Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter IX - Wisdom

IX-01: The teaching of the two Great Snakes from Orient and Occident, 21 seeds for the next age.

IX-02: Restore the Respect as the supreme value.

IX-03: How to Restore the Harmony.

Part 2 - Respect is the supreme value

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Respect is the

First Value, reminds us the main things we forgot (Ampéwi Nunpa)

Free your mind from the conditioning of all Powers.


As the Dalai Lama reminds us "Respect is the Supreme Value", but it's 40 generations that westerners have been cultivating Disrespect about anything -and anyone- that is not "Them"; and the worst point is that they are proud to behave disrespectfully.
Who said: "White Men are the disease of the world"? 
Not content with being manipulated like livestock, westerners scorn everything! And it's this attitude that destroys the world: animals, plants, the whole environment, Primitive People, and all the heart qualities in yourself; because scorning the others leads to the disrespect of oneself.

Which implies that in a short time, this disrespect for everything -at an extreme point- will destroy humanity. As the Sanskrit proverb says:

" When the man kills the Dharma, the Dharma kills the man."

What is Respect ?
The word "respect" comes from the Latin word respectus which means "consideration": "Let's hit, no respect must hold you back" [Racine].

Nowadays it means: a feeling of esteem, mixed with a feeling of veneration that leads to a respectful or submissive attitude towards someone or something: respect one's parents, or one's masters.

The expressions -"human respect", "fear of the public opinion", "fear of mockery or of gossips"- that influence one's behaviour:

"He did not dare to protest, held back by human respect".

"With all due respect", is used to introduce a sentence that could shock the person you are speaking to

"To command with respect": which means to hold back someone by force, or scare this person.

Taking care of not damaging someone or something we consider that deserves consideration: "respect for old stones should be urbanists' first concern" .

Absolute fidelity to something: "he seriously observes respect for the traditional ceremonial".

Synonyms : Consideration -Esteem -Deference -Reverence.

We also consider this point of view: " We can also think that to respect = re-spectare = which means "look twice". In other words do not be content with the first look; look twice. Do not believe that you have understood everything at the first look. You do not respect because you do not look and you do not see, whereas you think that you've seen and understood everything." Olivier Clerc, see the page of links


It is obvious that the center point of each real civilization should focus on the education of the youth about Respect, because everything is linked. Therefore, when we harm somebody by lack of respect, we also harm ourselves and the whole community.



Emmanuel Kant


This lack of respect takes its roots from ancient times:

Emmanuel KANT (1724-1804) said these reasonable words:
« The duty to respect my fellow is contained in the maxim that says to not lower another human until the point where he would only become a means to my end (do not require that the other gives himself up to become a means to my end).»
Métaphysique des moeurs, Doctrine de la vertu, 1797 [I, 2e partie, § 25, trad. A. Renaut, coll. GF, Flammarion, p. 315]

«Every man has a legitimate claim to the respect of his fellow, and vice versa he is obliged to the same respect towards each of the other men too.»

Métaphysique des moeurs, Doctrine de la vertu, 1797 [I, 2e partie, § 38, trad. A. Renaut, coll. GF, Flammarion, p. 332]

But this "great philosopher" and nevertheless perfect idiot, appearing in all school textbooks, also wrote:

« We only can respect people, but we can't respect things. We can have a feeling of inclination towards things, and even love for animals [...], or a feeling of fear, of the sea, a volcano, a dangerous animal, but no respect. »
Critique de la raison pratique, 1788 [1ère partie, livre 1er, chap. III, trad. L. Ferry et H. Wismann, Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, p. 701]


Now, this is your fundamental mistake! Because the concept of "the other" must include all the things that are alive and/or interactive with us. All these things, I mean: air, water, soil, ground and any other forms of life of any kingdom: mineral, vegetal and animal including humans who are a part of the last-mentioned. How is it possible to not be consicous that when you dirty our mother-Earth, you also dirty yourselves? Since your body come from her! F.Y.I.

How is it possible ?


Contemporary western societies praise disrespect; Are you all nuts?

