Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter V - E.Ts & Others Dimensions

V-01: E.Ts, UFOs and lies, the conspiracy is not that you think.

V-02: Golden Age and our imagination.

V-03: Man's place in the Universe, understand what is the Consciousness-Life-Energy.

Part 2 : Golden Age and our imagination

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Liberate your spirit by the power of the imaginary...

Reminder of our turbulent History.

The times of the cosmic origins.

Did the Golden Age has really existed ?

Can we imagine this Golden Age ?

The Mystery of a altogether different "technology".

The backwash's sweet noise of our shores has not always been covered with the deafening noise of the speedboats, neither our beaches strewn with junk, neither the whales and dolphins killed by the micro-waves produced by the humans.


Reminder of our turbulent History.

Long before humanity had itself created millions of anxieties

that it flees, or thinks it has to face ...


w Long before the start of its titanic fight, futile and proud, against the whole Universe ...


w Long before it created War and Genocide ...


w Long before it was seduced by the slavery that offered to them the reptilian gods of Sumer that usurped the title of "God", before it worshiped them and built them sepulcher-towns and unhealthy temples...


w Long before it was offered to them as food, by its fake masters ...


Long before it discovered the secrets of iron and steel ...


w Far beyond the time - difficult, but oh so much free ! - of the hunters that preceded the damned age of iron metallurgy ...


w Even beyond the mythical time where men had to fight the Giants Race that still haunted the Earth ...


w Long long before all that, then, in a so much far away past that it has forgotten it, there was a blessed time where the civilization was not a prison for its soul, and a tear for its heart ... 


It was the sacred time of our origins, the one where nature was still clean of all sacrificial blood ...



Let me tell you a vision of the past.


The Time of the Cosmic Origins.

According to Sheldon Nidle and my feelings and estimations.

Long after World's Creation,

only 26 millions of years ago.

Dinoïds, from the Bellatrix system in Orion constellation, and

Reptoïds, from one of the stars of the Sagittarius constellation...

wArrived and inhabited on the Earth.

These Reptoïds and Dinoïds allowed a mammal species to evolve up to the intelligence of self-consciousness. These mammals were called pre-cetaceans. The pre-cetaceens met the needs in food of each 3 colonies in exchange for technology, that would later improve their productivity.

These 3 civilizations- trading with each other - coexisted in harmony for 8 million years, and each developed advanced forms of space-time travel. The pre-cetaceans developed in a particular intensive way their spiritual and mental abilities.

10 million years ago, the Schism.

The Dinoïd/Reptoïd alliance (from Bellatrix) started to cease the cooperation with the pre-cetaceans, because they thought they were superior beings that thus had to command all other beings, this undoubtedly under the influence of the original Dinoïd/Reptoïd Alliance from the Bellatrix system.

During the 10.000 last years, of this period, the Dinoïd/Reptoïd decided to destroy the whole pre-cetacean race by numerous tactics of psychotronic war, but the pre-cetaceans had a premonition of this aggression thanks to their high mental powers and realized the threat henceforth represented by the Dinoïd/Reptoïd civilizations.

8 million years ago, the first cosmic conflict and the human's origin.

The pre-cetaceans decided a preventive counter attack action : the implosion of their nuclear fusion reactors located on the Ural mountains, the spiritual hierarchy having given to them the permission to act this way.
The pre-cetaceans divided in 2 groups : the first group evacuated our solar system and escaped to Pegasus and Ceti constellations, and the other group started to physically change so that they could enter the oceans and thus find a refuge there. This transformation process happened during 4 million years and these pre-cetaceans have thus become today's cetaceans (dolphins and whales).

The pre-cetaceans then triggered the implosion of their fusion reactors, and had because of this destroyed 98% of the Dinoïd/Reptoïd civilizations ; the remaining 2% escaped on planet Maldek, a planet of our solar system.

The Dinoïd/Reptoïd civilization henceforth not present on Earth, the spiritual hierarchies of earth and the cetaceans had to find an appropriate guardian for the earth. They searched for him in the galaxy at a distance of about 80 light-years from the sun.

After 2 or 3 million of years of research in the galaxy, they found a primitive species of aquatic origin, that had emerged from oceans on the fourth planet of Vega system. This species had a language, myths about the creation, and a hunter-gatherer culture.

The spiritual hierarchies of the Vega system were then asked if they would allow this particular species to be genetically changed in order to accelerate its evolution so that it could become a "guardian species". The spiritual hierarchies of Vega accepted.

Thus is the origin of the first humans in the Vega system. Their technology improved very quickly, and as soon as they had developed the interstellar travel technology, the human race started to emigrate in neighbor star systems during a period of 2.5 million of years.

