Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter IX - Wisdom

IX-01: The teaching of the two Great Snakes from Orient and Occident, 21 seeds for the next age.

IX-02: Restore the Respect as the supreme value.

IX-03: How to Restore the Harmony.

Part 3 - How to restore Harmony

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia

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Restore Harmony

for every Living Being, and forever

Free your mind from conditioning of all the powers.


I- The Man, as he was originally living harmoniously with the world.

II- Second vision of the World: the one of the "civilization".

III- What is the Liberation, and how to reach it?

IV- Why did this millennium harmony disappear?

V- Humans: the Gods' Livestock.

VI- The confiscation and the divertions of the real faith about Judaism, Christianity and New Age.

VII- The fight with the invisible to control Humanity, and its corollary, the servitude of humanity by the masters of the world, with the help of the invisible.

VIII- Restore Harmony for every living Being.

I - The Man, as he was originally living harmoniously with the world..

"The American Indian from the North distinguishes himself by particular things, and particular perceptions compared to the world surrounding him: he thinks that Nature is good and the Man too, since the Man is a part of Nature. From the misty coastlines where the Duwamish were living, to the high valleys covered with poplars where the Paiutes were living, Beauty grants its blessing to the men and the land. The eloquence of the Indians about beauty was surprising the White settlers. William Penn says that he doesn't know any European language that had "more words of softness and grandeur than the Indians'."

The American Indian's identity is based on several equations that make up a philosophy, an inherent vision of the world, expressed by this singing:

You see, I am alive

You see, I am according with the Earth,

You see, I am according with the gods,

You see, I am according with every beautiful things,

You see, I am according with you,

You see, I am alive, I am alive.

The American Indian defines himself compared to his land. The conception he has of himself is above all, a conception of the physical world, from where he comes from, and where he will return at the end of his life journey. The American Indian is attached to his land. Landscape is his natural element, the only dimension where life is possible for him. The idea to be separated from his land is an unknown concept; such an idea is wrong and unworthy of him.

For the American Indian, the land is sacred because it exerts over him a subtle influence and it's full of life too. It's a living entity, where all the alive entities find their origins and their ends. The Indian is eternally linked by his soul with the land. This perception may seem extraordinary to other People, but for the Indian it's a feeling of harmony with the human behaviour, worthy of the human being in the total expression of its total humanity.

It's through the integration with the natural world that the American Indian finds his own well-being:

You see, I am according with the Earth

The second perception of oneself that characterizes the American Indian is religious. It's essentially a sense of the Sacred that is everywhere in his tradition.

The American Indian has a very deep religious nature. Everything in his life is of a religious nature, and his rites and ceremonies are obvious evidence. Less visible is the importance of the religion on his daily personal behaviours. All his deliberate words and gestures have a religious connotation. I've never met an Indian who did not have a sens of the sacred highly developed.

By Scott Momaday, English and compared literature Teacher, Standford University.

Extract from l'indien d'Amérique of National Geographic Society -Flammarion.

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II - Second vision of the World: the one of the "civilization".

This preceding vision of the world -and the harmonious relation consequently established between the Man and the world- lasted 2000 millenniums: for the civilization of the hunters -harvest- farmers. By hypothesis, this vision is not inherent to the American Indians as some paintings from the prehistoric era testify the same absolute respect of the Nature.

And in Eurasia, it was ousted by the appearance of a much more elaborated vision of the world: the most complex vision appears in the Indian Vedic texts, especially the Bhagavad-Gîtà which is synthesis.

What does it say?

La Bhagavad-Gîtà, chapter 4 - versed 1 & 2, says that the Lord Krishna, emanating from Vishnu, stated the Bhagavad-Gita for the first time to his disciple the deva of the sun Visvavàn, approximately 120.400.000 years ago; but it's also at the beginning of the tretà-yuga (the second era) that Visvavàn taught to Manu, the father of Humanity, this Science that allowed the Man to meet again his relation with God or Mother-Source of everything; Then Manu transmait his knowledge to his son,Isvàku, king of the land and the ancestor of the Raghu dynasty, about 2.165.000 years ago.

This supreme science aims to stop the illusory duality inside ourselves, and to "arouse" our "Christian" or "Buddhist" Conscience:
"Under the influence of the 3 Gunas (ignorance, passion and virtue), the soul is deceived by the fake ego that thinks it is the author of its acts whereas the acts are, in reality, performed by the nature." III. 27

"The one who is beyond doubt and duality, freed from sin, who works to the well-being of all living beings and whose thoughts are turned to the inside, this one achieves the Absolute and reaches the liberation. " V. 24

This sacred book also teaches that the Universe -in all its dimensions- is populated by 2 categories of living beings: the Devas -or Gods, of which some of them are rebel and become the Asuras -or devils, and the humans. The book says that these 3 categories interact with each other, and so that the Devas or Asuras interfere in humans' lives as well as we interfere in their lives:

"In the beginning of the Creation, the Lord of all living beings populated the Universe with the humans and the Devas. Recommending donations to Vishnu (God), he blessed them telling them that the Yajnas (donations) will bring happiness and spread beneficial favours to everybody. " III. 10

Right away, it's mentioned to everybody to make donations to the Mother-Source of everything.

These texts also specify that, depending on his behaviour, the Man can change of level of existence regarding to the cults he dedicates:

"The ones who dedicate a cult to the Devas will reborn amongst the Devas, amongst the specters and other spirits who live in their cults, amongst the ancestors who venerate the ancestors; Likewise, my devouts will live next to Me. " IX. 25


In some other parts of the Vedas, it is clearly mentioned that de devas are attached to their form of existence, and so it's harder for them than for humans to definitely leave our Universe.

