Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter II - Actual world

II-01: The need of another look at the world.

II-02: Exit your endoctrination, a fight against the ideas of misinformation.

II-03: Consequence of Mind control and brainwashing, the "serf-veaux".

II-04: The " Masters of the World's plan. "

II-05: Absolute Badness and danger.

II-06: Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

Part 6 : Your civilization's fundamental mistake.

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

"To teach superstitions and lies as truth is a most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Humans, tomorrow ?
Your civilization's fundamental mistake


Painting by Françoise Régamey


I - The original sin reiterated, or the Myth Adam and Eve.

II - The just basis to escape the actual crisis and to found a new durable civilization.

III - What orientations must you reject ?

IV - How can you look for the right solutions ?

V - Your civilization's fundamental Mistake.

VI - Towards a just Meaning of Life.

VII - Towards Just Values.

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Just basis for a new durable civilization that respects Life.


I - The original sin reiterated, or the Myth Adam and Eve

"The temptation " by William Strang - Scottish painter 20 th century.

Adam and Eve were chased away from the Paradise because they followed the Snake's advice,

that was to transgress the Divine order, which is

" to not consume the fruits of the tree of Knowledge "

(the following words "Good and Evil" were probably added to the original text)

This tempting Snake of the Bible is considered by the Christians as the embodiment of the Devil; and it also sometimes represents the symbol of the soil, or of the sex, and so the humans' materialist inclination towards sensual pleasures,

but only a few people believe that this story is true, and most of them only see the snake as a symbol.


Now, this extract of the Genesis certainly comes from an historical memory of a very old and happy civilization that really existed on a fertile land -this civilization can be from the MU continent, located in the heart of the Pacific-, which was destroyed 24 000 years ago because of a bad use of science and probably because of black magic too. We know that most of the myths are based on true stories.

In this case, we must consider that the bad use of knowledge may have been closely associated, either to a reptilian cult (as it used to be in a far-off antiquity), or a real influence coming from reptilian creatures (that could have been either extraterrestrial, or from another dimension, or simply from the Earth, or under the ground as some numerous shamans said).


And it looks like the survivors of MU didn't understand well, since the following ancient civilizations also paid a cult to the Snake god that was supposed to bring prosperity and immortality.


The snake in Crete, the Nagas in Asia, and the dragon that we can find in numerous civilizations: Sumer, China, India, South East Asia (snake is called Pha Yah Naa), the Aztecs and Quetzacoaltls, etc... These cults were banned by the Catholic Church that assimilated the snake (and Pan, the Greek god) to the devil; this is why it is sometimes represented in your iconology sometimes as a reptilian and sometimes as a goat.

And it's the mistake that most of you make again today because,

your actual civilization only reiterates the old mistake that is the bad use of Knowledge, and worse: it's going back to an ancient reptilian cult, especially in America and for some of the Masters of this world!



Examples :

The pyramid with an eye on its top that appears on the American one Dollar banknote, is the emblem of a sect and that aims to dominate through this nation.



The initial emblem of the American Marines Corps.


The UFO "cult" of the "reptoids" reptilian creatures that would be older than the humans, either extraterrestrials coming from the space such as the "Greys".


Painting by Attila Borros

or intra-terrestrial such as the "dinoids" who would be living under the ground since the period of the dinosaurs and would be their final outcome


All this is now the subject of the veneration of some Americans who are massively going back to a satanic and reptilian cult, which proceeds of the same old desire of wealth, beauty and immortality; and of which the modern form is $ and Biotechnology.



The pictures are extracted from these pages:


We can presently observe a veneration of the reptilian Princes, Masters of the darkness or of the space... as well as the finance$, at least by many humans and especially for the wealthy ones.
Satanic sects in the past, with their black masses celebrated on the naked women's wombs, were quite "harmless" compared to this new cult of a dark power that anaesthetizes the planet by multiple means, of which: the inversion of the meaning of the sacred and lay words, and also the conscious sacrifice to the worst evil forces by the worst behaviours that can be done.
And it's not surprising that these forces lead you to this old Devil's refrain: 
Are you tempted by the immortality ? 
This is the biggest foolishness! Because death is necessary and desirable for obvious reasons: because modifying the natural course of the things always leads to catastrophes and also because immortality would be the worst thing that can happen to us. Indeed, death is a temporary re-birth in the spiritual body -The Sioux say that "death is another country"- that you have no reason to fear.


And it's only a shortsightedness that makes you identify yourself to the body and to the individual "I" in the same time... Both are only impermanent optical illusions since they have no real existence.


Extending the life of the physical body -beyond the reasonable limits- would boil down to artificially space out the essential re-sourcing periods (that are the periods of death); and that would consist in a considerable impoverishment of the individual chances of evolution, and also of the joy of existing that must be perpetually renewed. And it would lead to an ecological disaster that would be ten times worse than what we are living now.

The reasons are so obvious that I don't think it's necessary to explain, since I am not writing to people unable to read... as for those who are unable to read (and that I respect), I advise them to go to school first.

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II - The just basis to escape the actual crisis and to found a new durable civilization

If human behaviour is able to generate such serious anomalies that threaten our species' survival, it means that the actual human behaviour is fundamentally erroneous. 

 Painting by Siudmak

A mistake of behaviour that is accidental, or due to circumstances, and that is not renewed does not concern the actual worldwide situation; since the situation generated by the actual erroneous human behaviour is continuously worsening. Wanting to correct mistakes of behaviour implies a lot of things, because every action, and every human behaviour, is at its beginning founded on a particular thought. And every thought is founded on postulates and metaphysical beliefs; you have to understand that the "masters of the world" have power on you ONLY because you implicitly accept their way of thinking.