For example Jean-Michel Besnier, graduated of philosophy and doctor of State in political science, who "teaches" at the Compiègne University and at the École Centrale of Paris, wrote this article concerning Georges Bataille : "Praise of disrespect"


"Nowadays, we don't know what we should respect. Respect of the Human Rights, who would complain? Respect of the animals, but they suffer like us. Respect of the Earth, the ecosystem lives too, the same as any other organism. Respect of the non-smokers, of the embryos, of the past, of the religious convictions, of the women, of the traffic regulations. Too bad! if we lose in understanding what we win in extension; as would say the logicians and that Kant would refuse, him who did not have a generous respect since he only had respect for the subjects of the moral law."

In other words, the author complains that there are too many things to respect, and emphasizes on this to mock respect.

Here is an example of another "teacher" that will show you that idiots can accept anything:

"When I know a young person for a more or less period of time and that this young person continuously disrespects me, I think that I should look at what I did for this happens, especially if this frequently happens to me. Respect is like trust; it takes time to acquire it. What I mean is that it's may be possible that my own behaviours bring about disrespect, even if the young person is responsible for his own behaviour. First of all, adults have to behave like adults, and I do not see a lot of them who want to accept that they are wrong, or partly wrong. If each adult were behaving as an educator (and it's the case in the so-called "primitive" people... ), and if everyone was feeling responsible to the society, I think that there would be less young people in trouble."

The teacher who feels guilty:

She "thinks" and feel guilty where she should simply assert herself by the dignity of her behaviour, and if necessary by punishment.

Pôooor of Us !

.... to whom do we give our children to look after?

If some people fail in their duty, a higher hierarchy must judge them, and possibly punish them; but certainly not the subordinates. It's advisable to point out that in the case of a teacher making a mistake towards his/her students, they have no right to disrespect their teacher. They can inform their parents who will venture to complain or not.
This argument is valid for any harmonious hierarchic system because,
Respect is due to the Function that represents a precise ideal,

before being to the people who perform this function.

This respect due to the function must be seen as the respect of an ideal of just and clearly defined principles, that are the duties peculiar to this function.

Concerning schools, if the person who performs the function of teacher behaves wrongly regarding to his/her function, this person has to be punished or dismissed immediately. And the students have no right to disrespect this teacher until he/she still performs his/her function, because if the function's ideal is tarnished with disrespect, students may expand their disrespect to all the teachers, even them who perform their function perfectly.

Respect of the function does not mean an absolute duty of obedience.
Example: during the war between Algeria and France in 1961, my platoon was operating at El Gor in the South of Oran province, territory of the Al-Anghad tribe * in the south of Géryville.

* Nota : The Al-Anghad was a tribe of 2.500 nomad people (dromedaries, donkeys and sheeps breeders) who have been arbitrarily fixed on the Algerian side by the colonization. They became sedentary by force on a very small territory because of this war. The first wife of Abd El Khader was coming from the Al-Anghad tribe.

The Al-Anghads were not allowed to enter the forbidden zone, but the French army confined them into a so small territory, that was too small for their herd, that their animals died of famine: 30.000 to 3.000 heads. So that the shepherds were making the herd graze in the forbidden zone to avoid losing more animals: and French soldiers had the right to kill anybody in this zone. It's in these circumstances that we saw 2 young Al-Anghad shepherds from El Gor, aged 5 and 8. I was surprised when the lieutenant gave the order to the soldier in charge of the machinegun to prepare to shoot the 2 children. How is it possible that a man behaves this way?

I instantly put my Mat 49 (gun) on the Lieutenant's head, bullet engaged in the barrel. My action amazed everybody and stopped the deadly process. Then I told the Lieutenant, firmly but politely:

"My Lieutenant, with all due respect, I will have to kill you to avoid the murder of these children".

As he understood that I was not joking, he told to the machinegun man to withdraw and appointed two soldiers to take these two children -and their herd- back home and alive; this sad story finally had a happy ending as there were no repression on the families. Regarding military Laws, I was liable to the death sentence for my rebellion. The Lieutenant threatened me with the court-martial, but he finally did not do anything against me. Happy ending for everybody. By my behaviour I respected the function symbolized by his uniform, while I was determined to kill the man who was disgracing his uniform.

This short story is to show you that it's possible to respect the function,

while disobeying the man who performs it,

because respect is, at first, due to Life, of any kind.


Concerning my own experience, I live in Thailand and I can assert you that the youth of the country are taught the Buddhist philosophy since they are very young. That is, more than any other value, respect of their parents, respect of their masters/teachers, respect of the King, and respect of Life. Here, it is a pleasure to see schools, cleanliness, kindness of all and a mutual respect between humans.
On the other hand, I think that encouraging disrespect -like you do in western countries- is a social suicide.