Consequently: of these 3 categories, the most enlightened one is not the Devas -even if they have a considerable longevity-, but the humans, which is the privileged form to reach the Liberation.

Nevertheless, only a few humans want it and so are able to reach it, as they prefer to dedicate cults to the Devas, a cult of which the benefits are immediate:

"The man not much wise applies himself to the sweet language of the Vedas that teaches different practices to reach the planets of delight, to reborn favourably, to increase his own power and other favours. The man is fiery by the desire of an opulent life, but he does not see further ahead" II. 43

"All the men with a limited intelligence dedicate a cult to the Devas; but the fruits of their adoration are short-lived and limited. Anyone who dedicates himself to the Devas reach their planets, whereas my devout can reach My planet that is the Supreme one." VII. 23

"All the planets in the Universe, from the most advanced to the lowest, are places of suffering where birth and death follow one another. But for the soul that reach my kingdom, ô son of Kunti (Arjuna), there is no more rebirth." VIII. 16

This text admits the efficiency of these cults but advises the men against them, and preaches the Liberation. Indeed it teaches that life in this world is endless sufferings, and that besides gods are dissolved at the end of the cycle, like everything e:

"One day of Brahma is worth a thousand ages known by the men, and same for a night of Brahma." VIII. 17

"The Brahma day gives birth to all the varieties of beings, and when the Brahma night comes they are all annihilated." VIII. 18

"Endlessly, day after day, the day comes again ô Pärtha, and each time thousands of beings come back to life. Endlessly, night after night, at the nightfall beings are annihilated, helpless." VIII. 19

"However, there is another world that is eternal, beyond the two states of the matter, manifested and non-manifested. The Supreme world that never perishes; when the whole material universe is faded out, the Supreme World survives intact." VIII. 20.

Therefore, the gods as well as the devils are trapped in their conditions, (1) that is not eternal, while the man can free himself (2) more easily than them from his condition.

Note: each human possesses inside himself the potential to be a Buddha, if he wants to be and endeavours in this way. According to Buddha, the position of the man is supreme. The man is his own master, and there are no superior powers or beings that will judge his destiny. He taught his disciples to be a « refuge for themselves », and to never seek for help -or a refuge- from someone else than themselves. He taught, encouraged and stimulated the people he met to develop their own being and to realize their own emancipation: because the man has the power to free himself from all bandages through a personal effort, his intelligence and self-confidence.

Life after life, this liberation results of a slow progression going through 6 levels. Tens of thousands people, of whom some are still alive, have described this experience -that westerners see as weird-, and most of the time in an identical. (3)

If you want to skip the commentary about the Liberation -which is quite long:

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III. In what does the Liberation consists in, and how to reach it?

commentary of the venerable ANANDA MAITRIYA Maha Nayaka Thera.

(1) All the beings in celestial states are free regarding disease and old age, car accidents and terrorist attacks -nevertheless they are not free of the death. In other words: their happy and divine lives also has an end. They are tied up with the rebirth cycle of the Samsara. They are compelled to born again at the end of their celestial existence. Even Brahma, who lives in very high spiritual states, will be reborn at the end of the jhænique states. The privilège to not come back on the Earth is only granted to sublime people who live in the state of anægæmø. Back to " then, the gods..."

(2) It's the individual's mental quality that determines the possibilities to get free from the misfortune of the Samsara. As long as our mental is tied up, we are not able to reach the Liberation. To reach the steps of the way of Liberation we need to break off with the ties that hold us back to the "Wheel of Rebirth". The teachings of Buddha enumerate the 10 different ties and the 4 steps to eliminate them.

The disciple who breaks the 3 first ties reaches the state of sotæpanna. He enters the state of awakening. He has the ability to control his last thought before dying, which means that he will not be reborn in misfortune conditions anymore, and will not move back in the spiritual way either. According to the sacred texts he will be reborn not more than 7 more times. He's freed from the belief in the existence of an individual soul, from the doubt and the attachment to the rules and ritual ceremonies.

The disciple who is able to reduce the ties of sensual desire and aversion will reach the state of sakadægæmø. He will be reborn only one more time on this Earth.

The disciple who totally eliminates the ties of sensual desire and aversion reaches the state of anægæmø. He will never come back on this Earth.

The one who reached the final step, has broken the cycle of birth and death: this one is called arahant. He is freed from the greed of the material and immaterial existence, from pride, from restlessness and from ignorance. His mental is pure, he has eliminated all "stains". Back to " then, the gods..."

(3) When someone practices meditation, it sometimes happens that the mental wanders here and there. When this happens, one has to stay very vigilant to take the mental back to its point of concentration. That way, one becomes able to concentrate better and better. If one practices this technique diligently during a few months nothing will be able to disturb the mental at the time of meditation. Sensual pleasures, avidity and anger will not concern the one who meditates; he will be freed and his mental will be able to become fixed on a precise point, with no problem. After a month -or more- of continual practice, anger, jealousy, sensual pleasure will become strangers to the mental...

1 - In its clarity, the mental shows a light to the one who meditates. This light is the reflect of the mental purity, and it appears intermittently. When the one who meditates sees the light, it's advisable he concentrates his mental on it: so the light becomes shinier. A this level, the creative power of spirit develops. Mentally, the one who meditates should see this light becoming progressively bigger and bigger. And consequently, the one who meditates becomes able to send his mental in the space, towards the whole world.

2 - When the mental is concentrated on this infinite light, it's possible to make the concentration powerful, besides the true serenity and delight. In fact the one who reaches this state feels like if he was in a superior sphere. Once this level of concentration reached, the mental will not be dirtied by emotions and sensuality. This is the second level of the spirit. Those who reach this level call in question their body: they feel that this body, to be maintained, is only a source of worry.