Therefore, you have to try hard to call yourself into question: for this you need a lot of COURAGE because it will UNAVOIDABLY lead you to a TOTAL upheaval of you individual and collective way of living and of thinking.

We cannot avoid the total recasting of your ideas and your civilization.


The equation is:

Your species adopts behaviours that will self-destroy itself, at a short or long term.

If your species wants to survive it will have to change its way of behaving.

For that reason it will have to adopt new just behaviours.

Asking oneself what would be the just behaviours would boil down to ask oneself what would be just thoughts, and so a just metaphysic, from where will result the basis of a just civilization.

Asking oneself what would be just thoughts would boil down to seek for just ideas concerning:

the Man, so about the matter since our bodies are made of it,

the Universe, since the matter comes from it,

the Conscience, since we are conscious, and so concerning the Spirit,

Life, since we are alive,

Death, since we will die.

Here is now what is my fundamental intuition:
The Spirit that we all feel like the source of our conscience is not comparable to the thoughts produced by the brain: Spirit Is Itself: Us, previous to our body made of matter.

This Immortal Spirit, that religions wrongly call "Soul"(*1), must not be sought out of the visible Material Universe because It is present in this Universe under a concrete form within the Matter itself.

There is no distinction and no opposition to establish between the Spirit and the Matter.

The Matter - that was not existing at the World's origin- appeared by itself from its birth with attributes of Conscience and Life, that can only come from an anterior Source.

This Source that is anterior to everything -Origin of everything, Cause of all the causes, Present in everything, and Active in Everything-, cannot be material since it's originated from the Matter, and its constituent attributes: Conscience and Life point it out as a Spiritual Nature.

So, there is apparently two Universes -at least: a Material Universe subject to the Space/Time Laws, of which existence comes from the second Universe that is of a Spiritual Nature (and that is not subject to the Space/Time Laws since these laws are only a property of the Material Universe).

( * 1- Note: Spirit and soul are two different things and two different concepts.)

Then, it's in this direction that we must look if it's possible to discover some just philosophic foundations that can inspire to the men some new salvation behaviour.


I advise to the honest leaders to meditate these texts extracted from

the Bhagavad-Gîtà, Chapter 3, Verse 21:

"Whatever a Great Man does, the mass of the people always walk in his steps; and the whole world follows the norms he establishes by his example."
As for those who are not honest, they should better get inspired by the texts below... to change their way of behaving.
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III - What orientations must you reject ?

I am certainly not the only one to be worried with my children's future. And I am certainly not the only one to wish them to know a preserved nature with its animals and its plants, that offers us the best delights; a cleaner world and more pleasant to live in: a world more simple, more fraternal, more human; the health and the moral balance that would result of it; a world that would give them the material safety and the essential comfort. The possibility to progress, to learn and to understand the meaning of their lives.

Above all, I wrote this website for my children, and I hesitated a long time before doing it because it's clear that I am lacking of a lot of essential information elements: the necessary knowledge is ahead of any human: knowledge is so complex! And I am conscious of my deficiencies.

Moreover, on what grounds could I tackle with a so complex thought? It's not by pride. The answer is simple: necessity and obligation.

Indeed, in spite of the huge qualities of heart and of spirit of many humans today, I still did not meet a satisfying answer. I read a lot of impressing and just analysis concerning the disasters that you will have to face, and I read as much well-founded reviews about your society and its dangers, but

I never had any reliable proposal, or any coherent solution to remedy to these problems.

Now, let's analyze them together.

In fact:
I keep out the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Churches that are an obvious contradiction with the common sense and the actual irrefutable scientific discoveries in the fields of: astronomy, nuclear physics, archaeology, paleontology, biology and geology.
I talk about the Churches, and obviously not about the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Mahomet who are masters that I respect and that taught me many important things. The Jewish have, regarding their own definition, is a non-missionary religion that only concerns them. Most of the other Churches are guilty of intolerance and are responsible for crimes against humanity: the Inquisition and religious wars have still not disappeared! If these religions' esoteric doctrines (the Christian Gnosis, the Jewish Cabal and Sufism) are all linked to the Tradition and are all valid ways to the Way, their teachings is not accepted by their Churches and their understanding is reserved to a minority. I am a believer and I respect all the believers, but this is a fact! (In spite of the new way of spirituality that recently appeared amongst the Christians, and also the exception that is the Orthodox Christian Church).
I keep out -with regrets- all the Hindu or Buddhist religions and philosophies, even if I am convinced in the global value of their teachings. And I keep them out because of their highly individual character, regarding the quest of the Illumination or the Liberation, and although this quest has positive effects on the whole society. I have to keep this quest out because it (that, in addition can only be understood and practiced by a few of us) can't be universally applied, and because it also has negative effects on a collective plan (it would be too long to develop why).


I don't give a shit'... L L L L Let be Zen


Your problems imply collective answers, easy to understand and to apply by all the People of the earth, whatever are their culture and their beliefs.


 I keep out the Sects that are waiting for the return of Christ because of their lack of reliability (although this possibility would resolve all the problems); or those waiting for the coming of the aliens (although it would be funny, but only if they do not treat you badly as you used to treat the "Indigenous" people everywhere in the world!); or those that propose to pray while waiting for the End Of The World (Even if I believe in the force of the prayer, because these people are eccentric! I met a guy in 1964 who wanted to convince me that the End Of The World would take place as a Deluge in 1984, and that I had to live in a place located at an altitude higher than 600 meter because the seas would reach this level. How did his sect calculate these two numbers? He was obviously unable to answer me. (The followers' credulity is simply stupefying!)


