.

The war correspondent in iron and in bolts.

The first war correspondent automated was born in the United States. His mission: to go here where even the better journalist can't go.

United States

03/28/2002 - The robot- journalist, specialized in the war reportages, was born. His name: The Afghan Explorer. His role: to film and realize interviews in hostile environments to humans.

Cette machine, qui ressemble à une tondeuse à gazon, a été conçue à l'Institut de technologie du Massachusetts, aux États-Unis. Elle circule sur quatre roues et puise son énergie du soleil. Elle se sert du système de navigation par satellite (GPS) pour se guider.

A la place du cerveau, The Afghan Explorer a un ordinateur portable, connecté à Internet au moyen d'un téléphone cellulaire. Ses mouvements peuvent être contrôlés à distance et un entretien peut être réalisé en direct avec un téléphone satellite. Le robot a une console vidéo greffée sur le cou et deux Web caméras en guise d'oreilles.

L'inventeur de The Afghan Explorer, Chris Csikszentmihalyi, espère que le robot- journaliste brossera un tableau objectif des guerres dans lesquelles les États-Unis sont engagés. Pour sa première mission, il pense envoyer son protégé en Afghanistan.

La machine a un avantage considérable sur le correspondant de guerre en chair et en os : personne ne l'attendra à la maison et ne s'inquiétera pour lui. En revanche, elle ne portera pas ombrage à l'homme. Chris Csikszentmihalyi estime que le plus important dans le travail d'un journaliste est l'interprétation des faits et des images. Ce qu'un robot ne peut pas faire.


 JPL was chosen in order to develop miniature robots for the soldiers of tomorrow.






Contact: John G. Watson

September 8 1998

The day where tactical mobile robots will serve like "advanced military ", inspecting the enemy field during fighting operations,is today not far away to the reality, thanks to the selection of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, located to Pasadena (California), by the Agency of Projects of Advanced Researches of Defense of the United States (DARPA), in order to conduct a consortium of which the objective is to create a miniature tactical mobile robots for operations in towns.

"JPL was selected among 50 finalists to receive this contract of 4 million dollars and a development life of 18 month.

Based on robotics technologies developed for the spatial programs, these mini-robots "being able to hold in a rucksack" will innovate in their small size (less than 40 centimetres long ), their light weight, their manoeuvrability and their perception in real time in navigation and reconnaissance.

We are happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the technologies of the American defence and to use a precious synergy in the implementations of spatial and military robotics, on no-structured fields", declared Charles Weisbin, director of robotics unity and exploration technologies of March (board of directors of technologies and applied programs of JPL). "The vehicle developed during this common effort will be in the vanguard of a new generation of systems of miniature sensors , movable and intelligent ".

These mini-robots will be enough small to be easily carried and deployed by one soldier , but also rather robust in order to survive shocks when it will be thrown on nettings, through pane and other barriers. It will be able to climb stairs or other obstacles quickly, to keep a close watch and to draw up a card of the indoor and outdoor places, to discover and locate the enemy forces.

"These last years, we have spent much time and energy by analyzing the use concepts of these portable robotics platforms and we are convinced of their revolutionary impact during fighting", confirmed to us Lieutenant Colonel John Blitch formerly responsible for the unmanned systems to Special Operations Command and currently director of the Programme of Tactical Robotics Mobile of DARPA.

As support during operations of "cleaning" of buildings, a tactical mobile robot could be throw by a door, to be pointed in the bottom of a corridor and to be controlled in order to rush itself all along a wall or to climb the stairs until the sensors laser, placed on the sides, detect a door or an junction. It could then locate hostile entities, put out of order traps, unload what it carries or simply to stop itself and listen with his acoustic/vibration system before continuing his reconnaissance in a new place.

Outside, the robot could move itself and to hide itself all along a corner of the street to have a quick look at the following intersection. It could move in a ditch and, sometimes to stop itself, in order to listen, or to be deployed to use his capacity of video-detection of movement and thus to act as a winger to cover the soldier flank .

The consortium members and their fields of competences: IS Robotic located to Somerville in Main ( robotics platforms ); the University of Carnegie Mellon, to Pittsburgh (perception); the National Laboratory of Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN (mapping), and the University of South California , Los Angeles (operator interface ).