Note of the Webmaster: "It's probably the temporary level 2 that makes some people think that they have reached a "Divine" sphere; but in fact they remained in the sphere of the mental illusion. Most of these people see themselves as messengers of the Divine Spirit."

3 - They decide to finish with all the problems generated by the material body, and try to live only in a mental level, freeing themselves by the techniques of meditation. This is a high mental development. When one reaches this state, one becomes very get away from this world's matters. This level is called« Arupa ». But this is not the end because after a while, when the concentration's flow is over, one is back to the human nature. In other words, we will be born in a similar mental sphere where we would live millions of years, after death. And one day, we will have to come back, to be reborn as an ordinary being and this for a long time... And so on, we remain inside this world and all its sufferings.

There are 3 levels in the spirit or mental world: Sensuality (Kamavacara), the Refined Form (Rupavacara), and the Immaterial Spirit (Arupavacara). But there is ignorance and agitation in all these levels because they are not the final level, called Atta. In fact, all those who reach the highest of these levels always have to be back again on this Earth. This is what is called «Samsâra» or «wheel» (of life).

The 3 following levels are not of the mental world:

4 - Nevertheless, those who reach this state try to find a way to reach the Eternal Felicity. They practice another kind of meditation: the Vipassana meditation. Those who practice it work on their body as well as their mental. The Vipassana meditation allows to perceive the real nature of the spirit and the body. When one is able to permanently perceive the impermanence of the body and the mental (spirit), one grows weary and feels the necessity to stop this phenomenon. Step by step, more one sees the things as they really are, and less one becomes attached to all these things, freeing oneself from the desires of the body and the mental.

At the end of the Vipassana practice, one's inward eye opens up at a certain time.

Note of the Webmaster: "This means at anytime, and out of any context linked to a present activity."

Consequently, one realizes that the nature of the world is agitation, impermanence and non-substance.

Afterwards, the image of Nibbâna appears to the spirit; and one will experiment Felicity for the first time. This preliminary experience is called «Sotapati» (entrance in the current).

Note of the Webmaster: "This is probably the temporary level 4 that makes some people think that they are already freed, while they are still not; because the term "first time" implies that there will be, at least, one more time. Some of these people may sometimes believe that they have reached the level of the Great Instructors such as Jesus or Buddha. This text is clear."

5 - Whoever experiments this Felicity becomes attracted by the Nibbâna. If he continues this practice, his attachment will gradually disappear until he becomes able to see the Nibbâna.

Note of the Webmaster: "This remark confirms that the previous vision was only temporary."

So, the desire of the world becomes so insignificant to the person who reached this level, that it may be the last time he/she will be on this Earth. This step is called «Sakadagami». But the person has to be completely purified from any attachment to this world. The subject continues to analyze himself by practicing diligently the Vipassana meditation. In the end, this person will be able to root out any attachment, to be finally totally freed.

6 - When the subject will be strengthen in this third level, he would have reached the Nibbâna (Nirvana in Sanskrit) ; it's called «Anagami» (the one who never comes back). He/she will never come back in this world, having reached a superior sphere that he/she doesn't want to give up. He/she can observe the weakness of his spirit, and feel the need to continue to practice the Vipassana. He/she discovers the real nature of this world, and the nature of his inner state. He does not undergo any attachment to the world, because the pure wisdom is awakened inside him.

In the Nibbâna, he is enlightened and glowing as a sun. This is the aim of our life, and it's the perfection. The one who reaches this stage is called «Arahat» , which means perfectly Saintly.

This is the liberation of life, of rebirth, of death and of all the troubles going with them. This is why we have to practice the Vipassanâ meditation.

Most of the religions' founders considered themselves as gods incarnations or inspired by God. Buddha did not receive any inspiration or powers from gods: his realizations and his accomplishment are the result of human intelligence and efforts. After having reached the dasa paramita, Buddha declared that only a man -and not even gods, was able to achieve the final aim of Buddhism.

Each human has inside himself the potential to be a Buddha if he/she tries hard. And if Buddha's disciples venerate him, they do not pray to him in the Christian way: because they are conscious of his humanity. Back to " then, the gods..."

Theravada Buddhism Teachings
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IV - Why did this millennium harmony disappear?

We can suppose that this form of civilization had a period of harmony, as mentioned by the Tradition, but the harmony disappeared since at least 5000 years: and today, everybody can observe that the end of the harmony has led us to chaos.


The Bhagavad-Gîtà gives us the answer:

"Atheists and ignorant people, who do not believe in sacred Scriptures, cannot become conscious of God. There will be no happiness in this world (in this life as well as the next ones) for the one who doubts." IV. 40.

"Those whose mental is misshapen by material desires is devoted to the Devas; they follow, each one depending of their nature, the different rites inherent to their cults." VII. 20

"They are lost because they cherish evil and atheist views. Their hopes of liberation, their greedy behaviours and their aspiration to knowledge are vain." IX. 12

"O descendant of Vrsni, what does -even against his own will- push the man to commit Sin like if he was forced to do it?" III. 36

"The enlightened Lord says: it's only the sensual pleasures, ô Arjuna. Born at the contact of the passion, and changed into anger, it is the most devastator enemy of the wolrd, and source of Sin." III. 37

The answer is extremely clear: donations are only due to the Mother-Source of everything. Those who devote themselves to the Devas, for material ambitions, are wrong: and the quest for sensual pleasures that pushes them to behave this way is the most devastator factor in the world.

