Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter III - Humor

III-01: "Som-nana", an anti-brainwashing magic elixir.

III-02: Support our candidate at US & others presidential elections.

Part 1: " Som Nam Na "

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

"To teach superstitions and lies as the truth is the most gruesome thing" Hypatia
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Let's drink the magic elixir to scrub the brains: !


A question aimed at the psycho-bio-technico-medico/scientists :
How is it that you keep telling us that human size, physical and mental health is rising, while the picture below is the shining evidence of the opposite:

In Thai language, the word for "funny" or "comic" is "Ta lok". Thais even have a stronger idiom to express a dumb and/or funny situation/person - with no equivalent in English language- : "Som Nam Na", which can be explained this way: "so stupid that funny to death", which is the top of the comic characterized by the absurd! In less polite terms: "it's well done for him because he's so dumb that he can't stand it anymore !"

Here are some examples that Thai people would cheerfully consider as "Som Nam Na" situations:

"Mr. Green" jumps in the water to avoid getting wet by the rain: "Som Nam Na" !

A man commits suicide because of a money loss, while he's still rich: "Som Nam Na" !

If you have everything you need to be happy and you waste your life with useless thoughts that prevent you to take advantage of it: "Som Nam Na" !

etc... etc...

Our topical "civilization" deserves a lot of "Som Nam Na" !

Thanks to Author Unknown

And we can play indefinitely with "Som Nam Na":
In 1950 there were only 2.5 billion of humans on Earth; Today (2003) there are 6 billion, of whom 1,2 billion living in developed countries and 4,8 billion living in poor or developping coutries. We all know from now on –because of pollution and limited natural resources- that the standard occidental lifestyle can not be applied to the actual human population, that is 6 billion people. As a result, it is necessary to decrease the overpopulation : which is henceforth easy with birth control (contraception)... And finally we will be 8 billion in 2020!

"Som Nam Na!"

The agricultural productivity has never been this high, but -while we are feeding our mad cows with meat and cereals- more than a billion of people are underfed, and millions starving to death... For what? Just to allow us to suicide ourselves, eating hamburgers infected with Prion!

"Som Nam Na!"

We know - and all studies prove it - that biosphere has already reached its limits: the Ozone Layer's Hole is increasingly getting larger, Climate is getting Hotter, Fresh Water is soon going to be Missing: and this is our Own Fault; a Hemorrhage that We Should Stop Urgently and favor soft alternatives... but Nothing is done ! We are just rushing and sinking more and more!

"Som Nam Na!"

17 million hectares of tropical forests are annually destroyed, which is the equivalent of the third of the French territory. And despite all warnings, devastation is going on... In 2020, the Earth's most diversified natural environment will be gone, and for ever. Virgin tropical forests only cover 2% of the Earth, however they shelter more than 70% of the animal and vegetal terrestrial species. And many of the hundred tribes living in these forests -and who are the guardians of unique ancestral rites, are now seriously threatened of extinction. If such a process of destruction continues, the extinction rate is: a hundred species per day, and at least for the next 20 years. This rate is one thousand times higher than the natural process prevailing since the Prehistory. More than 25% of prescribed medicine in the U.S.A. are made from plants of tropical forests. And we keep cutting, cutting, cutting...!

"Som Nam Na!"

The philosopher Alan watts said: "The discovery of our total interlocking with nature has a such impact that the understanding of the relation core holds an essential importance, that would involve to understand nature from inside". "The conscience of an indissoluble solidarity between man and nature can be oppressive to some people. And it may seem humiliating to a civilization where human has always been considered as the jewel of the creation and its "master and possessor". Yet, the western world professes a philosophy oriented towards the future, while its attitude is the opposite of that ideal. The western world hardly looks further than tomorrow, since it exploits land resources (and alters environment) with a very fragmentary knowledge of the relation network, which is thus disordered." :

"Som Nam Na!"

wActual condition of Spaceship Earth, which was delivered in perfect condition at the beginning. It's only half way and already smokes on all sides. Hey! What's the pilot's brain for? Isn't this guy supposed to be the most intelligent being created by the natural living evolution of the planet? The fast growth of human population, the extended poverty and the ignorance of the ecological principles that are causing the destruction of the rainy tropical forest, will surely to the extinction of something equivalent to a quarter of the biological diversity of the planet -before our grandchildren have the chance to know it." Peter Raven, botanist.