I keep out (although their sincerity) the followers of the International Association for the Conscience of Krishna whose way is respectable in itself by its devotion through singing, but that can only understood and practiced by a few of us (regarding the modern way of life).

I keep out the actual political systems, because they are archaic and erroneous: Capitalism and Socialism.

Socialism bankrupted everywhere because of its incapacity to manage the Economy.

Capitalism's bankrupt is coming in a near future, because of its incapacity to respect the Men and the Earth. It leaves too many human aspirations unsatisfied, and is not even able to solve the problem of the poverty in the world.

In fact, even if Capitalism gave us a lot it is also the main cause of pains.

I also keep out the modern tendency to solve the problems by creating laws, because of its powerlessness; it is only turning round and round:


"Useless Laws weaken the necessary Laws"

"The more there are bans in the world, the more the people's spirit becomes poorer...

The more laws and decrees are created, the more there are thieves and robbers"

(Lao Tseu)


The actual anarchic proliferation of the laws is not a remedy in itself. Although nobody can contest the actual necessity of the rules and laws, the impossibility to know them all (that are also sometimes contradictory) as well as their complexity, makes them inapplicable. This proliferation destroys the civic spirit and the sense of morals: it makes the men irresponsible and cynical. We have to stop this! The total recasting of the Law, to adapt it to the new situations that came up and to simplify it, is a task comparable to Hercule's in Augias King's stables! However, we will have to do it.

Nevertheless, it's advisable to remember that a people who unanimously observes the Dharma doesn't need any law. The existence of the laws is the evidence of a moral decay.

 I keep out the political and partisan ecology that does not accept to take into account the human problems. For example, wanting to ruin the ancestral economy of the Tundra's and Taiga's trapper People -by boycotting their trade of furs-, without considering that these regions of the Earth are improper to farming and breeding because of their climatic conditions. What is the solution for the "Crees" American Indian tribe -according to the ecologists-? To disappear or to emigrate? One of their French leader said that he was partisan to ban the hunting for the Indian of Amazonia! How could we respect people who do not respect the others?



 I keep out the idea to give up all the modern technologies in favor to the "Rousseauist" tendency to be back to the nature, because it is totally unrealistic (As for me, and for a few thousand people, we would be very comfortable! But you...?). Since 200 years, the Earth has lost most of its natural richnesses, but if we stop to intervene on it it will quickly restore itself: scarcely one or two centuries should be enough. During this lapse of time, we cannot condemn to famine and death 4-5 million of people! Moreover, the modern technology is nothing else than the practical side of the Science.

Now, Science is the fruit of the human Conscience's work to understand the Cosmos and to understand Itself, that is in the right current of your collective Destiny; You can't turn your back on it.
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IV - How can you look for the right solutions ?

Your sun is only a banal star amongst countless other stars: 400 billions in your galaxy and there is at least 100 billions of galaxies, as we previously said. Every year hundreds of millions of stars die, and become red giants, novas or super novas. And this phenomenon is not an accident: it is the common evolution of the stars as the one below, an old supernova called G292, of which we can see some fragments in the Centaure constellation (southern hemisphere).


 Source: NASA G292


The Universe itself and the Matter will disappear, because

"everything that is Manifested returns to the state of Non-Manifested "

as the Baghavad Gîta and the contemporary science teach.


Note : what will be the next supernova?

" No supernova has ever been predicted. These dramatic stellar explosions that destroy stars and disperse elements that compose people and planets are not so well understood that astronomers can accurately predict when a star will explode - yet. Perhaps Sher 25 will be the first. Sher 25, designated by the arrow, is a blue supergiant star located just outside the star cluster and emission nebula NGC 3603. Sher 25 lies in the center of an hourglass shaped nebula much like the one that surrounds the last bright supernova visible from Earth: SN1987a. Now the hourglass shaped rings around SN1987a were emitted before that blue supergiant exploded. Maybe Sher 25 has expelled these bipolar rings in a step that closely precedes a supernova. If so, Sher 25 may be within a few thousand years of its spectacular finale. "


The death of these stars consequently generates the destruction of the organic life, in their respective planetary systems. So, planets like the Earth are constantly destroyed. As a result, you allow yourself an importance that you do not have.

It is also probable that there were numerous planets in the Universe that were inhabited by people who reached the same level of evolution than yours, and who had to face the same problems than yours: and they maybe could not overcome these problems. The fact that humanity disappears must not be a rare phenomenon at a Cosmic scale, and this already happened on the Earth -as all the Traditions confirm.

The same tradition in all the culture announces one more imminent destruction: the destruction of the actual humanity that will be followed by a revival.

This prophecy is unfortunately credible. In fact, your industrial civilization is going right away to its self-destruction when it only has 200 years of existence. And it is possible that your type of civilization is reaching a total deadlock, and that its death is henceforth programmed. This is a process that cannot be ignored, but it is still not sure. And it is also maybe possible to: both keep the technologic civilization and save the actual humankind on the Earth. Some American Indians think that it is still possible, and some others don't. Possible or not, we need to think about this problem: and this is what we will do right now.

Where could we find the solutions of this dilemma?

To solve your dilemma: don't you think it would be wise to have a look at the civilizations that lasted a long time and that lived in peace?

Duration, success, and peace are the evidences of efficiency.

In fact, the natural selection ruthlessly eliminates not only the individuals, but also the species and their societies, when they are mal-adjusted to the laws of Life.