Since the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gîtà until the present time, all the authentic masters taught that it is not good to devote oneself to these cults; they taught us to devote one to the awakening of our Divine Conscience. However, it's in their names that the cults of Devas have been perpetuating, until the present time, with the New Age movement. Not to mention the cults to the Asuras who have never disappeared, included within the churches.


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V - Humans: the Gods' Livestock.

" In the spiritual sphere, countless humans confuse the appearances with the reality. In their childhood, they were told the story of the wolf disguised as a grandmother knocking at the doors, and bleating sweet and loving words: and then the children get caught when they opened the door. Ah, loving words! On internet we just find New Age websites only talking about beings of light and love. For sure, a person emotionally immature will fall in the trap. And the aim of these messages is not innocent. It's used to oppose the action of the Spirit of Truth, by creating a grid of vain sentimentality all around the Earth. Anyway, the New Ages refuse any critical debate.

And some new "revelations" come out daily. These "romantic" messages are useless because they are untiringly always the same. These messages evolve as the disincarnated entities that inspire the Channels who copy new data from real spiritual teachings, published in writing. Except that, these entities would have nothing to say, or maybe some kept trotting out words such as: "I am Jesus, and I tell you to love each other"; or some so-called prophecies copied from the Apocalypse of Saint John. They steal ancient traditions that they communicate as "the Great prophecies of the Andes or of Tibet". These people are seriously unscrupulous!

Here is an interesting point of view:

"Parasite entities from beyond exist, and they know how to skilfully formulate their messages by using elaborate esoteric doctrines that uneducated mediums ignore. There is always a feeling of "deja-vu" when we read these "revelations". And this is not the worst: the powerful entities, who control this foolish game, really exist. They are like the boss of the casino who goes from table to table to check that everything is going right.

All this wild channelling is organized by the brotherhoods of the invisible -occult gangs- who want to spread flattering doctrines such as: Christ is on its way back or the coming of the Golden Age. At first sight, an idealistic and generous human likes the idea that Christ will be back or the coming of the Golden Age.

And if this human has neither traditional notion nor a real spiritualism inside himself, he is ready for believing anything. At the highest level, this manipulation comes under an occult politics that aims to condition the masses with a certain way of thinking."

To whom does this swindle profit to?
"There are many occult groups who pretend to know what is good for the humanity, and who want to lead it - without asking for its opinion, of course. To give you a better idea of what's going on, we will set out some weird data generally unknown, even for those who think that they have a strong esoteric culture and already had a mystical and magical experience.

Let's have a look at what's going on behind the veils of the invisible world. By simple deductions we can go very far in the analysis, because logic prevails in every dimension.

Through the multiple spiritual and esoteric current that we can see on this Earth, we can observe that occult powers are numerous, and also pursue different goals -very often, totally opposing. As all the other creatures, the invisible entities are animate with the conservation instinct. So, they have to use all the means at their disposal to increase their vital space, or to defend themselves when they are threatened. Well, there are many centuries that these powers are effervescent, because in the "big bank of the invisible their credit is in the red". In other words, there is an energy resource crisis. In terms of quality and quantity, some energy is missing. So it's time for them to react and get the control of the situation. The actual agitation on the Earth can be explained by the mess in the invisible dimensions of our planet.

Who are these creatures who live in superior levels and that could feel threatened? And threatened by what?
"They are abnormal entities "squatting" in the spheres beyond, who are feeding themselves with the vitality of the earth's creatures.

In the universe, each organism must feed itself. The invisible world does not escape to the rule. Normally, the activities that made by the humans generate a "fuel" that can be used by creatures that do not have organs of assimilation.

We inhale cosmic energy that we transmute, and that we re-emit under subtle forms. Deprived of this capacity, some creatures that do not have our physical organs can maintain themselves in the world beyond -in an abnormal way, by getting connected on this energy coming from the "human battery".

This is the big secret of life beyond: everything is food. Whereas divine beings -the angels- take their energy directly from the source of the cosmic rays, the rebel entities that are tied up to the earthly level use the humans as energy relay. They are compelled to do it if they want to survive in the world beyond, out of the time they have to spend between their former death and their rebirth.

This is a fundamental truth that is hidden to humans so that they continue to produce energy without rebelling. And this energy exchange becomes vampirism if you consider that these creatures are as much greedy as most of the people on the Earth. Why would they be different from what they used to be during their human life? And they are even less conscious than humans are.

For million years, a parasite life organized itself in the invisible world. This life is only the reflection of the social, political and religious structures of the numerous civilizations that followed one another. This "ghost life" is highly developed on the astral level with its fake "angel aspects", and on the contrary its infernos that are swarming with retrograde entities, as well as the vermin living from the humanity's inferior passions: vice, perversion, excess, crime... and all these passions supply food to these entities. We have to understand that this abnormal life is only the consequence of our way of living, thinking and feeling. The Man who was originally a "creative god" feeds these invisible spheres with his thoughts and his emotions".

When a medium or a clairvoyant have a contact with these invisible dimensions and their inhabitants, he thinks he reached in a spiritual and luminous world: this is a fatal mistake because the world beyond is only the reverse of the material world. Like on our Earth, you have to eat if you don't want to be eaten. There is only in the Kingdom of God that one feed oneself with Love, Justice and Truth. One is feed with pure and divine forces; whereas in the world beyond, these forces are degraded and the man who picks them up is exploited by the "princes of this world".

As a result, voluntarily or not, humans feed the invisible world on etheric, astral and mental dimensions.
"He supplies the precious cosmic essence that only him can synthesize because of his sophisticated physical organism, with his nervous and gland system. In return, the entities who depend on the man behave the best way to satisfy his beliefs and ideologies. They can make a parody of Christ or any other divine being.