Snapshot on Corsica

I love Corsica, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world, as well as Corsican because they are upright people; and I have a lot of Corsican real friends. Anyway, you only can have a real Corsican friend or a true Corsican enemy. In the second case, the person who made the mistake to have a true Corsican enemy should better escape the island to live on another planet if he doesn't want to get in serious trouble! Cesar the great, who observed the excellent warlike worth of these Men, said: '' The best riches in Corsica are its inhabitants''. But in the other hand, the one who found a real Corsican friend cannot find in his/her whole life a more loyal, dedicated and courageous friend! (Find out about Napoleon's Corsican guardsmen!)

One of my Corsican friends told me:
'' What the pinzuttis do not understand is that in Corsica, the Law is very clear and simple and has only one article: "whoever do not respect the others, will be executed with no anger, no hate and no pain."

Nota : The "Head of Maure" comes originally from Aragon. At the middle age, this head was on the standards of the kings of Aragon who were fighting against the Sarazins. This head was symbolizing a Sarazin king defeated during the Crusades. At this time, the "Head of Maure" was blindfolded, because in 1297, Corsica and Sardinia were given by the Pope to the King of Aragon. On the Corsican flag, the blindfold on the eyes -which is a symbol of slavery- has been raised on the forehead by Pascal Paoli to symbolize the liberation of the country, according to the historian Paul Arrighi. A bandera testa mora (Head of Maure flag) was declared Corsica's official emblem at the time of the Corti Consult on November 24, 1762.

Corsica has always had a lot of famous admirers. Stendhal who, everyone knows, was in love with stupidity and human aggressiveness, wrote in his book "Memoires sur Napoleaon": "In Corsica, the admirable Law of the gunshot, makes that politeness prevails". Voltaire wrote on November 18, 1768: ''The whole Europe is Corsican'', and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his book "le Contrat Social" said: ''If there is still a country able to legislate in Europe, it's Corsica island ''.

 Pascal Paoli (seen by Goscinny and Uderzo)

(Great Corsican Leader and, one of those who inspired the United States of America's Constitution and the women's right to vote)

While the numerous fights between Corsican and Italians, my ancestors, the latest learnt very quickly that their subjects deserved their reputation of " the most dangerous warriors of Europe''. The Corsicans of this age called the dagger they permanently wore at their belt, the '' porta rispettu'' (translation: respect-holder !). Corsicans are prompted by a superhuman determination: is there on this earth another human, other than a Corsican, able to start a military career as a Corporal and finish it by being sacred Emperor by the Pope, after having established the basis of the modern world for several centuries?

Corsican have a peculiarity that makes them different from other People: they are a mix of the American Indians and the Samurais spirits. American Indians, concerning the superhuman RESPECT they have for their island: they are conscious that they have been shaped by their island. And the Samurais, concerning their swords: they know that their dagger is their ONLY friend that will never betray them and will never turn against them!

Above all, Respect is a duty but not a right:
It is obvious that we can't be respected if we do not respect anyone, as well as if we are not able to be respected by the use of authority.

It's not an innate "right", or if you prefer we can acquire this right by the respect we have of the others or of anything. We also can acquire this right by the ability we have to impose it...

And a man who respects the others, respect himself too; because he knows that his behaviour is in harmony with the Highest Human Values! And: '' one respects a man who respects himself ''.

( H. de Balzac ). F.Y.I.

This seems to be something that everyone forgets.


Here is an authentic human's opinion about Respect:


" The principal standards of human ways of thinking can be classified regarding the attitude they have towards life and the world. This attitude fluctuates between acceptance and denial.

If we say "yes" to life and the world, then the existence is a value in itself that we have to raise to its perfection, which requires an active dedication towards things/people alive.

If we say "no", the outside world is of no interest, life becomes a stupid game with no aim, which is a matter to refuse, without trying to improve the lot of things/people alive. " Théodore Monod


In the speech he gave on December 11, 1968, when he was rewarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, Rene Cassin presented the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights as "the first ethic manifesto that organized humanity has ever adopted".

Now, 34 years after the adoption of this Declaration by UN's general Assembly, the medical profession, which duty is to help sick people and the society regarding the Child Care Service -Paris Hospitals-, just begin to observe that:

" It has to pay homage to this decisive text. Daily realities in our institution invest us with exceptional human responsibilities. Answering, by action and in a constant commitment, to the strongest needs a man expresses to another man, is to understand the value and the moral meaning of the "rights" that humans deserve".