What are the human societies, champions of duration?

It's the civilizations of hunters, harvesters, fishermen,

and sometimes of small farmers :

at least, 1.000.000 years of success!

These hunters survived to many icy periods; to the fauna and flora upheavals; to other consequences of huge climate variations; to the emergence of mountains such as the Alps, the Andes, or the Rocky Mountains; to all big natural disasters. Indeed, their primitive technology made them less fragile than you: but this explanation is not the only one.

Numerous animal species such as the mammoth, the woolen rhinoceros, the American Buffalo with long horns, the giant ox, the lion-cat, the sabre-teeth tiger, the cave-bear, the short-muzzle bear, the American horse and dromedary, the orignal-deer, the giant deer etc... : None of these species (and many others) have survived these natural disasters, while the hunters did. Why?

What is the spirit that guided them so well all along these millenniums?

Answer: their deep respect of nature; all their rock-paintings are the perfect evidences.



On shorter durations ("only" a few thousand years), let's have a look at the great sedentary civilizations of the past: particularly China, India and the Pharaohs' Egypt. Regarding their duration, these cultures did not last as long as the hunters': but 4.000 to 10.000, that's not bad at all!

And what admirable fulfilment!

Today's civilization is not able to match them. Why not?

How were these civilizations organized to remain powerful for so long periods?

Answer: these societies were Theocracies, where the power was held by the intellectuals and maintained by the faith.


What are the human societies, champions of success?

Those of the Primal People.

Some contemporary People, that were prosperous before the Europeans burst, succeeded to live harmoniously with their environment during tens of thousand years, such as: the American Indians -from the North and the South, the Polynesians, The Bushmen, the Pygmies, some African tribes, the Asian mountain-dweller tribes, the Malaysian and Indonesian tribes, and the Australian Aboriginal tribes. Very often, these People tried to hand down their heritage to us. Until nowadays they were not successful: because we simply scorned them...
Shouldn't we listen to what they want to tell us?

Answer: their message is simple, "Everything is alive; Respect Life".


What are the actual human societies, champions of Peace?

Buddhist societies: particularly in Tibet (in spite of the Chinese occupation), in Nepal, and in Thailand.

There has never been any Buddhist religious war. And the Mongols, who used to be a People of warriors above all, became a pacific People when they adopted Buddhism.

What is the origin of the absence of aggressiveness in Buddhism?

Answer: the Buddhist non-violence is the consequence of Detachment and the faith in Reincarnation.




What can you learn from Science?

Have you really integrated the scientific knowledge?

I don't think so: the actual science develops so quickly that your school's textbooks cannot take into account the new discoveries; and what can we think about your way of thinking...! What can science teach you that could make you change your vision of the world, in order to better adapt yourself to it?

Answer: Everything is Conscience; and Anything made of Matter is not permanent.

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V - Your civilization's fundamental Mistake.

The process to solve the actual civilization's crisis rests on a simple reasoning:
None of the negative factors that are bearing upon your civilization are, for the moment, of a natural origin; they are all coming from your own "work"; and this work is seriously spoiling many humans' quality of life and also threatens your lives on a short-term.

Wanting to efficiently remedy these dangers can only succeed if this unique cause is denounced and suppressed.

The true meaning of Life is to get rid of the illusory Conscience, to reach the state of Bodhisattvic Conscience.

The true Sense of Civilization is to create for the humans the right conditions of education and life, that will allow them to carry out their objectives.

This is why your actual culture is an anti-civilization.

And this is why you must change it, and adopt the norms of an authentic civilization.

Finally, this is why you must choose your most talented children and give them an appropriate education, to have new honest and efficient future leaders.

It's clear that you are living within a society that is totally on the other side of the definition above. And your "civilization" is based on this fundamental mistake. This mistake has structured philosophical bases and it's called: the materialist thought. This thought is in itself, either a refusal to believe in any spiritual sense of life, or a diversion of the religious faith that is supposed to bring material success.



Painting by Siudmak

*It seems that even the streets of Monaco aren't safe, and that billionaires don't dare to go out at night anymore... some millionaires prowl the streets at night. ô;ô)?

Where does this thought come from?

Why can it be considered as erroneous?

What are the consequences?  

It's what we will see together now.


The materialist thought is an initial element of the human thought in the whole universe, since it comes from our inability to see, with our eyes, something else than the material world that -wrongly- appears to us as the only tangible one. It also comes from the fact that death (especially concerning children or innocent people) is seen as unjust and inescapable, and it seems to us that it's logically contradictory with the concept of a good and creator God; or simply with the idea that our lives can be due to another causal factor than "Chance and Necessity". The doubt concerning the existence of God, or any other spiritual power, is certainly as old as the appearance of the concept of gods (or God) in the humanity, whatever its space/time localization.

Nevertheless, these individual doubts had no practical consequences on the humans' lives in the past, since all the ancient societies were religious -with no exception. Whatever were the countless names that humans gave to "the Great Mysterious Power", it has always been a question of a Spiritual Power concept that influenced the humans' lives; and that they had to respect to avoid disappointments in their lives. The extreme fear towards nature and life's mysteries was the basis of the sense of the sacred for the humans.

Besides, saying that monotheism is the exclusive invention of the Hebrews is a mistake: on the one hand, Pharaoh Akhenaton was venerating a Single God, which is a well-known fact; on the other hand, American Indians from the North are monotheist too: for example the "Apaches" call their God "Usen", and the "Algonquians" call their God "Guitche Manitou".