4 million years ago, Galactic Federation's creation.

The Galactic Federation was created and Sirius B was colonized.

Here the heart of our Galaxy credit N.A.S.A

It was then that Earth had been chosen for a human implantation,

and this is why our eyes still look towards Sirius where our brothers are.

2 million years ago, the first human colonies of the solar system.

The planets Mars and Venus are colonized and the Hyperborean colony was founded on Earth.

1 million years ago, the second cosmic conflict.

The Dinoïd/Reptoïd civilizations that - meanwhile - had stored up their forces on planet Maldek, launched then a massive attack on our solar system and also on neighbor systems. The human colonies on Earth, Mars and Venus were completely destroyed. The Dinoïd/Reptoïd took again the control over the system for a period of 80.000 years.

In response to this the Galactic Federation planned a counter attack to reintroduce humans in our system. It built war planet 4 times bigger than the earth that entered in the solar system and entirely destroyed the planet Maldek that was the stronghold of the Dinoïds/Reptoïds. The rests of this planet are what we can now see as the asteroid belt.
900 000 years ago, the second human colonization of the Earth.

A human colony was again created on earth and was named Lemuria from the name of the continent MU.

During the next 850.000 years, the Lemurians stretched over the whole earth.

500 000 years ago, Mu's apogee

The Lemurians then created daughter colonies. The main ones were : Atlantis, Yu - that is now central China and Tibet - and also the one of Libya/Egypt.

100 000 years ago, Mu colonies' autonomy.

The Atlantis, Yu and Libya/Egypt colonies were declared autonomous, but vassal empires.

Like all developed empires, Atlantis started to acquire a feeling of its culture uniqueness that leaded it to a separation desire. After some time, Atlantis estimated that they should become the Mother Empire, and started to have the strong desire to destroy Lemuria in order to win the full powers.

Atlantis then started to create alliances with the Pleiadiens and Alpha Centauriens (who had hierarchical government systems) renegades, in order to develop even more their technologies.

25 000 years ago, Atlantis treachery and Mu's destruction.

After having waited patiently many years the right moment to destroy the empire of Lemuria, Atlantis decided to attack with the help of their their renegade allies.

They made this by taking earth's second moon (earth used to have 2 moons) out of its orbit, with force fields, to a position as close as possible of the empire of Lemuria, and then destroyed it by thus creating a disastrous meteorite rain.

This one partially destroyed Lemuria, but this had also created huge pressures on tectonic plates that resulted in the implosion of the gas chambers under Lemuria, thus engulfing the major part of the continent.

However, the empire of Yu didn't give in to Atlantis, as well as the empire of Libya/Egypt, that were thus forced to literally hide underground. Today, they form what is known under the name of Agartha Kingdom or Shamballah.

Atlantis organized itself in 10 districts, each one with its own king. These kings formed together the council governing Atlantis.

From 25 000 to 15 000 years ago, the power of Atlantis.

The council governing Atlantis decided that it was essential to establish a new form of government in which a reigning class would be supported in its claims, its rights, and its power by a God-Force. The autocracy was thus born, claiming full powers, and imposing a period of peace and stability.

They then started to carry out genetic experiments on the DNA of the people in order to make them more easily controllable. This resulted in a drastic decrease of the consciousness level and human life. Psychic and spiritual abilities also tragically decreased.

From 15 000 to 10 000 years ago.

Atlantis destruction and the biblical deluge.

During all these years, there were a lot of wars between the different empires because of the movements of the underground people that wanted to restore Lemuria's philosophy (without any hierarchy). These wars resulted in a massive destruction.

As a last resort the warring empires decided to attack the "crystal temples" of their enemies that were responsible for the maintaining of two iced water layers at about 15.000 - 23.000 feet altitude above ground (that protected people from harmful sun rays) to ensure a stable climate at any moment.

Unfortunately, the attacks were made simultaneously and caused the destruction of this water Firmament that thus poured millions of tons of water on the earth, which is biblically known as the great flood of the Deluge that occurred about 6000 years ago.

The water Firmament fall had also consequences to the polar icecap and the numerous climatic changes we have still today.

After the Deluge, the establishment of the reptilian impostors' power.

Only about 2 million people survived to the flood (out of 65 million). Unfortunately most of the survivors were mutant humans (those that were genetically created in an inferior state of consciousness by Atlantis). In addition, the fact that the water firmament was not in place anymore resulted in other DNA modifications and a new consciousness fall, that fell even lower.