In other words, they just started to understand in 2002, that they had to take account of human dignity, in the relationship between medical personnel and sick people. Will they do it? That's another question.

When will you understand? In a thousand years???

Taboo Reflections:

Fundamental aspect of the disrespect of the Man towards the Woman:
The first and the most fundamental respect should be the respect due to the Woman, because the People come from women. And that's why the very ancient harmonious societies were matriarchal. The American Indians said that: "Women are the root of the people, and if the root rots, the whole plant will rot ". After the long period of peace of the matriarchal societies, these ones, under the influence of the Jewish religions toppled to patriarchal societies that are the source of the actual disharmonies. At the present time, the worst disrespect is committed, in nearly every People and for different reasons, by men towards women they live with -for the most of the time brutally and with corporal brutality. Not to mention little girls who are often, and for ages, sexual victims of their fathers, uncles, brothers, etc... If this situation could sincerely improve, everything would change on this planet and harmony would win, because: ''the Woman is ray of GODl'' ( Rûmi ).
Only the respect towards women generates harmonious humans, because born and educated in good conditions.

Sexual aspect of the disrespect of the children by the religious in charge of their "education":
The second most fundamental respect should be the one due to Children. Now a lot of religious sexually abuse children. In India, there is still a religious ritual where young girls, sometimes aged only 12, are offered by their families to the local temples for a blessing ceremony where they are rapped, and then they enter at the sexual service of the Hindu priests: these girls are called the "devadasis". In the western world, and in the Third-World, it's worst: it's been 2000 years that priests sodomize and rape children. And it is not a minority: in the USA, 60% of the catholic dioceses are touched with this phenomenon. All the countries are concerned: rapes of indigenous children are practices everywhere, from American Indians to Australian Aborigines. We can imagine that religious took care of the Education for centuries, to have ''handy'' children more easily! Humans are now starting to become conscious that they are ALL, or nearly all, descendants of raped children! And they are now feeling very bad with this 2000-year old worldwide slavery performed by an assembly, for the main part, of homosexual-pedophiles!


The worldwide awakening will start with young people who will reject all these satanic religions.

Unknown aspect of the Slavery's revival:

Extract from " L'humanité disqualifiée " (humanity disqualified) by Serge Truffaut.


Some Rebirths really stink!
Slavery is one of them, if not the first of all. It's 15 years that the number of women and children kidnapped and sold is rising. According to a recent report, between 700.000 and 4 million people in the world would suffer someone else's tyranny.
Slave trader: a job with future prospects!
This report on slavery in the world recently published by the American state department is the second one and only the second one of its kind. The fact, that nobody made sutdies on this phenomenon before, shows the indifference and the helplessness of most of the important governments. And the revival of one of the worst scourge of the so-called humanity is not new. Everybody knows that the children submission by force to the goods production has been increasing as the legislations for workers are blowing up. And everybody knows that the submission of young girls to be sexually abused have been spreading very quickly just after the Berlin Wall was destroyed. In short, the most odious traffic is booming since 15 years.

Amazingly, it's only in 2000 that the Protocol under the UN, to prevent, suppress and punish the traffic of people, was adopted. Today, 104 nations have signed this treaty that plans the application of sanctions towards the countries that did not adopt a suitable legislation.

In other words, 82 countries absolutely don't care of this Protocol, whereas it is pressing to observe some rules, since the International Labour Organization asserts that there are 4 million of slaves in the world. Amongst these 82 countries, 19 of them come with terrible outcomes -most of them are Muslims-, according to the report of the State department together with many worldwide NGOs.

"Before giving more details about some vices, we have to mention some important aspects: the cogs. The slavery process is subdivided in 3 sequences. The supplier-countries, nations that turn a blind eye to those who kidnap the nationals; a notable country is ethiopia. Then the countries where nothing is done to slow down the process of slave trafficking; examples: Mexico and Hungary. And finally the countries that receive slaves and do nothing to prevent their exploitation; Petroleum monarchies of the Persian Gulf (U.A.E.) are the champions in their category. We must add that many countries gather these three cogs; for example: the Sudan.