Normally, in a divine universe, everything takes place harmoniously: no exploitation of the weak by the strongest. But the Earth is not anymore a planet well-regulated. For those who can see with clear eyes the world around them, they've noticed serious imbalances in our societies but also inside ourselves. These anomalies are so dramatic that some new "saviours" appear regularly in our world to try to remedy to these problems. We have no means to really evaluate if the situation is getting better or is getting worse. Spiritualist and evolutionist theories pretend that everything is going better and better, but it's a pure speculation. Nevertheless, we can understand that these anomalies are not inherent to the material level, but that the energy malfunction echoes on other dimensions, because everything is linked.

They are entities that are a part of the high occult hierarchy of the "egregores". For these entities, that are called the "abnormal beings of the world beyond", who want to survive indefinitely without having to re-embody a physical body on the Earth, the situation is "limited". There is a deficit of subtle food, (since the Catholic Church crisis -note of the webmaster) and their shelters in the astral is crumbling and disintegrating.

In clear, the fake astral paradise -the Great Babylon- is decomposing. And as usual, the one who suffer the most are the poorer, because the "dignitaries" of the occult high-class have accumulated reserves. Anyway, the global quality of the energy is declining. This explains the vulgarization and the degradation of the religious rites. The decay and confusion."

The New Age's Trickeries.
"We are starting to understand the problem. This could explain why there are presently so many esoteric re-appearing, and why there are so many mediums and channels in charge to diffuse holy messages to stimulate the men's interest towards an invisible sphere -that we've been neglecting for centuries.

The reality is more complex because many abnormal entities that refused to be reborn in a physical body -and who were vampirizing humanity, will have to come back amongst us. They are not happy to come back, after having enjoyed the delights of the Devachan -the California of the astral world- for centuries, and for millenniums -for the great Eons who are not subjected to be born and to die.

The highest entities in the occult hierarchy will physically escape this "deportation in the death camp", but the other one will have to come to give a hand down here, to help to fix the machine. The order established by Lucifer is strong, and it protects itself well; and it still has the means to survive for a long time."

Extract from the journal "Undercover" no 3, September 2002. 40 rue Paradis, 76530 Grand Couronne, France.

Published by Joël Labuyère .

Here is an article that can lead us to a rational explanation, regarding the behaviour of all the clergies from all religions that have deliberately reversed the Only One and Unique Teaching of all the master founders.

And it's not new: "The Pharisians and the scribes have been given the keys of the Knowledge, and they hid them. They did not go inside, and they stopped those who wanted to go in. You, be attentive as the snake and simple as the dove." Jesus' words. Logion 39 of Saint Thomas' Gospel, which is a part of the 53 parchments written in Copt Sahidic language, very similar to Egyptian ancient hieroglyphics that were found in the vicinity of Nag Hammadi in High Egypt,1945.

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VI - The confiscation and the divertions of the real Faith
about Judaism, Christianity, and New age.

As long as humans were very close to the Earth, as long as they didn't know greediness because nature was a source that was providing for all their needs and so they did not have to accumulate goods, the empire of the invisible -that is vampirizing humanity today- was insignificant.

Indeed, the traditional hunter People, do not know what is the individual property except for a very few things. Individual property is nearly useless to them. When they go in expedition -as I have seen- they just bring with them a few things, because they are able to make -in a very short time- with natural tools surrounding them what can become necessary. Only the women can become subjects of greediness; but this problem was resolved by the sharing of the women and the collective education of the children; or with clans' taboos that organize the unions between men and women, such as the Australian Aborigines.

But all this process stopped at the time of the creation of the cities and of the "civilization", that are founded -on the contrary- on the principle of accumulation of goods and competition to acquire these goods.

Since then, the balance between the worlds was broken.

All the rebel powers saw the opportunity to exploit this wide open gap...

About Judaism.

A recent declaration of New York Rabbi Congress opened my eyes on our real history concerning Judaism, as the authentic Jews who respect the Torah protest against Israel leaders and ask for the dissolution of this State.


"February 7, 2002- The observance of the Torah's precepts forbids the Jews to have their own State, even a religious state. That's why all the rabbis and all the Jews who fear God were opposed to Zionism under all its forms and in all its consequences since the beginning.

It's with grief and sorrow that we gather to protest against the "State of Israel" that defies the Torah, and especially against its leader, the bloodthirsty Sharon, that is at the present time visiting US President Bush. It's him, Sharon, who defied the Torah by disrespecting the Sacred name of the God when he went to the Mount of the Temple to proclaim the war against the Palestinian People. Consequently, it's him who started and generated these series of murders and massacres whose victims are all the population of the Holy Land. And he doesn't stop to feed this war, with the help of his atheistic colleagues of the government of Israel.

We also gather to protest against the politics and the dangerous behaviours of the Israeli government towards the religious Jews. We will denounce the persecution and the imprisonment of rabbis, those who wanted to preserve and defend the sacred burial places. And we will denounce, all the more reason, the help Israel gave to the cold-blood murder of the eminent Rabbi Samet, assassinated because he was defending the religious principles in the holy town of Jerusalem. We also ask to the US Government to take necessary measures to stop these bloody actions, and to obtain the broadening of the respected Rabbi Biton, and to take the assassin of Rabbi Samet to court. We pray God to free the Holy Land and the Jew People by sending us the Messiah soon! To those who ask themselves why we are here today. Washington, DC -February 7, 2002."

Followed by an interview of the representative of this Rabbis Congress; here are some key elements:

"We are here today to declare that the Israeli government itself and the Zionist ideology it represents, are not legitimate representative of the Jew People or of the Biblical Faith, which is the only foundation of our own existence.