Built on the drawings created during the first phase of 6 month, finished the last year (cost: 400 000 dollars), consortium sets up now to the second phase of the Tactical Mobile Robotics Program of DARPA, by developing the prototype of miniature robot . The completion of this second phase of the project, is programed for the end of 1999. "

For more information about activities of the JPL robotics , consult the site internet

See on the site WORLD GOVERNMENT



Nanoboom !

What nanotechnologies will change in our daily.

More effective medicines, hardwearing materials, computers smaller than never. Researches on the matter seen to scale of nanometre is full of promises.

by Catherine Dubée

" Do you see this small black powder? » Bended over a technological still - laser, mini-oven and tracery of pipes -, Nadi Braidy points at that seems to be a soot deposit on a copper lozenge. « These particles are carbon nanotubes », said the student who guides me in the laboratories of INRS-Energy and Materials to Varennes. With the same weight, molecules which form this surprising powder are more resistant to shocks and to heat than the steel, but also much more supple ! » It must be worth 1 500 American dollars the gram, 150 times as expensive than gold!

Carbon nanotubes are the big stars of the nanotechnology, this science of infinitely small . One nanometre corresponds to a metre billionth (or a millionth of a millimetre). A simple hair measures at least 50 000 nanometres (nm); huge! Nanotechnology is interested therefore in the matter in its more tinies entrenchments, that is to say to the layout of its atoms,the latter measuring between 0.1 to 0.4nm. To this scale, the matter possesses surprising property : the day where they will control them, nanotechnologies will be able to create an endless number of applications in biotechnology, in electronics and in the manufacture of materials.

The stars of this small world are the carbon nanotubes. These molecules show very well how the atoms layout has an influence on the characteristics of the matter. Nanotubes are entirely made up of carbon atoms, like graphite or diamond, but their position is very special: they come in the form of « leaf » of an atom forming a tube barely some circumference nanometres, but of several thousands of nanometres in length. Some nanotubes count several walls, such of cylinders inserted one in the other. On the photos taken to the microscope by the researchers of INRS, nanotubes seem long filaments which get tangled . The precious black powder contained in small containers presents tiny accumulations: there are nanotubes interwove, a « ball » of course invisible to the naked eye. "

Are people already implanted?

Of course! and more particularly as a secret experience on the artificial telepathy made by the CIA.

Veritable technology employed on the true/false channels to misinform deliberately us: those sincerely believe that information they received comes from Christ, or angels, or "superior dimensions ", or extraterrestres, etc... but in fact it comes from a technician of the mdm who has a good laugh, ha ha ha!

Did you get it, small heads of Universal Love ?w

In fact, manipulation techniques by artificial telepathy using productions of intra-cerebrals voice , pictures or advanced hypnosis, subliminals transmissions , or a combination of these techniques, were used in the following movements

Urantia movement

The Miracles Class (AICM)

Findhorn community

And more particularly the technique of artificial telepathy uses the technology of psycho-acoustic correction capable of producing a intra-cerebral voice .Subliminals techniques use infra-sound and VLF (very low frequency) which don't concern the intellectual functions.

" The quoted groups and certainly others were all more or less involuntarily in touch with the CIA which would have supplied the necessary technologies. CIA would have itself learn these techniques in 1952 by spying the well designed techniques of "brainwashing" used by the North Koreans . Then that led to the MKULTRA experimentation which go on still currently.

We know that the channeler of the Miracles Class Helenn Shucman worked in the "Psychology Department at Columbia University's College of Physicians" and that she was implicated in the MKULTRA project, the famous project of mental control by the CIA.

Hellen Shucman has notably collaborated with J.W Gittinger who took care of the project "P.A.S" Personnality Assessment system entrusted to detect the more receptive personalities to the psychological control possibilities . 2 years later Hellen Shucman has worked with a certain William Thetford to the "Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department" where they have in a way completed the Gittinger works .

Some time later Thetford and Sander jointed them. They worked on the top secret under-project MKULTRA Subproject 130 about the "psychological theories of the personality".

See lists of the under- projects here:

Naturally at this time they mixed with Helen Shucman without saying to her that she was subjected to secret experience of "channeling"...

There was also doctor Saunders who worked on the projects of micro-chip ... This is therefore at this time that Helen Shucman began to have strange vision and to hear voices which identified themselves as Jésus...