In this country, hundreds of Ugandans kidnapped by rebel groups are sexual and domestic slaves; they even sometimes use Ugandans children as soldiers. Hundreds of Sudanese are sold as slaves to Libya and Chad. Worst, government authorities have barter with armed militias: in exchange of a military support from militias, the authorities turn a blind eye to their slave traffic.

In Saudi Arabia, it's no use prohibiting slavery since 1962 -in 1962 only!-, things haven't changed. There are no laws that specifically criminalize this traffic. More shocking, a wide range of jobs are not included in the convention, out of contract and out of legislation. More precisely, jobs concerning farming, transports and more are not regulated. Finally, concerning the victims' protection, Saudi Arabia is one of the most unworthy in the world.

In Russia, where this phenomenon shows a different aspect than Saudi Arabia, traffic is essentially sexual. Russia is supplier-country where the recruitment for prostitution is highly favoured, simply because it's not criminalized. Here like in many other countries, the traffickers take advantage because there are no legislation concerning the matter; and the investment in this activity is cheaper than the investment for drug traffic.

Millions of people are slaves, and such an abject situation is tolerated!
Social aspect of the disrespect of the Man by the Man:
At the present time, disrespect prevails as a king everywhere, arrogant and sure of its strength -even inside schools and other education institutes-; disrespect mainly attacks weak people: children, women and the elders because they can't protect themselves from violence (physical or oral). The under-humans who perpetrate these disrespectful and aggressive attitudes towards weaker people will never give up if one try to persuade them or with beautiful speech: they openly don't give a shit.
The only way to impose them RESPECT is the fear of a Just, Relentless and Quick Force.

It works! I saw it in the country where I live: young gangster from French suburbs tried to behave like if they were in France, as they were tourists in Thailand. The efficiency of the Thais and Thai police was instantaneous. Verbally offending or physically aggressing a Thai national result in the expulsion of the country and/or imprisonment, or worst -very often- immediate death.

From now on, young gangsters know how it works here; and Miracle! There is no more problem.

Commercial aspect of urging disrespect, as a selling technique:
Example: Two TV Commercials:

1. Two teenagers (a boy and a girl) are at the movies. The boy leans forwards the girl like if he was going to kiss her, but he just stole her lemonade. He's proud of himself: he simulated an affectionate intercourse to steal the girl's drink. Bingo, what a smart boy! All youngsters are invited to do like him.

2. A teenager (female) locked herself in a bathroom with a pack of cookies. The rest of the family knocks at the door. We can see her eating the whole pack of cookies, alone. And she only opens the door when the pack is empty. The slogan is: " XXXXXX, it's good to share."

These kinds of very frequent commercials are the triumph of disrespect, rudeness and selfishness: and everyone thinks that is normal!

The genocide aspect of human disrespect to make profit:
This is the reconstruction of the torture of an Amazonian Indian, the only survivor of a tribe that was exterminated by adventurers. The woman was hanged by the feet and cut in two parts lengthwise. This kind of event is frequent in Sylvia, but generally nobody talk about them. " Le massacre des Indiens " by Lucien Bodard, Publisher: Le Cercle du Nouveau Livre d'Histoire.


This picture was taken in the 60's-70's, but this past is not past.


The Amazon forest is rich of multiple natural resources and the Brazilian law, to protect Indians, says that no mine working, wood working or any other natural resources is allowed on any of the territories populated by Indians. Whatever can be the request, a study must be previously done to determine if the territory is populated by Indian villages or not.

Consequently, some "ill-intentioned" companies pay gunmen to exterminate one or many villages and erase all traces of the villagers -what is a natural process in a forest. When the job is done, these companies request for their authorization to exploit the territory. The government study mission reports that there are no Indians in the area, and the company gets the authorization. F.Y.I.

And there is more: American scientists used Indians as Guinea pigs. The American Anthropological Association denounced that American scientists would have kill hundreds of Indians for their experiments!

Saturday, 23 September, 2000, 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK

Amazon geneticist 'killed hundreds' by Alex Kirby

The suicidal aspect of disrespect of the Earth:
Disrespect prevails as a king everywhere, arrogant and sure of its strength in the economic spheres until the States level.

Unique example:

" France shows one more time that it really doesn't care about our Mother-Earth, since in 1999 the country threw 375.000 tons of nitrate in the Atlantic Ocean; which is twice more than in 1985 (200.000 tons), violating the international agreements. According to the OSPAR agreements, France should have reduced of 50% its toxic garbage between 1985 and 1995..."