This fact is quite unknown, and it's often said that American Indians are polytheist: but this is wrong. The Sioux do not venerate any material element of the nature: they venerate Wakan Tanka through an element of its manifestation.

What we take for the cult of an animal or a plant is only the invocation of the invisible Spiritual Essence of this animal or this plant -which is the same for everything-: this is Wakan Tanka.

The confusion comes from the fact that, People with a very enlightened thought have quickly understood that the Mother-Source of everything appears, in the same time, on different dimensions; and that the material Universe is nothing else than Her body -its inferior energy-, even if It is beyond it.
So, all the ancient People were religious, and by any means -under a name or another-, these People were admitted the existence of a Spiritual Principle that was guiding their lives, as well as their behaviours.


And this was putting a salutary curb on the humans' fake-ego harmful tendencies, and was creating in the heart of the men the favourable conditions to the birth of a real spiritual life dimension.


But this totally changed at the 18th century.

The modern materialist thought was born in the West because of the French Revolution.

It was originally rejecting the influence of the Church; esentially the Catholic Church. And this reject was going together with the reject of the Nobility's privileges that was controlling all the powers, including the religious power.

From there, it was the first time in the world history -with only a few exception- that the middle-class traders took the pre-eminence over the nobility's heritage, of which it copied the behaviours (in a servile way): the word snobbery comes from the Latin idiom "sin nobile", which means deprived of nobility.

This middle-class well-known excesses (especially concerning the inhuman work conditions imposed to the common people) generated reactions, particularly of a great thinker: Karl Marx, who believed that he found the solution; he founded the "Proletariat Dictatorship" by "abolishing the reign of the money". Boyards' Russia and their slaves offered to this new philosophy an ideal field of experience.

This experience that everybody knows lasted about 70 years, and ended in 1989 in the circumstances that everybody knows too. In Europe, the communist and socialist powers imposed serious limits to the power of the middle-class traders.

Moreover, on some territories of old Europe, these middle-class "bourgeois" constantly came up against the humanism spirit of the Latin people, as well as the rebellion spirit of the "Gauls" from France, Italy or Spain; but in the Anglo-Saxon world -that besides, has never been able to get rid of its old primitive barbarian essence-, this middle-class of traders found a wide free scope: America and the other English colonies.

Especially America.

Freed of every constraint of the Old World, a whole class of middle-class traders exploited this "Eldorado", and was then followed by a huge mass of poor emigrants who were aiming to become rich too.

America, the land of "almost" unlimited freedom, gave birth to the philosophy of "the Profit for the profit". The expressions such as: "Time is money" (that describes very well the spirit of restlessness, only seeking for dollars), and "Business is business" that explicitly asserts that the quest for money is a justification in itself.

It's hard to be more cynical!

This movement gave birth to the top of the refinement in the art of making money: the "Demagogy". The Anglo-Saxons (who are puritans by tradition and hypocrisy) understood very quickly that if they could satisfy the men's vilest and animal needs, in the "name of freedom", they could make a lot of money. Hugues Heffner, *thanks to his little rabbits, became one of the wealthiest man, in a very harmless field: sex. (He is the man who founded the famous "Play Boy" magazine).

But there are more harmful fields: particularly the huge financial power of the big multinational companies -they can be Industrial, Financial or Agro-Alimentary companies- that without regards to the People and Life, buy the Countries and destroy the whole planet on every continent. Just have a look at what they are doing in South America!

America is blinded by its own power

This guy is fucking Boring !


Now, the multiple facets materialism is nothing else than a pseudo-philosophy created by the fake-ego, to justify its vilest aspirations. Amongst these facets are some religious currents that pretend that a life devoted to the religious faith would bring the material success, down here.

This is a diversion of the faith, exactly the same way than the atheism that denies the existence of God, of the Soul, of the reincarnation, and generally of anything else than the matter; because it allows you to think that you can satisfy your primitive desires with no limits.


Why is the materialistic logic wrong?

Painting by Sidmak

And even if you were going to another planet...

you would create the same problems, if you didn't change!


Everything is wrong in your way of thinking, that is only based on your nine big postulates fundamentally erroneous.

The materialistic thought's cogs are:

1) "Whatever exists can be seen"

No! Because it would lay down the principle that your senses -possibly assisted by tools that develop their acuteness, such as telescopes or microscopes- can observe everything: now, your senses are very limited. In fact we are nearly blind, and even with these helping tools we only can observe a tiny part of the Cosmos and the Matter. Moreover, at the stage of the illusory personal Conscience (only endowed with the physical senses) we are not able to see God, the Soul, the Conscience, and the Spiritual World.

2) "Only what exists can be seen"

No! This postulate is not founded: it is only a prejudice.

3) "So, what cannot be seen does not exist."

Believing that "what cannot be seen does not exist" is an unfounded idea: if we can't -obviously- demonstrate the existence of what we still do not know, we can't either demonstrate their inexistence. Before the Spanish people landed in America in 1492, nobody could demonstrate the existence of the American continent and so of the Inca, Aztec and Maya Civilizations... And the Europeans were even not suspecting that America was existing, including the famous Christopher Columbus who believed that he landed in India! Did all these facts prevent this continent and these people of existing? Surely not! And this postulate can easily lead to another mistake:

4) "Whatever can be seen is recognizable."

No. since postulating that: on the one hand only the Cosmos and the Matter exist, and on the other hand there would be no limit to the field of the scientific human knowledge (which is the fruit result of the ordinary and illusory personal Conscience), are two serious mistakes; because inferior consciences cannot experiment the knowledge coming from superior states of Conscience.