 (Descriptions given by Shucman about these voices corresponded besides to the ones of the Teaching Mission "channelers" a movement in direct connection with the Urantia book)

That's how H. Shucman was "encouraged" to put in writing during 7 years her experiences of "channeling" without that to no moment it was revealed to her the secret experience of which she was the subject.

1958 - Schucman goes to work for Thetford in the Psychology Department at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

1962 - Schucman AND Thetford (Publish paper together on "The personality theory of John Gittinger").

1962 - Saunders AND Schucman (Sept. Paper).

1962 - Saunders AND Schucman AND Thetford (Sept. Paper).

1965 - Helen Schucman's pre-ACIM visions and experiences.

1965 - 1968 -- Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM).

1968 - Gittinger AND Saunders (Article/Paper, apparently published as part of a compendium).

1969 - 1971 - Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of ACIM: "Workbook".

1970 - Schucman AND Thetford (Article).

1971 - 1978 -- Saunders AND Thetford (MKULTRA Subproject 130).

1972 - Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of ACIM: "Manual".

Transcription and summary of: 


The thoughts can be influenced from a distance.

" Some aspects of the electromagnetic antipersonal weapons "

Analysis of journalist David G. Guyatt

Presented during the Symposium of the International Committee of the Red Cross about the " Medical Profession and the effects of weapons".

From 1965 to 1970, Research Agency of the Advanced Projects in the field of the Defense (DARPA), having from 70 to 80% of funds supplied by the army, prompted the operation PANDORA on order to study psychological and sanitary effects of the micro-waves of small intensity in regards to the signal says "Moscow." It appears that this project was rather vast and included studies (financed by the American Navy) showing how to cause heart attacks,to create passages in the barrier haematomameninged and to produce auditory hallucinations.

Despite the attempts to subtract the Pandora program to all close examination,the archives of law about the liberty of information (FOIA) revealed a note of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, confirming that initial objective of the program was of "to discover if a micro-wave signal controlled with precision could control the mind." Cesaro encouraged the realization of these studies "in order to develop the potential applications in the domain of armament."

Further to the tremendous outcry of public, the Congress forbids the pursuit of researches and has proposed that these projects must be to give up to all the levels. But, as the old officer of the CIA Victor Marchetti revealed later, programs became simply more secret while having an element allowing to vouch for another activity, denying their real objective, and all affirmation of the opposite from the CIA is only a cover. Although some aforementioned projects turned around the narcotics and hallucinogenic use, the projects ARTICHOKE , PANDORA and CHATTER clearly proved that the devices « psycho-electronics » are the top priority. What's more, the anonymous informer of John Marks ( humorously dubbed "Deep Trance" ) declared from 1963 that the researches on the control of the behaviour put strongly the emphasis on electronic.

An obscure company in a district of Columbia called "Mankind Research Unlimited" (MRU Research on humanity, compagny in collective name) and its filial, acquired without dividing shares,Systems Consultant Inc.(SCI) have worked for a number of Pentagon contracts , government and intelligence services, with in other for specialization: "the resolution of problems in the field of electronic war concerning informations as well as the technology and the sensors applications ."

Domains of MRU "competence and experience" are divided into four sectors. They comprise "the biophysical – biological effects of magnetic spheres", "the research in the dynamic of magnetics fluids", "the planetary hydroelectric dynamics " and " geopathics stress on the Living Organisms." This last part concerns especially the transmission of diseases by changing the magnetic nature of environment. "The biocybernetic, psychodynamics experiences in telepathy", "the errors of the human perception", "the spheres generated biologically", " the parapsychiatry and the ultraconscious mind" (supposed to refer to experiences in the domain of the telepathic mind control ), "the behavioural neuropsychiatry", "the analysis and the measure of the subjective states of human being" and "the models of unconscious behaviours in human being".

Employing some formers officers of l’OSS (Office of the strategic services renowned afterwards CIA), CIA and military intelligence, the enterprise uses also the services of eminents doctors and psychologists among which E. Stanton Maxey, Stanley R. Dean, Berthold, Eric Schwarz and many others. MRU includes in the " enterprise competences " "the control of mind and brain." Despite of vehement assertions from the president of MRU that it doesn't "a compagny-screen for an any fields of the Government of the United-States…", we must consider these assertions with a lot of scepticisms.