Authentic Humans respect everything, even a tree or a rock, because they know that it takes a long reflection before allowing oneself to cut one tree, or to dig a hole in the ground. Now at the rate of the disrespectful devastation of the Earth, it will not remain any primitive forest within only 20 years; and humans will follow shortly after.

As there is no physical force able to stop the devastation, the only solution is to impose a force by our consumer behaviours.

The solution is to stop to buy any product coming from the devastation of the Earth.

If people completely stop to buy tropical woods it will slow down the cuts, won't it?

Other aspects of disrespect:
It's impossible to do an exhaustive inventory of the damages due to disrespect: they are too important. The damages start with the contemporary religious wars, the recent slaughter of an old man whose house was burnt for fun, slaughterhouses, to children sold to pedophile networks, et...

There is one example that nobody knows: the disrespect of the Earth -that directly led to desert expansion, devastations of forests, industrial accidents, and indirectly natural disasters -that forced 25 million people to escape ecological tragedies.


Theorically, they do not exist.

25 millions of ecological refugees.
by Marina Julienne

"Theorically, they do not exist. Anyway they don't have the status of «refugees» that is reserved, according to the Geneva Convention, to those who must leave their country because of persecutions related to their race, religion, nationality or their political opinions. Without the recognition of the refugee status, they can't hope any help from the international community.

Nevertheless in 1998, they were more than 25 million of «eco-refugees» in the world, a figure higher than those who escaped a conflict (23 million), according to the report of the UN Funds for population in 2001.

These people leave their houses, and sometimes their countries due to natural disasters... et due to the men too: Chernobyl's radioactive clouds, flooding near the Trois Gorge Dam in China, the forecasted submerging of Tuvalu archipelago in Polynesia, the expansion of the desert of Shale, etc...


The phenomenon of these eco-refugees is not new. Tens of thousands people had to leave the desert of Shale during the big drought in the 70's. According to Veronique Lassailly Jacob, Geographer at the Science Research National Center in France, «In 1964, 80.000 people were forced to leave the region because of the construction of the Akosombo Dam in Ghana, and 100.000 Nubians and Sudanese because of the construction of the Assouan Dam in Egypt».

For each eruption of volcano and each tidal wave, people escape their lands and their houses... And the combination of multiple factors such as the lack of resources, the destruction of the environment and the demographic growth will surely increase the movements of population. « How can you make the difference between someone who escapes poverty and someone who escapes the deterioration of the environment? » asks Hervé Domenach, Director of Research at the Population-Environment Laboratory from the Development Research Institute.

And how can we estimate that an ecological disaster -flooding or fires- is due to the men or the nature? A lot of cases, nevertheless reported by media, are litigious.


That's why next year New Zealand will receive «climatic exiles » from the Tuvalu Islands.

11.000 people will have to escape these 26 Km sq. that will be submerged soon, because of the climate warming and the water rise.

And the same thing may happen to the Maldives Islands: but this time 300.000 people will have to find a refuge. Can we talk about natural disaster? Or are these the effects of a climatic change of which the international community is responsible? In this case, will they have a refugee status and get some help?

Because they are not considered as « ecological refugees », some of them take shelter under the political refugee etiquette to escape poverty.« in 1992, explains Véronique Lassailly Jacob, thousands of people escaped drought in Mozambique to Zambia, that was happy to welcome a huge number of refugees, to get an important international help. In this country, refugees where not living in camps but on farming lands, where they were working as farmers: they could get benefit from the production but had only the right of use the land.» Everybody got his part of the cake. After drought, the refugees went back home without waiting the official repatriations."

You can read the integral text in the Québec Science magazine.

No good will come of waiting:
Respect takes its roots in the love that the Man have for the Universal and the understanding of the states of mind different from ours.

Respect must dwell on everything that is the Earth itself, and to all the forms of life it gave birth to.

Respect must be the central value in the education of the youth, with alive symbols that are at first, respectful greetings to the elders and the masters, as well as a polite attitude and a proper outfit. The opposite is nothing else than an indirect aggression to other people.

Respect must be strengthen by Force to impose to proud and rebellious people who try to exist socially through aggressiveness and impolite acts, or to get richer to the detriment of all. When I say Force I mean public Force as well as moral individual force to confront an opponent stronger than oneself. Do not confuse aggressiveness and violence.

