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Chapter VI - Forgotten past

VI-01: A warning coming from your remote history.

VI-02: A very old past.

Part 2 : A very old past.

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Humans and their past.

Essay on the true history of man


Painting of Siudmak

Humankind is extremely old on this planet.

Human with superior capacity is old at least one million years.

Technological Civilizations previous to ours.

The response of Bhagavad-Gîtà about the seniority of humanity.

A study of D.N.A. and the so-called uniqueness of species "Homo sapiens sapiens".

A complex synthesis.

To update your knowledge about the man.

Great artists of the Chauvet Cave - 30 000 years.

Extraordinary engraved portraits of Lussac-Les-Châteaux - 15 000 years.


I The man is extremely old on this planet and probably in the universe.

Scientific disconcerting obviousness, and thus controversial, let to think that men or humanoids set foot on the earth there is tens and even hundreds of million years; here some of these signs:


These mortars and pestles of 2 billion years and more found in South Africa.


This hand print coming from a cretaceous rock.


This shoes print dating from the time of trilobites, that is to say. - 500 million years, first sign of E.T?


This collection of thousands engraved stones found on the site of Ica in Peru - 30 kilometres from the famous lines of Nazca . This collection was gathered in 1930 by Dr. Cabrera. It shows in particular the humans cohabiting with dinosaurs ! In spite of its very surprising character this discovery is hardly questionable when we know this case. However, and in spite of Dr. Cabrera invitation, no scientist didn’t move to study the few 100 000 existing stones in a cave.


xIn Asia, a very recent discovery: the Man of Lampang in Thailand, which - according to an official dating - is old 20 to 25 million years, therefore very previous to all African hominians.

" During a press conference on October 29, 2001 to the Office of the National Research Council of Thailand, professor Somporn Chongkum( director of the Office of Atomic Energy for Peace' S physic division (OAEP)) have declared that the scientific tests show that the fossils - that we thinks to be homo erectus - discovered in Lampang -could date from approximately 20 to 25 million years, specifying that this point cast doubt on all the official theories about the origin of the man. He also reminds that homo Erectus Asians of the island of Java and mountains of Causase have been dated from more 2 million years."
Only Germans was apparently interested in this extraordinary discovery:

But as a whole the scientists denied this discovery which pulverizes the dogma of the man native to Africa.

Something surprises me on behalf of them, because they recently announced that the primates, like much of other species of mammals, would be native to Asia and not to Africa as they thought it before, moreover as well as the lemurs.
In this case, it would be thus very logical that the man appeared first of all in Asia, or separately at the same time in Asia and Africa.

wAnd how can we doubt of a serious dating made by the Office of the National Research Council of Thailand, unless discrediting science as a whole ? If the Westerners think that Thai is not scientists in its own right they are mistaken, or discredit themselves, by believing them like them!


In Africa: a second very recent discovery: Kenyanthropus platyops has more than 6 million years. The ancestor preceding Lucy by 2.8 Million years, is also more evolved, more human!

Seen on:


" A scientists team of France and Kenya has just dug up a skeleton which could be the oldest ancestor of humanity. " The man of the millennium", as they baptized him, will perhaps change our conception of the evolution and the origin of the species. The "animal" was in the ground of the area of the lake Boringo, in Kenya, one of the cradles of humanity, where many archaeological and pale ontological discoveries took place.

Since its discovery at the end of October 2001, five other male and female individuals, seemed to belong to the same species, were found there.

These beings half-apes half-men would have lived on Earth there is more than 6 million years.

The palaeontologist Martin Pickford, a member of this team, declared "They are older than all that was discovered until now and, paradoxically, at a more advanced stage of evolution”.

Unearthed in Aramis, in Ethiopia, the oldest fossil dated from 4,5 million years.

Famous Lucy, discovered in 1974, would have lived on Earth 3,2 million years ago.