"Som Nam Na!"

"Echelon" is a network able to spy any telecommunications over the world (phone calls, faxes, Internet messages...). It was created by the United States during the Cold War to intercept military or diplomatic transmissions.

NSA (National Security Agency), the agency responsible for this program, employs 38 000 people in the state of Virginia who intercept tons of information via dozens of Super Cray computers. Information is decoded, then filtrated with efficient keyword dictionaries. Supervisors from Secret Services select interesting messages and send them to the American Government. Finally, the information are sent to American or foreign special services and also some firms.

According to NSA, this network has for sole mission to protect American communications. But today, it is suspected of industrial spying; As for our private conversations, which can also be intercepted. Anyway, this system did not prevent September 11 attacks!

"Som Nam Na!"
Eat meat !
Industrial Breeding: the GOAL n°1 is: PROFITABILITY, with no regard to what happens to animals, environment, or to the consumers' health to whom they make believe that industrial system is THE vector for human happiness (lower price and flawless quality) and also animals well being (pseudo labels).

Now, here is what's really going on:

* OVERCROWDING: in order to save up space, they make live as much animals as possible in a minimal place (about the surface of their body) inside closed buildings where the most derisory movements and the most natural instincts (motherhood) are nearly impossible or suicidal.

* RATIONING: food creates important costs. Thus procreant animals are rationed, and those designated to the slaughterhouse are fed with industrial food that make them grow fat quickly, at a low cost. For the same goal, they castrate males (without anesthesia) and they immobilized animals: then they spend less calories. The deep darkness in which they live reduce even more their moves, but not their needs, nor their deep boredom.

* MEDICINES: overcrowding, boredom and stress provoke diseases and so a large consumption of medicines: which is occasional to treat diseases, but also constant to help weight rising (antibiotics, hormones) and compensate stress (anxiolytics).

* In Europe, 70% of antibiotics on the market are given to industrial animals! Traces and residues of all these products, authorized or not, have real consequences on public health (resistance to antibiotics daily taken in small quantities in meat). It's the same thing for hormones, beta-agonists and other growth promoters... Thus the government returns social security costs, which are finally higher than the pseudo-saving of the industrial breeding, neglecting by the same token the priority that should be given to public health : "Som Nam Na" !


The "Big Brains", who are in charge of a planet named Earth, have decided to lobotomize this it, by eradicating themselves... on account of the "New Human" genetically modified that they are trying to create... by themselves: he is already called 'Kreutfeld'...

Som Nam Na!
If we consider the car that can work without fuel, or even the water engine, these inventions seem to be a real myth...
But it does already exist! and is manufactured in small chains, in France!
TV5, the French-speaking TV channel, made a report concerning the former director of Matra who has developed an engine working with compressed air, therefore totaly non-pollutant since the engine only rejects more than air . Visit his website

The gas tank is replaced by 4 bottles of compressed air -under the voiture, and can be reloaded at the same gas stations with an air compressor: that's Great, isn't it?

At the moment, an average of 6 of these kind of vehicles are produced daily. There is, at the moment, only one single model available which looks a little bit like a Ford Aspire. These cars have the same performances than tradional cars.

This director does not really aims to sell cars, but essentially wants to sell factories (on-the-road price) to produce these new kind of vehicles.

There is almost no progress since two years and only a very few people know about it : anyway nobody dare to help this fellow!


You! let's do it! Let's Drive This Car!

Apparently the MOW (Masters Of the World) prefer to pollute the atmosphere! They have maybe already planned to sell us air, so we can breathe?

And them, what are they going to breathe?

"Extremely Som Nam Na"!

To fight against this state of decay, let's support :

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