Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter V - ET's and Other Dimensions

V-01: E.Ts, UFOs and lies, the conspiracy is not that you think.

V-02: Golden Age and our imagination.

V-03: Man's place in the Universe, understand what is the Consciousness-Life-Energy.

Part 3 - Man's place in the Universe

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

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 Dimension 4

Man's place in the Universe



To study Cosmos, amounts to study ourselves - because everything we are made of comes from it - enlightens us as to our Origins. That's why fair man's thought is inspires by these 2 only sources :

1. The first one, in the immaterial world, is the "great book of the Universe", the informational dimensions of the macrocosm and microcosm that behind this hologram you call "reality".

NASA Sagittarius Nebula

2. The second, in the material world, is the "great book of Nature", a source much closer of humans everyday life, and that can help you to evolve and communicate with the "great book of the Universe".

And, for the one who observes these two fundamental basis of all life, it is also easy to see that nature and sky, the Cosmos and Life - in their whole - go eternally and continuously through an alternation of states that can be described as activity and rest, or "manifest" and "non-manifest", or expansion and contraction, or creation and destruction, or life and death; or light and shadow, etc...  

This simple and immemorial observation of the cycles of beings and things inspires the fair man that is not afraid of this impermanence of all things and understands that his behavior must take these alternations into account and be balanced between these two poles.

The most recent sciences confirm the well founded of this holistic vision of the world that came from the native peoples, it's the one we ant to share with you, in order to save, for your future generations, these knowledge already forgotten for most and that might not being understood anymore very soon.




What is the Cosmos ?


 Let's hear Carl Sagan, author of the book "Cosmos", describing it's birth.

"Fifteen or twenty billion years ago, an event we called "Big Bang" marked the beginning of our universe. The fact it happened cannot be reasonably doubted."
All the matter and the energy now contained in the Universe results from an extremely dense concentration - kind of a cosmic egg… all has maybe started from a mathematic point without dimension.

Which doesn't mean that the matter and the energy were compressed in a small corner of the current Universe ; it's rather the whole Universe - matter, energy and the space they occupied - that occupied a very small volume….

In that titanic cosmic explosion, the Universe started an expansion that hasn't ended since.

It would be making a mistake to describe the Universe's expansion, as the extension of a bubble seen from outside. By definition nothing we will ever know was outside….. while space was growing, the matter and the energy followed that expansion and cooled down quickly…

The original cosmic radiation emanating from everywhere in the Universe can nowadays, be detected by the radiotelescopes. In the Universe's early ages space was brilliantly illuminated. With time, space's substance continued its expansion, radiation cooled down and, to the normal visible light, the space became dark for the first time. It still is.

NASA Files "astronomy picture of the day"

The young Universe vibrated of radiations and the matter that filled it was made of elementary particles, from hydrogen and helium…. then, some small gas pockets developed themselves and and created large gas clouds of a gossamer texture…. Their gravity attracted towards them substantial quantities of the ambient gas, giving birth to hydrogen and helium clouds that were to become galactic clusters. Within the new galaxies, much smaller clouds underwent the same gravitational collapse; the internal temperatures having considerably increased, thermonuclear reactions followed, and the first stars were lit….

To the question "Where in the current Universe, did the big bang happen ?" The answer is clear : everywhere. " - We inhabit a Universe where atoms are made in the heart of the stars; where each second born thousands of suns… Each aspect of nature reveals a deep mystery and arises in us a feeling of marveled respect. " 

Carl Sagan on the web :

From cosmos to man :

Maximignis: "Une vision intuitive de l'Univers".

What is the Matter ?


NASA Files : matter is born from the stars like here Ngc 3310


Of what is the Cosmos made in its current state ? of matter will you tell me, it's true. But the matter isn't exactly what you think : it's mainly vacuum, within which in some points happen phenomena linked to well known energies like gravitation or electromagnetism, but also, more stunning and less known, consciousness.


Illustrations of consciousness and matter:

The electron:
Not only is it a point in the mathematical sense of the word, (which means it has no volume.), thus undoubtedly not situated in our space-time, but on the top of it it vibrates and keeps changing it's "spin" according to what seems to be a code, and even more extraordinary : those who surround it fall in step with this spin and retransmit the received information. it is clear that if the electrons communicate and exchange information it means they think, or at least have a life and consciousness form. Moreover it functions like the "bits" in our computers, we can state without much risk that universe is a gigantic computer that keeps programming itself !