The left thighbone of ”the man of the millennium" shows that the rear of its legs were very robust, which was to enable him to stand up - a typical characteristic of hominids. The thickness of his humerus lets believe that he could climb in the trees, nevertheless without letting himself dangle or balance of branch in branch, as the chimpanzees do it.

Big like a chimpanzee, the creature has however the teeth and the jaw like the modern human being. A deep mark of bite on its femur, lets believe that “the man of the millennium" have come to a tragic end. Times were hard, there is to 6 million years... "

Anne-Marie Simard

Others information detailed on:

"Millennium ancestor look just like a great. He easily outclasses all the fossil "men" discovered in great number during last decades, according to its discoverers Martin Pickford, of the College of France, and Brigitte Senut, of the Museum of natural history of Paris."

Finally, new scientific obviousness show that in Africa some men, 2 million years ago and more, were much more advanced than known as previously. Here is a proof:

Elaborate stone tools - 2.34 million years which were found in Kenya in May 1999. They were associated with bones of mammals and fish as well as shells, showing that their unknown manufacturers made use of it to obtain and prepare varied food.

" A 2.34-million-year-old 'tool factory' has been unearthed in Kenya, the science journal Nature reports. The team behind the find say it shows that our pre-human ancestors had more sophisticated technical skills than was previously thought. The researchers say the tools are from a time when man's ancestors were not thought to have had the mental or physical ability to fashion them.


II The human and his superior capacity is old at least one million years

According to most recent discovered scientists' - which will be hereafter exposed - it seems well that a man very comparable to us existed already on earth a million years ago, and undoubtedly much more.

Perfectly human cranium of at least 800.000 years, discovered in Tanzania in 1913

by professor Hans Reck of the University of Berlin.


The Man of Eritrea: a modern man more than one million years ago.

A complete skeleton of man having a larger brain than that of the homo erectus and characteristics of homo sapiens was analysed by Dr. Ernesto Abbate of the University of Florence in Italy and its colleagues Of South Africa, of Switzerland, and Eritrea where this fossil was discovered.

The dating gives an estimate which situates between 1 400 000 years and 800 000 years.

Extract : By Jane E. Allen The Associated Press.
" There is evidence that the skull contained a larger brain than Homo erectus is believed to possess. That could change our view of human evolution. "

L O S A N G E L E S, 3 June 2001

" A million-year-old skull discovered in east Africa suggests human facial features began appearing 300,000 years earlier than previously believed, researchers say. "

" The well-preserved fossil, lodged in silt and clay in Eritrea, is the only skull found in Africa from between 1.4 million and 800,000 years ago, and thus fills in a gap in the fossil record, the researchers said.

It combines features of both the human ancestor Homo erectus and modern man, or Homo sapiens, the researchers said. As a result, they aren't ready yet to assign it to one species or the other.

The analysis was done by Ernesto Abbate of the University of Florence in Italy and colleagues from South Africa, Switzerland and Eritrea. It was published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. Scientists have long debated when, where and how Homo sapiens emerged from more primitive species. Some anthropologists believe that human facial features-that is, Homo sapiens features-did not begin appearing until about 700,000 years ago. "

Seen on: ABC News Science

When we known that the large brain of the contemporary man is a myth, because the majority of the current men have a capacity cranial quite smaller than the man of Neanderthal, or hardly equal to homo erectus which was far from being primitive...

Why not to announce the truth quite simply: our modern mankind exists since a million years at least!


III Technological Civilizations previous to ours


There is to 120 million years, the position of the continents shows that Eurasia, therefore the Ural, are already formed (India having come to join itself only later) and here we discover this surprising trace of a civilization! created by which species of beings?