The principle of the zionist thought is the Dogma, dating from one century, which considers that the Jews' exile results from a human action; in this case, of the military superiority of the Roman army that destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem (70 A.D.), and that one can end the Diaspora by military and political actions.

The Talmud and the Midrash has always warned us against any attempt to end the Jews' exile, because it could result in horrible and endless massacres. And also because it is simply impossible (on a metaphysical point of view) that the antithesis of Judaism is led by people who renounce to the Torah can pretend to lead and represent successfully the Jew People.

In reality, the Zionists' behaviours have always horrified the pious Jews, before they accessed the power as well as since the State was created, because these behaviours were revealing the true nature of this movement. And the Israeli State has been fighting Jewish practices for a long time. It violated Jewish burial sites to make archeological researches, disrespect sacred bodies by proceeding autopsies, and persisted in maintaining the morals' decay that represent mixed regiments... and the list is too long...

Beyond the present aim -to free Rabbi Briton- we are determined to inform the whole world that the non-believers (even if they name themselves "Israel", exhibit the Star of David and Menoras (Jew candlestick with 7 arms) have no right to talk in the name of the Jews worldwide.

Any formulation of Judaism that refuse the Mount Sinai Revelation represents a distortion of the (real) faith we were taught (at the Mount Sinai), more than 4,000 years ago."

Q - Then, what is your program... ?

A - "It is to pray for a peaceful dismantling of the State of Israel, to encourage the Jews worldwide to cut their ties with this State; and to proclaim to humanity that Judaism cannot accept to be represented by heretics and to aspire, in the same time, to good relationships with all the men of all the nations."

Rabbi Congress of New York State - P.O. Box 79 - Highland Mills N Y 10930 - USA

And now pious rabbis put into light the confiscation and the changes of their real faith, coming from Moses' revelations on the Mount Sinai, by those who talk in the name of the religion and of Jew people! They may know serious things to ask for the dismantling of Israel!
Back to the synopsis.

About Christianity.

How could not we make a direct parallel with the confiscation and the diversions, by the Catholic Church, of Jesus' teachings since the beginning of his existence?

This means that the Church transformed, by a total inversion, the teachings of a "man who made himself a God" (Jesus) and who wanted to pass on to the men how they could do the same: that is arousing the divinity in them, in the cult of a "God that made himself a man" to save humanity (thing that Jesus has never pretended to be).

In other words, Jesus taught the humans how to exit the illusory duality, and the Christian Church founded in his name a cult intended to keep them in this duality! This brought into disrepute the value of Jesus' Universal Message.

This usurper Church was founded by Paul, whose successors presented later Peter (Simon) as the first Pope; whereas the first and last authentic pope was the one chosen by Jesus himself: his real brother Jack.

And Jesus would have surely not chosen Peter -as the Catholic Church convinced its Faithful to believe- because the latter had betrayed him, was hampering him without a break in his action, and satanic intentions against him. That's why one day Jesus said these words to Peter: "Pass behind me, Satan you are standing in my way!'' (Matthew 16, 23).

Scientists just found the cinerary urn of Jesus' brother who was the first pope, and more precisely the first one who was the head of the first Christians' council.


Jesus and his brother Jack.
So, this is evidence that Jesus really existed. That's what tells the scientific article published in the Biblical Archeology Review Journal, on October 22, 2002. The author, André Lemaire, is the Studies Director at School of high studies at the Sorbonne University -Paris. This discovery is significant, since it could be the first historical reference concerning the existence of Jesus-Christ.

You can read the details of this amazing discovery in the following websites:

The cinerary urn discovered by Lemaire in Jerusalem

(AP /Shanks' Biblical Archaeology Review)

"Jack, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus": these few words written in Aramaic language (the Semitic language of the Ancient Middle East) on the side of an empty cinerary urn owned by an Israeli collector are now the stake of many discussions, questionings and diverse stand takings.
"The authenticity and the age of this ossuary is beyond disputed by the experts. This cinerary urn is estimated to date back to 44-46 AD, which means only a few years after the supposed death of Jesus.-

But can we have the certitude that this "Jesus' is the one described in the New Testament? As an honest scientist, André Lemaire cannot give a 100% guarantee, but the statistical probability is very high.

Thanks to the "onomastic" (studies of the names and surnames) that defines the distribution of the first names, the author concludes that in a population of 80,000 people (the population of Israel at this time), there could only have about 20 people called Jack with a father called Joseph and a brother Jesus.

What is the most amazing is to mention the name of a brother on a cinerary urn. Indeed, on about 2000-3000 classified cinerary urns we only know another one on which the name of the deceased's brother is mentioned. So, there was a special reason to mention the brother's name. We can conclude that Jesus of Nazareth was a celebrity. And it's this coincidence that makes very probable the identification of Jack, and consequently of his brother, Jesus. You have to know that except this recent evidence, the most ancient mention of Jesus-Christ, whose existence is quoted by the Roman historian Flavius Josèphe, goes back to a fragment on papyrus of John's Gospel dated back to 125 AD. ...

And then, the information converge to the following assertion: Mary was Joseph's wife and after she gave birth to Jesus, her and Joseph had 4 more sons named Jack, Joseph, Simon and Jude. These boys also had some sisters. Look at Matthew's Gospel13:55-56, as well as the Epistle to the Galatea 1:18-19"


Author: Pierre Schwaller (

The historical existence of Jack is not debatable. After the death of Jesus, Jack founded the Christian Church and he is the author of a book that the Church has rejected. Then he was stoned in Jerusalem -62 A.D., under orders of the Sanhedrin that was at that time presided by the Sadducean priest, Anne, just before the Jew revolt of 66 A.D.; then the Nazarene community of Jerusalem had a revelation that ordered them to leave Jerusalem.