Water :

Water's memory according to the discoveries of Jacques Benveniste.

How water reflects our consciousness according to the japanese Masaru Emoto:

Matter's consciousness:

Atom's ability to assemble themselves, according to a "master-plan", act of consciousness par xexcellence.

BBC News Online: Sci/Tech

Wednesday, 12 September, 2001, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK

Atomic line-up surprises scientists

Some of the patterns made by lead atoms

By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse

" US scientists have for the first time observed in detail how groups of atoms can self-assemble into patterns and structures.

Unexpected behaviour

The researchers, from the US government Sandia National Labs in New Mexico, saw that when atoms of lead were deposited on a copper sheet they formed themselves into lead dots. While that may not seem surprising, they found that when more lead atoms were added the atoms arranged themselves into stripes.

Watching with the aid of a low-energy electron microscope, the scientists commented that the atoms seemed to be "organised" as one researcher put it. Following the spillage of lead atoms on to the copper, the atoms seemed to be moving according to a "master plan ".


Thus if Matter is conscious, universe is conscious too, and thus all is living and deserves respect, then the native indians... the vedas and the taoïsts are right and we, on that subject, are behind them...

Dedicated  to the author by Buddy Warfield Red Bow.


We can notice one of the extraordinary possibilities of this discovery : since the Matter has a memory, one day we should be able to read it. Each thing, each object contains undoubtedly vital information about its own past, and thus becomes a fantastic knowledge stock, to which in the future we will have access.
Here is one more reason to stop destroying everything.
The shamans talk to the plants and the stones, they actually do nothing more than consulting that memory.



Can we establish a distinction between consciousness and Matter ?  



The good sense, and a beautiful physical Law I forgot the name of, says that : "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed".

The consciousness too hasn't suddenly appeared from emptiness because that's impossible for every thing, then, It is at least coexistent with the Matter from time immemorial.

But in what is consciousness different from Matter ?

Not an easy question : we actually don't know what is Matter.

We only know :

Since Einstein's works that it can be converted in Energy : E = MC², and vice-versa.

That in our Universe, it hasn't always existed : the Matter comes from the transformation of the "Big Bang"'s primordial Energy and will disappear again at the end of the cycle.

That the Energy precedes the existence of the Matter, then we can also say that the Matter takes its existence from the Energy, and is only another aspect of this one.

To ask oneself what is the Matter also amounts to ask oneself from where it comes from and by what it was created.

Let's see on that subject the opinion of the French physicist Jean Étienne Charon in his remarkable book : "Mort voici ta défaite" printed at Albin Michel ; he tells us (translated):  

" It is not possible to claim the matter was first.

The existence of any matter demands energy : if you start the world stating that, at time zero, that is when Universe started, it already contained matter, and more generally energy, you are supposing true what is to be demonstrated, because the following question is immediately: who made the energy, who gave birth to that matter ?

If we content ourselves with thinking at the Universe considering at first a "shapeless material", without asking ourselves from where, and how has been created this "shapeless material" we start already too late the history of this Universe. And we have many chances to let get away, trough the net that we use to gather knowledge, what is undoubtedly the most subtle, but also certainly the most important.

One can, in particular, get rid of the idea that the Spirit played an essential role at the moment of that "creation" of the Universe ; and if it really played such an essential role, all the history of the evolution we want to build might be distorted if we leave deliberately the Spirit "out of the game", on the pretext that the "scientific" explanation must be limited to the evolution of Matter only, that the Spirit is "taboo" for Science, and is a notion reserved to the religious and the poets. "

" You want a coherent view of the world, where Matter and Spirit coexist harmoniously, then turn your eyes towards the light, that is a well "physical" substance that today's science knows well already, but that carries still not very analyzed attributes, although intuitively felt by the millenary thought, attributes linked to the Spirit. The Light thus appears as the bridge between Matter and Spirit. "

When we analyze the texts of the various religions it is always said that "At the beginning was the Verb" which means the consciousness, The Absolute Spirit, and that that consciousness creates the World by means of the Light: Which means Energy. Remember the Bible : "God said may the Light be" .

In other words the matter is the fruit of the consciousness,

and can be considered as one of the aspects of this one.