“The Creator 's map”

This stone slab dated to 120 million years, according to its discoverer, is an artificial map in relief of part of the Ural carved by an unknown technology. It was found in 1999 by Professor Alexander Chuvyrov of Bashkiria State University. Still more surprising, on top of that all the various rivers of the area, this map shows a huge system of irrigation with notably two systems of 500 m wide canals, 12 dams between 300 and 500 m wide for 10 km of length and 3 km of depth each one. On the other hand there are not trace of any road, proof that the authors of this civilization moved only by air or river. This stone, approximately one ton, comprises also an unknown writing, and it belongs to a whole of similar slabes.
" A 120-million-year-old stone slab found by scientists in Bashkiria features a map showing an area of the Urals. This conflicts with what we know about the history of mankind.

It might seem incredible that scientists at Bashkiria State University have found conclusive evidence of the existence of a highly developed civilization millions of years ago. Scientists found a large stone slab in 1999 that features an relief map of terrain like those that the military has. The map shows canals stretching for 12,000 kilometers and enormous dams. There are rhombs close to the canals, but what they mean is unclear. And there are also many inscriptions looking like hieroglyphs. At first it was thought they represented an ancient Chinese language, but it was established later that was not the case. Scientists cannot yet decipher the meaning of the hieroglyphs. "

In my opinion, it’s advisable neither to deduce that this slab is false, nor on the contrary that it would be our sciences of geology and palaeontology which would be false, but rather than there were probably on earth several humanities - of which one or more are besides extraterrestrial origin - because, without any doubt, this intelligent work is previous to the birth of our species itself.


Nanotechnologies discovered in Eastern Europe:

We notice also the existence of a technological civilization around - 500.000 to - 150.000 years because thin indications but indisputable exist: thousands of microscopic objects found in Russia and Czechoslovakia which obviously are due to a Nano technology comparable to ours, but also what seems to be an electric card and many similar objects (besides unclassifiable ) which are in the museums.
These objects dated to - approximately 150.000 years are only a few microns.


Obvious fact of a previous technological civilization:

Nanotechnologies of 100.000 years ago:

An electrical plug of 500.000 years ago:

Discoveries of same type in Russia:


More recently, approximately 12.000 years ago, it seems that there was an atomic war in India, which results from archaeological vestiges of a city irradiated in Rahjastan and confirming Vedas which mention this conflict.

A Web source in English compiling these traditions of previous destruction:

Other objects discovered would let think about the existence of a civilization - being able to be only of extraterrestrial source if it existed well - at the time of the dinosaurs - 65 million years and more


What shot this Neanderthal behind the ear and killed ?


this cranium is in British Museum.

No old weapon can make this kind of perforation! Would this man have been killed by firearms 40.000 years ago ?  


painting Attila Boros


IV The response of Bhagavad-Gîtà about the seniority of humanity

chapter 4 - verses 1 and 2 :  

" Manu father of humanity received the knowledge of Bhagavad-Gîtà that was a few 2.165.000 years ago."


" The blessed Lord said : I gave this imperishable science, the science of yoga, in Vivasvàn, the deva of the sun, and Vivasvàn taught it to Manu, the father of humanity. And Manu taught it to Iksvàku. Supreme knowledge passed on Master to disciple, this is how the holies kings received it and realized. But over the time, ô victorious of the enemies, the disciplinic succession broke, and this science, in its condition of purity seems now lost "

Swâmi Prabhupàda author of the translation of "Bhagavad-Gîtà just as it is" has done following calculation:

"This verse reports the history of Bhagavad-Gîtà, since very old times where its teaching was given to the sovereign of each planet of the Universe… Mahàbhàrata recounts the history of Bhagavad-Gîtà: At the beginning of the second age (the tretà-yuga), Vivasvàn taught to Manu the Science which allows to the man to find again the relation binding him with God. Then Manu, father of humanity, transmitted it to his son, Isvàku, king of the earth and ancestor of the dynasty Raghu (that where appeared Ràmacandra)"

The Swâmi also says to us:

" We live now in Kali-yuga, age of which the duration is 432.000 years and of which 5.000 years only were passed. Preceded this age the dvàpara-yuga, (864. 000 years), the tètra-yuga (1.296.000 years) and the satya-yuga (1.728.000 years). "

" It is at the beginning of the tretà-yuga that Manu received the knowledge of Bhagavad-Gîtà and taught it to his son and disciple, Màharàja Isvàku, king of the earth, a few 2.165.000 years ago (1.296. 000 plus 864.000 plus 5.000). One era of Manu lasts approximately 305.300.000 years, including 120. 400.000 years were already passed."

