Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter VII - Nature

VII-01: Dragonfly, to see Mother-Source present in all things.

VII-02 : Sacred trees of our woods and orchards.

VII-03 : Our brothers animals and another way of life.

VII-04: Splendor of microcosm, or matter is composed by fractal structures at all his levels.

VII-05: If I tell you that there are witches and elephants in the sky...the splendor of macrocosm.

VII-06: See with the eye of the heart - Great paintings.

Part 6 - See with the eye of the heart - Great paintings.

I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source.

The Universe is composed by fractal structures at all his levels.
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Discover the soul of the nature with a new glance

Robert Batman

Bev Doolittle

A thai student: "Pa"

The Webmaster

Robert Bateman

" It is with interest that we admire a bank muddled by plants of very kind, the accustomed of which are birds which sing, insects which flutter around them, and earthworms which crawl in its wet ground; it is also with interest which we reflect that all these forms, of elaborated construction, different and nevertheless dependent some of the others in a very complex way, are the products of the dynamism of the laws which surround us. " Charles Darwin



This is only an extract of a panoramic picture three times as vast of Rober Bateman, and so I like discovering the nature, the herd of Wapitis is a part integral of these Rocky Mountains. Ampéwi Numpa.




All the red soul is in this animal, the most beautiful for me. . 



The halcyon of America in winter.


Admire the contrasts of the black and the white not eased, and the magic of this atmosphere



A pack of wolves in the moonlight.

Here is expressed the soul of the hunter, the one that every non-hunter cannot understand.




A coyote in winter, among the bushes of armoise.

The coyote is a magnificent animal, although considered as a "vermin" by the Americans, it proliferates because he knows how to use the resources of his worst enemy, the man, while thwarting his traps. Did you see the box of beer?



The boss of the Herd

The African buffalo in the sight, the hearing and the smell very developed, is massive and wild. Capable of a rare aggressiveness, the male is considered by the experimented African hunters as the most dangerous animal.


Pride of the lions to Samburu.

The African lions are lazy and casual. Here a lioness looks before leaving to go hunting, around her, the other lions continue to slumber; I bet that you had not seen them; on the spot such an entertainment can cost you the life.

These images are extracted from the art of Robert Bateman, published Trécarré.

For me, this man is the Greatest because he gets the soul of his subjects

A Great women Bev Doolittle

She expresses in the perfection the link of the man and her mother the earth

" let my spirit soar "

See link to Bev Doolittle


A new talent: "Pa"

A young student Thai girl expresses here her love of wolves


Another view of our Mother Earth

by The Webmaster

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