NASA Files "astronomy picture of the day"

What is the Creation ?

You discovered the origins of the Matter : it's a conversion of the primordial Energy that is that is previous to it, but you haven't discovered the origins of the Consciousness, of the Life, and of the Energy.  
It is then logic to think that the Consciousness and the Life, as the Energy, exist previously to the matter.

Nothing allows to postulate that Consciousness - Life - Energy, had a beginning.

To postulate that the Consciousness - Life - Energy, had a cause previous to them is irrational, and we would immediately ask ourselves what is the cause of the cause, which is an endless premise. If we call that cause: God, it's only a dialectical conjuring trick; it is more logical to admit straightaway that "Consciousness-Life-Energy" is God, if we need that concept.

Thus Consciousness - Vie - Energy, are the first cause and the origin of the Creation, which is a continuous and uninterrupted process.

Nothing allows to discern in what these three manifestations : Consciousness - Life - Energy, are different to their Essence.

Nothing allows to discern either in what Consciousness - Life - Energy are different from the matter itself that is only the manifested aspect of a potentiality preexistence in the Consciousness - Life - Energy.

Consciousness - Life - Energy are thus necessarily are one and the same Unknown thing that generates the Material World, fourth aspect of this one. 

What is the human consciousness ?

 SciFi illustration by Siudmak

There are nine certainties for me:
1. I possess a memory previous to my descent in my mother's uterus, which proves me that consciousness precedes body's existence.

2. My out-of-body experiences confirm that consciousness and the senses are not bodily, they are independent from the brain, and from the body in general.

3. The Consciousness and it's spiritual senses being previous to the body and to the material senses, the last ones can only be the the reflect or the work of This one and of it's senses.

4. My memory of a previous life demonstrates that the consciousness changes of body.

5. So that the consciousness is able to change of body, it must be associated to something present in this Universe.

6. If the consciousness changes of body, it can only be linked to what in the Universe cannot be decomposed or dissociated.

7. The only thing that meets this definition is an elementary particle of matter, or of light : an electron or a photon (or another particle with the same characteristics.)

8. Thus the consciousness is at least as old as the Universe Itself.

9. But the matter being born of the consciousness, and not the opposite, the consciousness can only be non-born: eternal.

These nine certainties can also become it for you too, even if you haven't yet made the same experiences than me; you believed man walked on the moon in 1969 where you were however not, because you believe the testimonies. Do the same for me, the time to make the same experiences yourself.

What is "God" ?

The conclusion of the previous premise is that the Consciousness - the Life - the Energy
Are eternal.

Are three aspects of a single Primordial Reality impossible to know that creates the fourth aspect : The Matter.

Are the origin of the material manifested World, and it's own substance.

Are the cause of the successive and permanent transformations of the Matter, that made our Universe become the one we know today.

Are the cause of the apparition of the organic life forms, and of their evolution up to Man included.

Will eternally continue to direct this evolution of the Universe, and thus of organic life within this one.

Are then with the Matter, four different aspects of a same Reality - previous to everything - of which the Essence is totally impossible to know, those the Chinese call TAO, the Sioux Wakan Tanka, the Christians God, in other words the Mother-Source of all things.


Four aspects of a same Essence: Consciousness - Life - Matter - Energy, and here you are back to the sacred quaternity of the Sioux. Good Lord those Sioux ! How have them made it to understand all this, without your techniques and even without writing ?


They were able precisely because the ultimate goal towards which evolves this consciousness in us is to know Itself, and that It has the means in Itself.


"The Great Mysterious Power" - copyright


As you are yourself a particle of that "Consciousness-Life-Energy", you are too Eternals, and responsible of your evolution in the past and in the present. You will thus continue, to be the authors of it in the future. It is nothing else than the "free will" that is granted to you since always.

God can thus be defined as : "Consciousness - Life - Energy - Matter", Non-Born, that is the Substance, the Spirit and the Life itself of the Universe, thus of yourselves, while being also beyond this one.

The "Great Mysterious Power" or Mother-Source are finally, the best global definition possible, that you can conceive.

This concept : "God" is nothing but a simple convenience to designate an Ultimate Reality, of an indisputable existence - because we can observe it, but also impossible to know by its own Nature, in the actual state of evolution of the human consciousness.

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