" If the lord stated Bhagavad-Gîtà at his disciple the deva of the Visvavàn sun, before the birth of Manu, we can calculate in an approximate way that this teaching take place at least 120.400.000 years ago. As for the man he receives this knowledge since more than 2.000.000 years."


V A study of D.N.A. and the so-called uniqueness of species "Homo sapiens sapiens".

Can you do the same?


We can only be deeply irritated by the absurd prejudice of superiority - according to the "science" of the new wave of priests - homo sapiens sapiens on the men of past who preceded our "species".

Because, obviously, those could survive and remain during millenaries, only by having physical and intellectual capacities of very high level, which we are - I think - quite incapable to equalize.

To deny the status of fully human beings, even to have a talent of speech, from Homo Erectus, or from Neanderthal amounts to deny their talent to people having proven a perfect control of their environment, and who knew art, the finery, and the rites religious. It’s so insincere , or what a stupid thing !

The fact that their appearance differed from ours, is not to take into consideration, in my opinion, to estimate their intelligence, only the facts count! and they are all credit to them.

We can only be deeply shocked, also, by the divagations on the D.N.A.

"Alan Templeton (department of Biology of the University from Washington in Saint-Louis) and its team could determine the genetic relations inside and among the current human populations using a statistical software, GEODIS. This observation was based on the study of 10 sequences of DNA inherited to one or other of the parents which, among others, of the DNA mitochondria, part of X chromosome and 2 sequences of chromosome Y. the use of these markers give a greater statistical accuracy than the simple use of the DNA mitochondria like reference.

Results obtained would tend to prove that there was, in the history of humanity, 2 important phases of expansion of the man on the surface of the sphere, whose origin was Africa. The first would have taken place in a period estimated from 420.000 to 840.000 years before our era and the second between 80.000 and 150.000 years before our era."

In my opinion, the Myth of the only mankind is of nature politico-religious, and is unfounded.

The speech is: "we all are inter fertile, and the children of our miscegenation are inter fertile, therefore we belong to only one species".

My answer will be short and clear: "and my buttock, is it chicken?

The lion and the tiger are two quite distinct species, OK? nevertheless the two species are inter fertile and their crossbreeding too.

The Wapiti stag of America and the Elaphe stag of Europe are two quite distinct species, OK? nevertheless the two species are inter fertile and their crossbreeding too.

The grizzly bear of America and the brown bear of Europe are two quite distinct species, OK? nevertheless the two species are inter fertile and their crossbreeding too.

Etc, complete the list yourselves...

Illustrations above: the bushman young woman (on the left) will survive where the Swedish young woman (on the right), more beautiful according to our Western criteria, would be quite incapable. We thus don’ hasten to conclude !

Logic wants that humanity results from several different sources, and wisdom that we all respect ourselves!


VI A complex synthesis:

Convincing indices, which depend on the inexplicable, prove that long before our species appears,
the earth was occupied by men, probably very different from us, during a period from - 65 million years to - 500 million years and more.

What - unless all our sciences are false - can be explained only by a colonization come from space, like certain traditions and some channels claim it.

As far as we are concerned, and the current state of thin indices, but sure - in particular the date of the fossils of Lampang - the mankind appears to be old several tens of million years during which it had time to develop one or of technological civilizations which disappeared under the effect of natural cataclysms or wars. The geological upheavals make that we lost their traces.