The only way to extend human knowledge is to access to superior states of Conscience, which means to extend the field of Conscience itself .

5) "I think, so I am"

The famous "Cogito ergo sum" by Descartes, is also a damn stupid nonsense (Sorry, My dear Descartes!). In fact, it's nonsense to explicitly assert that the consciousness to exist is the fruit of the thought. Conscience -that is Life in itself- exists independently from the cerebral thought: the latter is only a tool serving the Conscience, such as computer software.
(When I think about Descartes' part in the education of the youth, I find that it is pitiful!)

Painting by Siudmak


6) "The brain, being a body's organ, will die with the body. I cannot observe the conscience independently from the body. So the conscience, generated by the thought coming from the brain, will die with the body."

No! Asserting that the death of the brain leads to the death of the Conscience, boils down to say that shutting down a computer would generate the death of the user! Thought and Conscience are two things totally different: and mixing them up is a dramatic source of ignorance and mistakes.

7) "There is not enough of 'everything' for everybody"

Wrong! Paranoia of the scarcity is rooted in the Western mentality. Westerners (especially Europeans) still have a deep memory of the dark period of the famines in the Middle-Age, and most recently of the food restrictions during World War II.
This paranoia is also the consequence of the "Sons of Cain's Civilization": in other words your civilization. This civilization is based on two huge mistakes: the cities with no demographic control, and the intensive exploitation of the environment with no respect of Life.
In fact, more you fidget to not be short of anything and more you create the scarcity. Your planet is abounding in prodigious natural richness for all kinds of things necessary to the humanity. For example, you can establish the decrease in fishes everywhere; and you think that you will solve the problem by creating aquaculture ponds: because you think that "fishing is primitive" and that "breeding is modern". Modern? Lick my arse!

You have the most wonderful natural aquaculture pond! Because it doesn't need any investment, no expenses to feed the fishes, no work and no sanitary cares: this wonderful thing is the worldwide Ocean. And it's becoming poorer, day after day, because you are doing everything to destroy it. Most certainly with your pollution, but above all with your methods of fishing: with factory-boats that use 30-km long fishing nets, destroying the marine flora and also destroying the zone of breeding of the marine fauna; you also use floating nets drifting on several tens -or hundreds- of kilometers. These deadly non-selective traps generate a huge waste and destroy the Oceans' "capital"

8) "I have to fight if I want to win"

This mistake is so deeply rooted in all the minds today that it's extremely difficult to convince anybody that this idea is totally wrong. Being able to win without fighting, and that fighting does not necessary make you win, is a truth hardly believable but essential for those who wish to progress.

The will to win, fundamentally implies the fear to lose.

And the fear (in itself) is the main cause of failure. Strongly stretching your wish to reach a goal (with the stress to lose), boils down to activate invisible negative forces that take the wish away from the goal. The most this negative energy will be strong, the less you will have chances to reach your goal. And even if you reach it, the activated negative energy will continue its work until the "gain" is lost.

This is the reason why any things obtained by pure force or selfish ambition will be lost, on account of the pure force or the others' ambitions. And there is no possible exception: Napoleon I, Bokassa, Hitler or Polh-Pot, etc... And it's the same process for sport or "business": for Mike Tyson crushed by Hollifield in 1997, for some spectacular businessmen's bankrupts, or for anybody who doesn't understand this law.

The Heaven's law is to humble the proud people.

The Nature erodes the mountains and fills the valleys.

The true and durable victory only can be obtained by an action

detached of any personal ambition or fear.

It took me a long time to understand these facts, and even longer to succeed in applying them. I am, of course, talking about the interior (and not the exterior) attitude: in war, if I don't kill I will get killed. It is obvious! But the one who has the biggest chances to come back alive is the one who applies the rules above.

All these cults (the cult of personality - the cult of the "Winner" - the cult of "Wish" - the cult of pure force - the cult of power - and the cult of relentless competition) that are present in all the minds today, are scourges for the Humanity. The power to win -whoever or whatever- must only come from Faith, and its obvious corollaries: no fear and no doubt. And if you want to succeed, your personal wish must be oriented for the others and for the collective good too.

9) "It's by diminishing the others that I will grow"

This mistake comes, one more time, from ignorance, fear, lack of self-confidence and lack of trust in God. The real growth comes when, following a just action, we share the profit with the others.
Prosperity is collective: so that when you diminish the others you also diminish yourself; but when you make the others grow, you also grow yourself.

Moreover, we believe that we are the authors of our behaviours; whereas our behaviours only come from the game of the natural and spiritual energy inside ourselves. We are only channels where energy pass through. And If we "turn the tap" off at the end, we also turn it off at the source. That's why generosity (associated with courage, patience and fidelity) is a cardinal virtue.


Why is the materialist logic negative?

The Fall: Painting by Siudmak

You must keep in mind that: behind pretence of conqueror, the materialist thought is in fact based on FEAR. Fear to be short of money; fear to lose your job; fear to lose your wealth; fear to be unable to pay back your debts; fear to be defeated by the others; fear to be mugged by the others; fear to be robbed; fear to be humiliated; fear to lose your power; fear to lose your wife/husband; fear to lose your children; fear to be sick; and above all: fear to be old and to die.

And the fight against these fears lead you to: stress; irritability; anxiety; neurosis; paranoia; fanaticism; obsession of the body; illness; cupidity; rejection of the others' differences; criticism; intolerance. This can also lead you to madness, murder and death.

