Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter VI - Forgotten past

VI-01: A warning coming from your remote history.

VI-02: A very old past.

Part 1 : A warning coming from your remote history

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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The Forbidden Truth

Humans and their Past.


2.011 Synthesis 

Synthesis of your past and warning on your current situation.



 photograph: the monumental Mayas ruins of Tikal.

Mayas, Aztecs, Hopis, and many other People, still remember the 4 humanities preceding you as well as the causes of their almost complete destruction.

These people also say they have survived the last apocalypse, taking refuge under the ground where they remained a long time. Facts that seem to be confirmed by the discovery of a huge network of caves submerged, which used to be inhabited in the past during the era of the Yucatan. The Hopis people still venerate the place of access called "Sipapu".



The sacred text "Bhagavad-Gîtà" from India , mentions the extreme age of humanity in the Universe and on Earth (fourth chapter, verses 1 and 2).

According to the mythological references quoted in Bhagavad-Gîtà, we can approximately calculate that its teaching was stated for the first time in this universe more than 120 million years. Regarding Humans, they've been beneficiating from these teachings for more than 2 million years."

On their side, the scientists discovered an old modern human skull dating from at least 800.000 years. On the left, this is the picture of the skull discovered in 1913 in Tanzania by Professor Hans Reck, University of Berlin -Germany; and he found more recently another human skull dating of a million years.


The site of Yoganumi
Are there any evidences?

The archaeological and anthropological traces exist for the 4 preceding humanities, and there are credible evidences from several civilizations during a period former to 12.000 B.C.

The "Mu" is undoubtedly the oldest civilization. It was living on a disappeared continent which was located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. According to the Esoteric Tradition, Mu was founded 78.000 years ago and destroyed approximately 24.000 years ago.

Under the waters of the Japanese Island of Yoganumi, there are colossal cyclopean vestiges that were dated -12.000 years by some professors of university . According to them, these vestiges would be human constructions.

Were these constructions built by tye Mu?

Something that makes no doubt is that Humanity has had an Agitated History, which led it several times close a total extinction; and most of the time this was due to collision with asteroids or comets...

And also perhaps due to the use of nuclear weapons in a very distant past.


Here are some episodes :  


-4.350 to -4.200 (preceding present time): violent winds, dusts hiding the sun and drought, generated extreme famines in Africa and the Middle-East. In Egypt, these climatic conditions generated the collapse of Pharaoh's 6th dynasty, despite the country was relatively spared due to its irrigation system. The Empire of Akkad and the towns of Uruk Ur, Troy and Sodome and Gomorre were also destroyed. Europe and Asia also suffered of numerous damages.

-5.114 ans (preceding present time): the Flood, described by the Sumerians and the Bible. This is the Year Zero of the Maya calendar, and it corresponds to sudden the destruction of Mesopotamian civilizations.

-11.700 ans (preceding present time): a sudden frost due to the simultaneous falls of a comet on North America (site of Carolina Bay) and asteroids, provoked the violent alteration of the human living conditions, but also the extinction of many species of the Big Fauna.

  There were also Gigantic Volcanic Eruptions:

-71.000 ans (preceding present time): humanity was close to the total extinction due to a "Volcanic Winter (the atmosphere was durably darkened by intense releases of dusts and ashes). The result: approximately 15.000 survivors.

The high frequency of cataclysms in the recent times of the humankind's history did not give enough time to Life "to get its wind". As a result these cataclysms generated a significant decrease of the Biodiversity, land this, a long time before our actual era. Thus, Life becomes more priceless.

The Memory of these disaters instilled to the First People the idea that they were responsible (which is true on visible and invisible viewpoints), and they were terribly fearing that such events happen again.
And today they are warning you again, but you do not listen to them!
Prophecy of the "Red Sky"
The most noticeable warning is the one uttered by Apache Stalking Wolf in 1920, which describes a progressive apocalypse in 4 stages caused by humankind, and of which you would currently be living the penultimate stage. According to Apache Wolf, this second to last stage will lead (if humans do not change their behavior now) to a new sign that will precede, with no possibility to step back, the almost total destruction of humankind.

The 4 stages predicted by Apache Stalking Wolf:


The 1st Sign announces the Big Famine in Africa, and AIDS. 1st Stage Completed!


The 2nd Sign describes Holes in the Sky (holes in the ozone layer...), Oil Slicks and Pollution. 2nd Stage completed!

You still have a chance to save the Earth and avoid the apocalypse until the emergence of the 3rd sign: This is Your Situation Today


The 3rd sign is that the Sky will become completely and uniformly Red during 7 days and 7 nights, without any variation of texture or colour... whereafter only a few people will survive...

The 4th sign, which will take place "4 seasons" later (that is 1 year), is a period where the Earth will regenerate itself by a chain of natural phenomena that will consequently Destroy Human Civilizations. Then humans will kill each other with an extreme wildness, because unable to survive the loss of their "Artificial Uterus" (or technologic cocoon).

This third sign undoubtedly refers to a Chemical Pollution generated by Yourself; It may also be the result of the path of the Earth passing through the tail of a comet as shown below:


 Archives NASA "astronomy picture of the day"

This prediction, as many others, gives you a right vision of the humankind's present situation.

And it suits all the teachings of your Tradition, regarding the spiritual blindness and the objective dangers of the period you are living.

And it's not time to give up: according to these teachings, neither cataclysme nor major risk of collective destruction will take place if You Are Able to Become Aware of the situation and Correct Our Mistakes. But there is No Time to Lose as The Situation Is URGENT.


Now You Will Have to Choose between:




Generating Destruction




 Illustration SF de Siudmak

Brightness, curing your planet: the Earth

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