Then, there had a signifiant discrepancy concerning the available information during the years 80 until now. That seems initially to have precisely corresponded to the presidency of Ronald Reagan, and continued in one way not very surprising during the mandate of president Bush. For result, the Freedom of Information Act in easy usage in the past became less accessible and more bureaucratic. The costs of the research soared and the matter that had been or had to be downgraded was reconsidered and reclassified. This phenomenon isn't unusual to the United States, and tends to blur the visible part of the Congress. Public indignation leads to a temporary liberalization, but when the public opinion forgets (so much quickly), the old secret methods institutionalized are quickly implemented again. We pass now to a more recent period.

In 1989, CNN broadcast a program about electromagnetics weapons and showed a document of the American government which summarized a contingency plan to use the EM weapons against the « terrorists ». Before the programme a medical engineer of Defense Office announced an information, declaring that micro-waves and others methods had been regularly used against Palestinians in a conditioning context.

In 1993,Defense New announced that the Russian government negotiated with its American homologous the transfer of technical information and of known equipment under the name of "Acoustic Psycho-correction". Russians maintained that this process means "the transmission of specific orders using bands of its static or white noise in the human subconscious without perturbing the other intellectual functions." The experts said that the demonstration of this equipment had given "encouraging" results "after an exposition in less than one minute", and had shown "the capacity to modify the behaviour of consenting and no consenting subjects ." The article continued by explaining that the group "equipment and computer software working with the psycho-correction program (sic) could be obtained for not more than 80 000 dollars." Russians pursued by pointing out that the "worldwide opinion is not ready to deal with a appropriate way the problems resulting from the possibility of an direct access to human mind".

The acoustic psycho-correction dates from the middle of the years 1970 and can be used "to suppress the riots, to control the dissidents, to demoralize or paralyse the enemy forces and to improve the performance of teams belonging to the allied special forces." One of American concerns about this process was expressed by Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a reflection group set up in Washington and founded by the former assistant manager of CIA, Ray Cline. Morris noticed that "the troops on ground risk the exposition at the sound transmission by bony conduction which can't be avoided by the stoppers of ears and by another protection equipement." These last months I have met a contact who had gone recently to Russia this year and I talked to him about the effort of Russian research. He met in his turn some Russian scientists who are experts in this field. I have little doubt as the fact that the article of Defense News quoted previously is radically correct.

In his originator work , Dr. Ross Adey determined that the emotional states and the behaviour can be influenced from a distance simply by seating a subject in an electromagnetic sphere.

By turning a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and by using the modulation of amplitude so that the wave form imitates a frequency of EEG desired , he was able to impose a rhythm of waves theta of 4,5 cps on his subjects. Doctor Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey led experiments with microwaves trying to transmit directly in the auditive cortex some stated words by using pulsated microwaves similar to the sound vibrations of a speaker. Indeed, the Frey work in this field, which dated from 1960, gave birth to "the effect known as Frey" and which we generally call today under the name of "microwave hearing" .

Inside the Pentagon this capacity is known under the name of "Artificial Telepathy". Adey and others drew up a complete library of frequencies and speeds of impulses which can have an effect on the mind and the nervous system.

See the rest on:


A particular aspect of these technologies

New gadget for James Bond

Reality gets closer to science fiction: two British scientists invented a dental implant which contains a miniature radio.

R United Kingdom - 06/21//2002

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, of the Royal College of Arts, in London, introduced a radio receptor into a molar. The signals received of a radio or a cellular phone are then converted into sounds and relayed to the inner ear by the vibrations of the skeleton. The sounds can thus be heard only by the carrier of the "techno-tooth".

Uses of such an invention are considerable. They go from the reception of road information to the advices given by a communications manager to a politician during an boring television interview...

According to creators of this object, it would be even rather simple to add a microphone to it and thus to allow to the owner of the machine to return signals to another radio set, that it is in a tooth or not.

For the moment, the miniature tool works thanks to a battery, miniature too. Possibly, its energy could also be provided to him by an electromagnetic micro-generator which would charge when the carrier of the tooth eats, speaks or shakes the head!

Gaëlle Lussiaà-Berdou


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