Because in spite of what official science claims - by deciding to ignore its owns discoveries like that of the man of Eritrea - we have the proof that humans, similar to ourselves, existed on earth a million years ago, and perhaps more.

What complicates our perception of the past is that our species coexisted - during its long history - with multiple species of different hominiens, generally less advanced. This Biodiversity shouldn’t surprise us, even if it disappeared then, because it is a phenomenon common to all the kinds.

The scientists finally say that homo sapiens, as such, would have appeared in Africa only towards - 70.000 years, which is completely contradictory with what is demonstrates above. Indeed, this hypothesis presents the defect not to take the man of Eritrea into account which has already the characteristics of homo sapiens 1 400 000 years ago, and to elude the problem of the descent of the homo erectus - our direct ancestor already very advanced, present since more than 700 000 years in Europe, and 2 000 000 years in Asia - from which it is difficult to believe that they disappeared without letting any trace in our genes. That is the opinion on professor Wu Xinzhi, of the Palaeontology Institute of vertebrate of Bejing, who estimates that the evolution of Homo erectus towards Homo sapiens would have taken place simultaneously in Africa, and in the South-west of China, according to two modes of convergent evolutions.

To that may be added the fact there was in our line of descent, not only one mankind, of type "homo sapiens", but five in all, from which four disappeared.

Surprisingly this concept of four disappeared humanities - coming from the traditional Amerindians cultures but so vedic - is confirmed by the recent scientific discoveries of cataclysms whose traces well and truly prove that the humanity had to be destroyed in quasi totality during these time:

in - 800 000 ans, by the impact of large meteorites, known by deduction,

in - 71 000 ans, by the eruption of great volcanoes, known by deduction,

in - 50 000 ans, by the impact of large meteorites: impact of Barringer crater,

in - 11 600 ans, by the impact of a comet and large meteorites: Carolina bay.

The tradition also speaks about extremely old civilizations previous to the last destruction.
In my opinion, it’s beyond doubt because even if we have few material vestiges more old than approximately 12 000 years, the fact remains that:
History of world in 3 volumes written by a Babylonian priest named Berossus, was burned in the fire of the Large Library of Alexandria. But however we know that the first volume mentioned the interval elapsed, according to him, between the creation of the man and the deluge that is 432.000 years, a duration hundred times longer than the biblical chronology.

Egyptian astronomical archives go back to 49.214 before our era.

Priests Babylonians placed the beginning of their first dynasty at the year 24.990 before J-C.

The Vaticanus Codex indicates to us the departure date of the calendar of Mayas in 18.633 before J-C.

The construction of Tihuanaco seems to go back to 27.000 years before our era.

What makes the situation even more complex for researches, it is that certain less advanced species of hominiens survived but not the most evolved humans. Because of that scientists saw the evolution under a undoubtedly right perspective in a period of time at one point, but false on the whole, because there were no linear progress, but cycles.

Clears facts show us that primitive human beings are later to the more advanced men who preceded them, whereas those are supposed to be the descendants of the first according to the vision of Darwin. That it is the same for civilizations which preceded, or were contemporary, the caverns age.

L The men of caverns age - such as these Magdalenian having lived there are approximately 15 000 years in the caves of Lussac les Châteaux - which scientists see like the result of the human evolution, are in fact later to several great civilizations and for some of them, perhaps, the survivors of those in regression.

Note: the analysis of our DNA shows that we come from a very small number of survivors, which corroborates these facts: “The evidence would suggest that we came within a cigarette paper’s thickness of becoming extinct.”

“The evidence would suggest that we came within a cigarette paper’s thickness of becoming extinct.”

Dr. Bernard Wood, George Washington University

The details of this destruction will be further studied (in french site for the moment), as well as four others of importance more "local" (of which the famous biblical deluge) just as an essay of Maurice Châtelain to try to understand the real chronology of our history.


VII To update your knowledge about the man.

