Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter III - Humor

III-01: "Som-nana", an anti-brainwashing magic elixir.

III-02: Support our candidate at US & others presidential elections.

Part 2: " support our candidate "

"To teach bullshit, superstitions, and lies as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Presidential Elections of the USA

France and/or all countries where democracy is nothing more than an illusion.

A call for support to our permanent candidate of IIIth millennium :


Paul Som NANA




S.O.H (Salvation-of-Humans): why a Paul Som Nana's candidacy ?
Support Committee : "we are wanting you to vote. Do not let other people decide for you !"


S.O.H: How is he a truly new candidate ?

SC: " I've met a Man... a real one ! "


S.O.H: ah ! and why is this man so different from the others ?

SC: "he has been interested in human condition."
S.O.H: Mmmm... I see, I see. How can he be pleasant to the electors ?
SC: "oh, he has got every qualities to be elected, because he's :








Member of the governing Sect.

Active supporter of Papacy, Zionism and Islam."


S.O.H: hummm... Indeed, facts are on your side, electors like this kind of qualifications, but this seems to me insufficient as a program, why would his one be really different from the other politicians' ones?

SC: " everything in his program is different :
he's for active environmentalism respecting ultra-liberalism.

he's for resources sharing, without decrease rich people one's.

he's for decentralization, without decrease State's powers.

he's for returning to a healthy and human life, without stopping the "always more growth, and pollution" because consumption must be stimulated.

he's for consuming more and more... because we can buy happiness by purchasing objects, products and and a big car."


S.O.H: re-hummm.... it's all the same, where is his real difference ?

I don't know... Paul Som Nana would he bring us a new hope ?

SC: "certainly ! I call him Gandhi 3 (because Gandhi 2 is already taken) he's an Enlightened full of Wisdom that had the privilege of being contacted by telepathy by the Alderaban Federation, that will come back to save pure souls in december of...hummm. Well I forgot the year, but I'm sure of it. (please excuse this memory gap) Moreover, he isn't asking your money to build an embassy: he's going to do it with his own means because he's already rich, so no need to grow him fatter.

What a wonderful man ! "


S.O.H: in that case, he's going to have a huge success with new age people for sure !
Paul Som Nana has he already official supports ?

SC: " Yes ! but hidden, indeed the last sponsoring display at the french constitutional council gave him:

Charles Basqua 666

J. Cheminée 333

Nicolas Muguet 222

Pierre Rabbin 184

Brice Laronde 164

Antoine Paechter 152

Pierre Larrourourou 34

Jean-Christophe Parigot 16

Jean-Marie Montagne 8

Claude Levenzonne 8

Blaize Hersent-Lechâtreuse 7

Pierre Badouillie 1

Christian Blanche 1

Sophie Delabrosse 1

Jean-Claude Gallandar 1

Maygodforgivehim 1

Marc Justinien 1

Paul Som Nana 0 "


S.O.H: hummm... not brilliant !

Paul Som Nana can he nevertheless be elected ?

SC: "Yes of course ! You just have to cross out one candidate's name on any ballot of any election, writing instead : Paul Som Nana.

The States: Federal american, french, or whatever they may be, if they are overwhelmed by Paul Som Nana votes, will not be able to ignore this large scale social phenomenon proving electors indignation to their encounter and will have then to change their policy,


S.O.H: Indeed, under this angle, this funny approach seems totally reasonable, and logic: for a blind democracy, a one-eyed candidate should be enough.

Let's vote Paul Som Nana !


 End of the interview

Webmaster's comment :
The trust and the esteem of an international group of friends of this site, have determined these ones to choose Paul Somme Nana as a candidate of the future US presidential elections first, then asked & websites, to create an expression area on for his permanent call to conscience insurrection, and - with this goal - suggested to give him this page, which is done gladly.
Of course, doesn't guarantee at all his Support Committee, as it's the case for every interview and other people quotations.
Besides, webmaster's texts don't have this lack of originality that characterizes political speeches ?

w wwa new party ?w Of course man !

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