These erroneous behaviours make you commit faults that are impossible to correct if: you don't change your vision and you do not accept the Truth that is of a Spiritual Nature. This is the reason why your "civilization" is unable to truly manage, foresee and evolve.

This helplessness, combined to the increasing exacerbation of the material desires, leads to the permanent violation of the Laws of the World: and this will be the cause of your destruction if you do not change.

The men's destiny that fell in the trap of this ignorance, disguised in "wisdom" (result of its own ego), is simply pitiful: the contemporary human's life is and will only be a sequence of long fights, fears, frustrations, anxieties and psychosomatic illness because of the constant shock of his fake-ego with the others' illusory egos. And the tiny "reward" that the contemporary human gets, after so many efforts and fights, is anyway lost by advance.

He will lose his money by bankruptcy, taxes or robbery; His wife (if he still has enough energy to fuck with her) will be unfaithful to him and leave him for a younger or richer "rooster"; He will lose his friends (if he ever could find any), and his own children will forget him.

If ever (by a rare chance), he could keep all these people and things until the end of his life, in any case he will have to painfully part with them the day of his death (and even after death). Indeed, all the faults this person accumulated during his/her life will lead him/her to endure terrible anxieties in the "Bardo" -after death- that may bring him to a reincarnation with extremely bad material conditions (and that will also seriously handicap his later spiritual evolution chances). This "slope to hell" in successive stages, will last as long as this person will not become conscious of his/her own mistakes and correct them.

And that's also why we do not have to distress ourselves with some financial or love losses: these losses are Heaven's blessing. It's a blessing because most of the wealthy people think that they succeed only because of themselves, forget the Mother-SOURCE, and have a tendency to highly develop their attachment and fake-ego. So, let's fairly accept our losses, with gratitude and stoicism like "Job" in the Bible! Let's accept money for what it is truly: a simple energy; but do not be attached to it. Let's accept our belongings and our pleasures for what they really are: transitory rewards; but do not be attached to them. We must always keep in mind their short-lived nature, and so illusory.






Never forget the true Meaning Of Life that is to come back to our Mother-Source.

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VI - Towards a just Meaning of Life

If the faith in Religion comes back at the 21st century, this will only be through a "new" Religion.

I put the word "new" into brackets because it will be a return to values of the Truth, that are Eternal; as well as I used the word "religion" because this concept must not become a Church.




The cause of human behaviours, bad or erroneous, is particularly interesting to analyze; and this analyze is quite easy to do. I will try to be clear with you, who have to and must understand the root of these universal human difficulties to get along with life:
The unique cause of the pain we inflict to ourselves,

and that we also inflict to the others,

everywhere in the universe, is

the Illusory Ego

or the erroneous faith in the existence of a personal "I" -permanent or not,

This illusion is based itself on a fake perception of the Matter.


In fact, when the spirit incarnates a body, the senses contact with the material object of these senses; or, these imperfect senses can't neither inform you of what you really are, nor of what is the final Essence of the Universe and the Man;

as a result, your vision is essentially subjective, interior, and disconnected from the Reality.

The American Indians call this world: "the world of darkness"; which means that this world really exists, but only as a reflection of the Real world (or enlightened world) that is the Source of everything.

The universal belief in the existence of the matter -at the common sense of the term-, results in this sensorial deficiency that generates an illusion: because matter is only a subjective aspect of a Unique reality that has 3 aspects:

Conscience, Life, and Energy, of which the material universe is only a temporary and cyclic emanation.


The "Matter" at the common sense does not exist!


In fact, the universe is a fractal and multi-dimensional hologram.



interactive with our conscience.


Ego does not exist either,

it's an illusion, just as the matter is. 

The incarnated spirit that you are, -wrongly- identifies itself to the body it is living in and to this body's possessions.

Identifying yourself to this body and being attached to the sensorial pleasures that you can get with it, especially with all its possessions, give birth to the desire to possess what you do not have (which generates frustration, envy and anger) and to the fear to lose what you possess (which generates the fear of the others, sexual jealousy, and existential anxiety).

These desire and fear are so strong that the ego lives in the erroneous belief that it can get what it wants only if it takes it to the others; and the men today -remote from nature- seek for this under a unique form: money. This "value" becomes an obsession and a philosophic conviction (because it has no counterbalance), which is the materialist thought previously explained.

Whereas it is the opposite: because Nature and Heaven provide all the necessary needs to all the creatures,
and that the decrease of the ones generates the decrease of the others; and reciprocally for the increase.

When ignorance -based on this wrong vision- does not fear to be punished in this world (and it only believes in this illusion), it thinks that any means can be justified to achieve its goal.

Nevertheless, everything that the ego is attached to will disappear soon or later: your house can burn, the woman (or the man) that you love can leave you, your company can bankrupt, etc... And one way or another, your body will grow old, and one day death will make you part with all these things. So, you should better adopt a just meaning life that is:


Carpe Diem or live the present time. And what does that practically mean?


One day, somebody asked to a man that knew how to meditate

how he was doing to be so much thoughtful,

in spite of all his activities.

The man answered:

When I get up, I am getting up.

When I walk, I am walking.

When I sit down, I am sitting down.

When I eat, I am eating.

When I talk, I am talking.

People interrupted him and asked him:

"We exactly do the same as you do; what else do you do?"


When I get up, I am getting up.

When I walk, I am walking.

When I sit down, I am sitting down.

When I eat, I am eating.

When I talk, I am talking.

And people told him one more time

"It's what we also do!"

No, he answered them.

When you sit, you are already standing up.

When you stand up, you are already running.

And when you run, you think that you have already reached your goal...