Some renegades from various origins (Pleiads, Alpha and Beta Centauri) came in different places on earth after the Deluge, seeing that as an opportunity to establish there their authority and their own ideologies. They were thus considered as gods, and venerated as such, by the mutant humans that were easily commanded by these renegades.

The Kalahari Bushmen have represented these creatures

of a naive way in their cave paintings.

Would they be the Elohim from the Bible ?

No form of disobedience to these new "gods" was allowed, and it's since that time that the concept of "Divine Right Reign" has been inculcated on earth. It's the foundation itself of the occidental religions and the principle of worship an elite, that has kept up to the modern times, and is trying currently to reestablish itself in its fullness.

This principle gave birth to the religion wars and to the cultures' opposition against eachother, each one claiming that the elite it woships itself is superior to the elite of the opposite faction.

They are the same "gods" that are currently trying to impose the New World Order, and make us believe that they are our creators.

We are now at the end of this 10.000 years of semi-conscience period, these fake gods will be chased away, and we are going to earn the full conscience that we deserve.

Note :

Claude Tracks wrote:

"If the ETs turn up with great pomp on CNN, do not forget to keep your critical judgement and do not let yourself dazzlewith their «uncommon powers». And this, of course, may they be gray, green or pink. WHAT COUNTS, is to determine if these beings really want you to reach independance, autonomy, freedom and inner well-being." (In search of the Dolphin's Message).
I completely agree with that !

Did the Golden Age has really existed ?

This golden age of about one million years, has it really existed

elsewhere than in the vedic texts and other traditions ?

Admittedly, this story cannot be understood by the intellect ! and indeed, many statements here above seem eminently far-fetched or at least highly random, but can we still reasonably reject the Traditions of so many peoples ?

Can we still reasonably reject so many fossils, objects, mysterious monuments, which origin is inexplicable to us ?

I don't think so, because even if the vestiges are often tenuous (but sometimes very visible too) nevertheless they exist to the eyes of those who know how to see. We know that we can only date, but not always, stone work by often impossible deductions, but the risky explanations of the scientists to make all this enter in their current dogmas are yet even more impossible !

Who heard him-self the tradition of peoples, still intact, like the one that told me my ex-wife from the Meow tribe, according to whom we have come from the stars, sees everything with a different look.


Besides, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the temples of Malta island, the huge megaliths that can be seen over the whole earth, and henceforth recognized as being more than 10 or 12 000 years old, don't they show this immensely far away past ?

The archeological cyclopean underwater vestiges offshore of the Japanese island of Yonaguni, or those that have been filmed and photographed offshore of Bimini (and there is even the detection by sonar of a pyramid !), and Cuba, where at 2300 feet (700m) deep has been found a vast sunken city,

The megalithic constructions of the Pacific islands, or the recent discovery of a vast sunken continent as large as Australia recumbent effigy under the Indian ocean, thus confirming the dravidian tradition of the Komr continent, shouldn't they open our eyes ?

And there are still many mysteries to penetrate: such as what is under the paws of the Sphinx for instance, because a study made with a seismograph shows very clearly that there is a large underground cavity of 13x16 yards (12x15m), rectangular, and placed 16 foot (5m) deep, or even in the secret chamber -known by Herodotus- situated under the Kheops pyramid.

Or finally the case of Akalal that we will mention further in this page.


Can we imagine what was this Golden Age ?

The documents of this past having been destroyed, in particular due to fire of the great library of Alexandria in Egypt in 48/49 BC, and more precisely this history of the world in 3 volumes written by a Babylonian priest named Berossus, of which the first volume dealt with the interval, according to him, between the creation of man and the Deluge which means 432.000 years, or even by the book-fire of the mayan books, we can only try to see the invisible.

Let's do it !

A yet unexplored place, that might well be a vestige of these times has been discovered by chance, thanks to photos took by an image radar of the Columbia spaceship in November 1981. They would show irrefutable proofs of the existence of a yet unknown archeological site located in the middle of the desert south-west of Egypt, near Libya, between the 24° and 32° East and the 20° and 28° North, a city located on the tropic of Cancer (23°30’N).


Until then nothing extraordinary, but what's really interesting is that a young woman psychometric named Barbara had described this site as AKALAL, adding that a human group perfectly organized would have lived there -about 40.000 years ago- where is currently an arid desert, covered by several dozens feet of sand.

Here is what she describes :

"It wasn't yet a desert ! On that part of the globe, which we will later be given the exact location, where currently lies a vast desert of rocks and sand, there used to be a huge fertile land, covered with luxuriant vegetation in the middle of which winded watercourses. From the top of the cliffs, having become today rocky hills burned by the sun, used to fall numerous waterfalls.