American Homo sapiens of more than 50 000 years old.

discovered to Del Mar in California - courtesy University of California, San Diego

Seen on Rocky Mountains news :

If the ancestors of Amerindians entered by the Straits of Behring 12.000 years ago, of which would be thus the oldest American human fossils (50.000 years) , discovered in California and in Brazil ?
 Brazilian findings spark archeological debate

By ALEX BELLOS The Guardian February 14, 2000

" SAO RAIMUNDO NONATO, Brazil - In the most underdeveloped state of Brazil, Piaui, lies one of the richest prehistoric archaeological sites in the world. Pedra Furada is also one of the most controversial sites in the Americas - splitting archaeologists into two emotionally charged camps and threatening to rewrite the history of the continent's colonization.

A thinly inhabited, semi-arid area of sandstone rock shelters, 500 miles west of the coastal city Recife, Pedra Furada contains more than 400 prehistoric sites, including 340 stone walls full of ancient paintings. Researchers are still finding new remains at the rate of 40 a year.

But it is not the vast number of archaeological discoveries that has the academic world excited. It is their age.

Brazilian excavators, led by Niede Guidon, claim to have proved the existence of the oldest Americans. Guidon claims that charcoal she says is the remnant of camp fires has been carbon dated to 50,000 years ago.

This makes it the most ancient site in the Americas by a long shot - about 40,000 years - and if true, poses fundamental questions about how humans arrived in South America well before it is believed they arrived in the North. "

Seen on BBC News :

However, the new evidence shows that these people did not arrive in an empty wilderness. Stone tools and charcoal from the site in Brazil show evidence of human habitation as long ago as 50,000 years.

Seen on Discovery The Puzzle of the First Americans :

The ancestors of Europeans already populated the Caucasus there is 1 810 000 years!
This very recent discovery brings a stinging denial to the single African origin of the man, and confirms the point of view of the Tradition according to which the four big human groups (red, black, Caucasian, and Asian) would have been born in their respective environments. See the article of Edouard Schuré

"Our family tree becomes rich"
The first Europeans are older than we thought. The study of a mandible, updating in 2000 on the site of Dmanissi, in Georgia, testifies some.

Georgia 10/10/2002 - These bones belong to the new species of Homo, oldest found in Europe and baptized Homo georgicus. The Man of Georgia, distant grandfather of Homo sapiens, populated the Caucasus there are 1,81 million years. It is what announce Marie-Antoinette de Lumley, paleoanthropologist at the Parisian Institute of human palaeontology, Léo Gabounia and Abesalom Vekua of the Academy of Science of Tbilissi, in Georgia, as well as David Lordkipanidzé of the Museum Georgian of Tbilissi, in the Reports of the American Academy of sciences of October 10.

According to researchers, Homo georgicus is the descendant of Homo habilis, the ancestor of mankind and the first to have started to hew the tools. Homo habilis lived in Africa there are 2,5 to 1,6 million years.

Marie-Antoinette de Lumley specifies that this jaw, very well preserved and quasi complete, belonged to a 40 year old man and measuring 1m 50. It is at the same time long, narrow and thick whereas ours is shorter, broader and thinner. The cranial capacity of the Man of Georgia was only 700 Cm3, half of that of contemporary Homo sapiens.

Other remains of hominids previously unearthed in Dmanissi seemed to indicate that two species of hominids coexisted at that time in this area. But with this last discovery, the paleoanthropologists estimate that the differences of size and not in form, observed between the mandibles found on this site, correspond rather to the two sexes, inside only one and even species.

In Zambia, archaeologists found 300 fragments of pigments and of mortars to prepare the colours, which show that an artist soul began to appear there are 350 000 to 400 000 years ago !
This discovery was made in a cave from Twin Rivers, close to Lusaka. It is tremendous: until then, the oldest traces of known pigments went back to only 120 000 years, and oldest paintings, on the walls of caverns, to 35 000 years. A creature who paints is in my opinion a full man, therefore the human - in the true sense of this word - exists since extremely a long time.