If you don't do this, this erroneous concept will be source of pain for you as well as for every being; because: the frustration to not obtain all the things that we desire, the loss of what we like, and the separation the thing we are attached to, are unavoidable for all.

In fact, the physical body and the illusory personal "I" will:

the body will be dissociated in its constitutive elements that are durable in the universe

the personal "I" will be definitely abandoned because of the loss of its object of identification: the body.

And it remains that the Spirit (that is nothing else than a partial manifestation of Conscience - Life - Energy, in its visible aspect) that used to animate this body, and which is -in fact- indirectly the "creator" of this body, and that is nothing else than us, will re-embody another one and bring with it (in its new physical existence) its own concept of life, such as the wind blows off the scents.

It's my own conviction, because I perfectly remember the transitory period before my incarnation in the present body, and I partially remember some event of my previous life (but I don't have any memory of the period inside my mother's womb). This is the reason why you don't have to worry for yourselves!

I would like to add that if the humans never met any problem, they would never be on the mend concerning their previous faults: because humans appropriate themselves the merit of their success. This is wrong: when we believe that we are behaving, it's only the material nature that expresses itself through ourselves. We are just living inside biological robots that have a certain autonomy; and nothing else.


Knowing it is not enough... You need to put it into practice!

The 3 fundamental mistakes to avoid are: 

Wanting to arbitrarily control our own destiny:

it is vain, because the ego does not have this faculty; and also because the Heaven spontaneously brings us the experiences and the encounters that suit us (but that we cannot see), only if we don't have personal intentions.

Not being attentive to the others:

because if the ego is only focused on itself, it will harm the others' egos; and as a result prevent the interchanges between souls, which is the main source of evolution.

Not living according to our own nature:

because the ego -wrongly- believes that it has to be in accordance with the social and religious influences. Consequently, it prevents us from our own specific way. And this is the wrong way because every being is wonderfully equipped by the nature to live according to its function: it can neither find happiness nor find its own balance if it does not live according to its particular function. Even if its own nature is considered as immoral or antisocial by the environment's corresponding norms.
Such is the Natural order of the things and of the world.

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VII - Towards Just Values

We explained since the beginning in what consist our civilization's the fundamental mistakes, and the dangers resulting from these mistakes. We also preached the spiritual positive values.
Now, it's not useless to recapitulate them into a simple synthesis.
A Unique Reality of which the Essence is a purely spiritual and eternal nature, previous to everything -present in everything - different from everything; This is what you call: God, Great Mysterious Power, Wakan-Tanka, Brahman, Krishna, Tao, or other thousand names.

Creation is the sacrifice -the act of Love- by which this "One", passes from the Non-manifested state to the Manifested state; and from Unity to Duality.

The passing to the manifested state is the act where Its superior energy (the "Conscience-Life-Energy) generates the Matter, that is Its inferior energy. This is the duality.


This "Conscience-Life-Energy" controls the continuous process of the Universe creation and evolution, and that will also lead to its solution.

This is " God in action ": " Ate " for the Sioux, the triad " Vishnu - Brahma - Civa " for the Hindus.

It is in the same time: the Creator, the One that feeds-maintain, and the One that destroys.

The "Conscience-Life-Energy" in its individual aspect, makes the matter evolve and creates organic forms of life in perpetual evolution. It is the individual "I", the "Paramahatma" of the Hindus (the Christian's soul is a quite different concept).

So, Conscience, Life, Energy, and Matter are four aspects of the Vital Essence or Tao.

The Universe and we are IT. Nevertheless, it also remains beyond its manifestation: of the Universe and of us.

The Matter, as well as the Cosmos, are created by IT to give a field of action and evolution to the Individual Conscience.

The aim of Individual Conscience's this evolution is to reach the Absolute Conscience: that is to be back to IT, and so a return to the Reality of spiritual Essence and to the spiritual Universe.

By the act of Creation, this Mother-Source multiplies Itself while remaining beyond this finality.

We are this Individual Conscience, and so we are eternal.

The "ordinary illusory personal Conscience", is just a stage of the Individual Conscience's evolution, that are necessary by the laws of the organic survival.

At this stage, when our senses are in contact with the matter, appears the distinction between the "I" and the "not-I" and the identification to the body and its attachments and possessions: the fake-ego.

Desires and fears come from the fake-ego, and are the causes of the endless individual pains for every living being.

The fake-ego's attachments come from the materialist thought and the mistake of organization of the society resulting of this wrong thought.

The mistakes the society'sorganization come from the collective dangers and the suffering.

Today, collective suffering and dangers resulting in these mistakes have reached so huge scale and seriousness that they threaten the humanity's survival at short-term.

To efficiently remedy these dangers, we must give up the materialist thought and start to behave harmoniously with a just sense of life, in accordance with IT.


In the Garden.: Thai ceramic
in the garden...


To acquire a just sense of life and favour the evolution of our Individual Conscience, we have to fully understand the illusory nature of the fake-ego: if we understand this, we will easily be able to understand the erroneous character of the material thought.

This aim can be reached if we are able to dominate our fears and if we get rid of the desires.

Getting rid of desires and fears implies giving up: pride, avarice and will of power.

Getting rid of desire and fear is possible and easy: only if we let live inside ourselves the "Conscience-Life-Energy", in spite of aiming to live for ourselves and to control everything by ourselves -which means by our fake-ego.

To let the Divine Conscience live in us, we just need to be confident and to give way to IT.
This implies above all to overcome fear: "courage is the visible side of wisdom."

Except that, no particular effort is necessary.

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