People grouped, in what we could call villages whose houses, were spared of any superfluous furniture, with simple but very comfortable interiors and, next to each one's door, beehives. One or several active beehives and placed where we would now be used to see dog kennels!

Everywhere reigned the simple et natural peace impossible to understand with the state of mind of the XXI° century man. Everything in these villages radiated serenity, the harmonious and without problems life, as we can currently imagine them, resulting from a life in a community. "

On a specific question, Barbara mentioned several times insisting on the fact, that the inhabitants of the country of Akalal, as all those of the other peoples living as well at that time, were the descendants of older civilizations, prior and contemporary of Atlantis.

"They used equipment and products created with materials that we would neither be able to create, nor use anymore, in the present day.

They were made of raw materials that we wouldn't be able to transform anymore from what we have because, firstly, we have lost and forgot the techniques and, it's the most important, we do not have the same biological morphology anymore... and above all we lack of a mental and psychic structure that had these very far away ancestors, contemporary of those remote times.

If we would find a person from that time, the noticeable morphological differences would seem to us tiny, but in reality very important on the physical behavior, totally different due to the large gap separating our current psychic and mental abilities from those, differently developed, that had these men from the past...

And, fundamental consequence of these differences, an other factor intervenes in the behavior, the state of the mind, of the psyche and then of the activities of those times : from the cosmic point of view our Earth didn't receive the same ionizing influxes, the earthly magnetism and Earth's rotation direction weren't the same as now. "

Barbara added :

"Our planet wasn't the same. The gravity on Earth was then also different, all these phenomena that seem absurd currently, were caused by the fact that our whole Galaxy was crossing some‘Cosmic Zone’ that wasn't the one in which we are moving already since thousands of years. The quality of the air and of the atmosphere was mixed and ‘something’ vibrated differently in the air ! Therefore, if man was in appearance physically similar to what we are, with a few rare exceptions, but very important on his behavior, he didn't vibrated in the same score of frequencies as we ‘vibrate’ now. The potential frequencies were not comparable on the physical energy level and, at that time, he used more of his mental and psychic abilities, the Strength of the Mind was to him a physical complement, technological, we could even say.. "

Barbara yet said:

 "At those remote times, there were in our Earth huge areas completely empty of inhabitants. We could compare these territories to the tropical forests that we know and, on other parts of the globe, on more welcoming lands, less hostile and temperate, The cultivated lands were intensive. There was no large metropolis. The populations, immensely less numerous than we are today."

The Mystery of a whole other "technology".

 Barbara gives us a glimpse of it:
"Fields ! Huge fields, magnific and everywhere. All these harvests were for other lands, but very far away on our Earth !

A witness says:

"What is paradoxical, as well as she kept depicting it, is the fact that the colossal yield of cereals and other products of the soil didn't created problems for the harvest, compared to the quantity of work that would be currently needed, even with our most important mecanized means! Despite all our efforts to understand what was exposed concerning technology, the techniques used by these forgotten ancestors, it has pratically impossible for Barbara to translate with usual terms how these generous harvests, these vast cultivated lands could be cut, picked up and stocked by such a small number of men that, according to what we were understanding, didn't take any active and physical part in these works ! Every reference to our modern means, even the most sophisticated, do not find any comparative value ! "
She insisted especially on a very developed use of this mysterious energy largely amplified and domesticated, directed thanks to crystals...

Barbara precised this:

 "When it was time to take the wheat harvests out of there, came by air route a device, whiwh appearence could remind us an ‘overcraft’ moving on air cushion, but of a much greater tonnage and greater capacity, like one of our cargo boats or our ferry-boats. On the ramp of this device, the containers slipped inside.

The witness says:

"Despite our numerous questions, it was impossible to make her describe, by what techniques this operation was carried out. Once the loading finished -without any visible human work- the moving (the flight) of the device produced no noise. Aboard undoubtedly was a cristal, in an appropriated housing, that picked up some ‘energy’ coming from a ‘central source’ very far away from here and that was used for the lift and the propulsion. "

The secrets will be revealed.


Barbara finally added:
"It is important for you to know that many pyramids, in particular also those of Egypt, specially the ones of Gizeh, and the Sphinx, have been erected on the sites of other ‘constructions’ that had existed already for many thousands of years at the same places. I insist over that, I have the clear impression that ‘somebody’ wants this to be known, because for ‘them’ it's of vital importance."

This text is only a tiny part of the transcription of the tapes that were recorded during the sessions where Barbara was talking, I strongly advise you to read the whole texts of this person on this site:


These secrets will soon be revealed, because the time has come.

Ampéwi Nunpa

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