VIII Great artists of the Chauvet Cave - 30 000 years.


The case of the Chauvet cave in France shows that paintings of there is - 30 000 years are the most beautiful, and that their authors were, all in all, modern men.

drawing of the cave Chauvet France - 30 000 years
Very great artists, knowing of memory , to give life to their works.


Here an animal rarely represented: giant hyena of caves.

Who can still believe in the myth of the cave man? You know this tousled brute grumbling like a monkey in film "the fire war ".

In order to know more about the Chauvet Cave and this subject :

IX - Extraordinary engraved portraits of Lussac-les-Châteaux - 15 000 years.

The exemplary case of the engraved portraits 15 000 years ago from La Marche, Lussac-Les-Châteaux in France.

Or how the undertaking of brainwashing functions.

Contrary to a very implanted prejudice, our ancestors left us portraits of themselves, but they are mentioned in no official source relating to prehistory.

From 1937 the Frenchman Leon Pericard, with the help of Stéphane Lwoff, digs the site of La Marche during more than 5 years.

xIn 1940, he publishes a book entitled "human iconography of the Magdalenian" concerning these mobile engraved slabs, but the mistake of this study is to present documents which prove that our ancestors, far from being man-monkeys, had features of the face identical to ours, and wore dresses, boots and hats.


These drawings are then suppressed of knowledge during more than sixty years: they don’t appear nowhere, and of this fact are ignored of the public. It should be waited until 2002 so that a German scientist Dr. Michael Rappenglueck, University of Munich, "authenticates them". reveals them:

There are 155 humans representations, showing men surprisingly identical to ourselves.

The human representation is rarely treated in Palaeolithic art and when if need be, it’s often in a schematic way. In La Marche, many faces are represented, treated profile but also sometimes fullface, revealing individualized features, very accentuated. These engravings thus constitutes an exception, which makes them unique in the world.

More still surprising, the authors were remarkable portraitists, knowing to detect and accentuate the distinctive features of a face. Here we see the whole beginnings of the caricature.

With the result that these limestone blocks and small plates present multiple representations in forms tangled up fine incisions, superimposed in all the directions. Many parasitic features are added to the representations, making their reading particularly delicate. However, from visual observation under various lightings, Leon Blades, following to Henri Breuil - could study and publish the representation of hundreds of small plates. New engravings are today in study with the help of modern techniques, that is to say laser beams.

Above the original, below its reading.

The least we can say is that these portraits are probably very realistic!


The examples of easy reading like this one are rare!

See these faces doesn’t let me think at all about robust primitive people,

but well rather about people having regressed.

Another characteristic: on the ground of this cave these Magdalenian had engraved the Constellation of the Pleiades, which besides is found in other similar caves in all Europe. Why this so particular interest? Which relations our ancestors did maintain with the Pleiades ?

More images and informations about these portraits:

Generalities :

Did you imagine that Homo Erectus spoke 2 million years ago ?

See in this respect on remarkable work, and analyses of their languages, by the Professor Marcel V Locquin Biophysicist, Doctor of science, Secretary perpetual of the French-speaking Academy engineers and consultant of OECD and UNESCO for the languages of difficult access, as well as a reflection on its real capacities.

Who thus built these sophisticated javelins 400 000 years ago ? 400,000-year-old spears may overturn prehistory.

Seen on Electronic Mail & Gardian

Did you imagine woven clothing - 27 000 years ago ?

Women in Czechoslovakia wore fabric dresses:  

Did you imagine that old Egyptians could amputate and make prostheses ?

Did you imagine a Assyrian telescope 3000 years ago?


To know some even more:

To understand the methods of dating by Guirec Querré and Elisa Oporto of the Research Laboratory of the Museums of France: :

The 10 older advanced civilizations:

Ancient and lost civilizations :

The official vision of prehistory, an excellent site :

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