Afterwards these first Christians were persecuted and most of them disappeared; and above all they were ousted by the expansion of the second "church" founded by Paul.

And to erase all the possibilities that Jesus had a brother, the dogma of Mary's eternal virginity was made up and proclaimed later, legitimating as a result the only Church: Peter's Church.

How this can be possible (?), would ask the sincere Catholics...

This comes from the emperors Theodosia II in Orient, and Valentinien III in the West adopted measures that deprived us of almost the entirety of the ancient authors. A pitiless censorship was applied by the monks on the manuscripts that last nearly one thousand years. These manuscripts had to go through a legal barrier as well as a censorship from the clergy, to reach us.

The analyze of the texts that we could read shows that the censorship was applied to eliminate everything that was against the post-Constantine religious dogma. Texts have been revised, put in a different context or expurgated.

Source: Ernest Rénan circle.

Besides, the censors didn't know exactly what they wanted to do, which explains that the story of Mary has changed a lot all along the centuries, and depending on the authors... Mary appears once with Luke, Matthew and Mark do not talk about her, and Paul has never heard about her. The story of Mary was only established in 431, and the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception dates from 1854!

And the origin of all this mess is Paul:

Extract of "Jesus and the Nazarenes"

"If the leaders of Jerusalem's Nazarene community (Jack, Jesus' brother, and the apostles) saw the new comer with a mixed feeling of sympathy and skepticism, some of them started to seriously worry when they knew that Paul, forming communities principally composed with former pagans, did not ask anything else to the new believers than baptism and inner conversion.

People opposing Paul thought that the conversion to Messiah was a conversion to a form of Judaism: requirement to the circumcision and the complete observance of the Torah.

It's in the year 49 that took place what we call today the «(religious) Council of Jerusalem», of which the story is related in the chapter 15th of the book "the Acts of Apostles": Jack and the apostles proposed a "modus vivendi" that was approximately meaning: Paul would be free to convert the non-Jews without asking them circumcision and other observances of the Torah.

During this time Jack was leading the destiny of the other group, the Nazarenes -originally Jew, who continued to practice the Torah to show their link with the surrounding Palestinian Judaism.

Then we know the rest of the story: a quick expansion of the «Christian» ideology around the Mediterranean basin, led by Paul. In spite of brotherly relationships he said he had with Jack, Paul complains in his epistles about Nazarenes «coming from Jack» and the controversies they had with him.

"In the end, there was a situation reversal. The primal Church of the Nazarenes collapsed around the year 70, and the pagano-Christianity from Paul started its triumphant destiny. It is the triumph of Paul on his opponents, who were the first apostles of Galilee.

Paul had no scruples to rob other Churches (II Cor. XI, 8). «There is no forgiveness, if there is no bloodshed», he said. And that's why he sends his enemies to Satan (I Cor. V, 5 et I Tim I, 20).

Paul is the real founder of Christianity, because it's him who propagates the cult of a god that was named Chrîstos (which means Good, Helpful, Sympathetic); and it's from this god's name that Paul and his disciples created the term "Christians". He was proclaiming that Jesus-Christ had the two natures: human and divine. (This doctrine was very similar to other religions of this era).

It's useless to emphasize that such a doctrine was totally opposite to the first Nazarenes... who were consequently considered as "heretics".
(J.M. Magnin "Notes sur l'Ebionisme"

Detailed references about Jack's life:

Jacques, frère de Jésus:

Laurence Gardner "Le Graal et la lignée royale du christ"

Université de Laval

L'épître de Jacques

L'évangile de Jacques

La direction collegiale des premiers chrétiens


BERNHEIM, Pierre-Antoine, Jacques, frère de Jésus, Paris, Éditions Noêsis, 1999, 394 p.

CHILTON, Bruce, EVANS, Craig A., éd., James the Just and Christian Origins, Leiden/Boston/Köln, E.J. Brill (coll. « Supplements to Novum Testamentum », XCVIII), 1999, xii-302 p.

PAINTER, John, Just James. The Brother of Jesus in History and Tradition, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fortress Press (coll. « Studies on Personalities of the New Testament »), 1999, xvi-334 p.

So, it's from Jesus birth that the Church of Roma reversed the Christ's message, and founded the cult of the Saints that lasted in the people's minds very strongly until the 20th century.

Another brother of Jesus, Jude, said:

"Some men interfered amongst you, and their condemnation is written in the scriptures: these atheists who divert our God's kindness into dissolution, and who renounce to our only master and Lord Jesus Christ."

Back to the synopsis.

About New Age.

From there, I asked myself: if all these attempts that inverted the original process of the religions were successful, why would the New Age be different? Is it the case?

For sure, Yes!

The expectation of the Saviour of the new age is a doctrine inspired from the Judeo-Christian Messianic movement mixed with the oriental doctrine of the avatars. It was spread by the occultists from the Theosophical Society, which is the fertile matrix from where most of the contemporary spiritual and esoteric movements are coming from.

"In the beginning, this international movement was inspired by some mysterious "masters of wisdom" whose hierarchic leader was called Maitreya, according to the name given by the Buddhists to the Bodhisattva of the future. This gave birth to the "Big White Lodge" that became the reference of most of the New Age groups and pseudo-initiating movements.

Around the end of the 19th century, the aristocrat Helena Blavatsky who is the founder of Theosophy, pretend that she had met mysterious people in India and the Himalaya. These mysterious people would have given her the mission to propagate their knowledge in the western world to obstruct to the 19th century's materialism. According to Mrs. Blavatsky, it was a real encounter with people in the flesh. These initiated people had no intention to be known by the public, nor to create a new religion centered on their image. And that's why when they became the center of a cult of the personality that became a real devotion, they cut off the contacts.