Conclusion on a World of Harmony:

We must found a society with no aggressiveness in human relationships,

because, founded on the education of Respect since the early childhood:

A Harmonious Society.


But " the man being bad from birth" (Genesis) according to the Holy Fable. To give birth to a Harmonious and durable society, there must be a Force in the bosom of it -in addition of the education- that suppress the aggressiveness and disrespect of the others, and if necessary with an appropriated and efficient violence.

The need of this Force, and its individual Right, must be acknowledged.
If this couple, Education complemented with Force and this Right does not exist, aggressiveness spreads with no limits. And this is exactly what's happening in our western societies that supposedly respect the "human rights"; in this case, the man is the aggressor, because the weak victim has no right.


Understand that:

To stigmatize the Force as the Absolute Principle is an utopia that leads to the development of aggressiveness with no limit because it does not have any obstacle: this is what we can see in our daily life.

A human that is fully aroused is an Ocean of Peace inside himself, because there is no aggressiveness in him towards the other people. Some people would say that he is a "good" man, but he also has inside himself the sword of the sharpest violence.

Didn't Jesus chase away with violence the traders of the temple?

...According to the Holy Fable.

Here is what happens when a man is freed from psychical implants:

He just becomes Himself.

Which means a force similar to those from natural energies, because

this man doesn't know the fear and has no personal intentions.


His actions emanate from him the same as the heat emanate from fire; it's exactly like fire itself: it has no personal intention such as lighting, heating or destroying.

The child gets too near of the fire, burns himself, and then says "fire is malicious".

Fire is neither good nor bad because these words DON'T MAKE SENS. Fire is, and that's all.

WE have to learn how to use it, and depending on our intelligence fire will destroy us,

or it can heat us if we find how to use it.

The behaviour of a real human, freed, is identical to the fire: spontaneous. "he" doesn't "think", does not want anything and fears NOTHING. As a result, seen from outside, people do not understand his attitude that they sometimes can perceive as violent.

To finish, there is a thought process that aims to exit this world's dimension: this is the case of Buddhism. And this process does not apply by principle to the eradication of violence in the world (which is by nature very difficult), but tries to set up a perfect harmony inside ourselves: which obviously implies, at first, a total absence of aggressiveness.

By eliminating the aggressiveness in ourselves, we will considerably reduce aggressiveness in the world -of which we are a part- and so reduce crime! F.Y.I.

But they only will be definitely abolished the Day that each soul, by taking control, will make of its body a MAN or a WOMAN, because: ''the Man is only the shadow of THE MAN, and THE MAN is only the shadow of a Christ'' ( âme de Raphaël c 1, p 5 ).

Here is an excellent example from the book of the Dalai Lama: '' Le Dalaï lama parle de Jésus-Christ".

During a conference gathering many representatives of different religions, a Christian monk asked the Dalai Lama: ''Is it possible to be violent by compassion? ''

And the Dalai Lama answered :

'' Yes, in some cases. But it's violence with no hate and suffering. Siddharta himself turned to it in one of his previous embodiment where he was a trader. At this time, he had to take a ferry boat to cross a river. When he recognized one of the ferry boat employee as a wanted killer, and as he could read in the killer's thoughts he realized that the guy had took the decision to kill all the passengers to steal them. Therefore he killed the wanted killer to avoid him to suffer the karma of this bad action in his next re-embodiment ".

Stories of Buddha's former lives, called the Jakatâs, of which this anecdote, were the basis of his teaching until he died when he was 80.


Aggressiveness is a (negative) behaviour, whereas violence is an (positive) Energy.

Do you understand me?


''Self control generates Respect, Respect generates Order, Order generates Harmony, and Harmony has the power to End any forms of evil'' (Raphaël).


by Bev., the little website that will never let itself be crushed by the masters of the world, tells you: we have to re-conquer our own humanity, which obviously implies to RESPECT every form of life: we need to become conscious of the Sacred that is present EVERYWHERE.
Left: Miss Paem and Miss Lane, two young high school students of my family, educated like all Thai youngsters: on the basis of Respect.

Like Thais do, we should found a society with no aggressiveness between humans, because founded since the early childhood on the education of respect of the others, based on the philosophy of Respectful relations, at the opposite of the one we know since several centuries, at the origin of suffering: relation of force!

This is the only attitude to end aggressiveness and the destruction of our planet.

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