They just wanted to communicate some knowledge that was forgotten by the fossilized religious culture of the modern times. Helena Blavatsky involved her whole life to create a huge international institute, based in India, to communicate this knowledge gathered in the 6 volumes of the "Secret Doctrine".

It's more than a century that there is a controversy around this woman. Some pretend that she was the puppet of a politico-occult lodge, or an agent of the Illuminatis whose real aim had nothing to do with spirituality. She also was suspected to be a secret agent for England and the US.

After she died, she would have asked the clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner to reveal that she was not a follower of the "Orient Lodge" anymore. And Steiner transmitted the following message: "it's with Mrs. Blavatsky's authorization, actually disincarnated, that she asks me to tell you that she has been cheated".

Some will say that it's easy to make the deceased talk. Anyway, Steiner completely stop his relationship with the Thesosphical Society, of which the was the General Secretary in Germany. Later, he diffused Christian teachings -that we can call Christo-centric to avoid any dogmatic religious connotation. Theosophers accused him to be an agent of the Jesuits, but this contradicts the virulent denunciation of the Jesuit politics by Steiner.

Anyway, neither Blavatsky nor Steiner have talked about the Christ being back or the coming of the Boddhisatva Maitreya. As for Blavatsky's original initiators -the "Masters of Wisdom"-, they never talked about the Christ being back on the Earth since this was already realized at the time of the Golgotha. And the theory of the "second coming" is only the interpretation some New Testament's extracts followed to the letter."

It's clear that the original theosophical teachings -that talk neither about the "second being back of the Christ" nor of a "golden age"- did not gave birth to the ideas that appeared later in the neo-theosophical New Age's circles. These facts are easily verifiable.

The idea of the Christ being back spreaded successfully when the English Freemason, Charles Leadbeater, became the Theosophical Society's leader -after Blavatsky died.

"It became a Dogma. Under Leadbeater's instigation, they tried to hasten the "second being back of the Christ" by giving the role of the new messiah to Krishnamurti, a young Brahman of southern India, who was educated in this perspective by Leadbeater. When he became an adult in the 1920's, Krishnamurti refused this mission denouncing an opportunist enterprise."

Until he died in the 1980's, Krishnamurti warned the people against all references to occults masters and denounced the cult of authority in the spiritual domain.

"The idea of an imminent Christ being back surfaced again with Alice Bailey, a medium theosopher, pretended to be inspired by Djwal Khool, an initiated. Alice Bailey gave birth to the "New Age" concept, announcing the time when appeared the "New World Order" led by the named Christ-Maitreya.

Originally Christian preacher, Bailey assumed with a missionary zeal her mission to announce the "Christ being back". When Bailey was diffusing her teachings in the 1940's, she did not pretend to be, in person, the medium of the Christ. And progressively the mediums and channels of the New Age took the idea and believed that they were in contact with Jesus, Buddha or any religious being of a high rank."

We think that this appropriation of the humanity's Great Initiate by people under control of the astral ghosts is the final degradation.

And certainly, the worst is coming.

Astralism, channeling, and fake prophets

How did this degradation happen?

"Charles Leadbeater, an English Freemason who had psychical powers, showed the example. He presented the great traditional avatars as "masters" that can be contacted at anytime. This trivial attitude degenerated into a common practice for the "channels" -who are the neo-spiritualist of our period. Leadbeater was manipulating the people by imposing himself as the worthy messenger of the "Masters of the Great White Lodge"."

Do these people really believe that they are in contact with Christ or Buddha?

"Yes, because of the vulgarizing of the "Great Whit Lodge". According to this interpretation, the great avatars would be at the disposal of a medium or a clairvoyant lost in the mirage of the astral world. And the astral dimension, well known by the clairvoyants, is the dimension of illusions and deceptions. From an astral dimension, many disincarnated beings can appear to the mediums, pretending they are dead philosophers, genius, saints or famous people of the history. Only God knows who is who; the world beyond swarms with jokers and impostors.

We all are in contact with the invisible world with our bodies, especially when we are sleeping. It's a natural process and does not deserve so much interest. But the New Age has the cult of the occult. The spirituality based on Astralism is only a kind of vulgar spiritualism, and has no sacred nature."

The real divine beings, not to mistake with the New Age's "guides", live on a superior dimension of the universe and do not contact a human rashly.

"Why not? First, to avoid the mystifications and above all because they would have nothing to say to the egocentric creatures we are. One must have lost the notion of our actual state to believe that it's possible to contact by phone the sons of God. While we even can't get an appointment with a movie star! But some messengers of the New Age call Christ's secretary's office every morning! "Hello, are you here my Lord? Please call me back, I have something important to ask you. Bye Buddy."...

We can say that mediums, channeling and clairvoyance are based on the Intervention of disincarnated entities that abuse the humanity, from beyond.

"There is nearly no exception. The experience of the channel can be real, but the entity who contacts him is not a divine messenger of a regular hierarchy. And it's always an abnormal from beyond, who is looking for preys to generate energy for its own profit. We will explain this process later. It's extremely simple. And when you understand how it works, you can't be cheated by spirits usurping fake identities -most of the time, prestigious IDs. Why would they do without if they can use humans who are cheated by the appearance?

A "regular" initiate will contact you as simply as possible, generally in the physical world. And before trying an occult experience, ask yourself why would you deserve to be chosen for a mission? Are you a so important person that you would be entrusted with messages of a cosmic significance? It's very arrogant to have such a pretension.

With common sense we realize how much the attitude of those, who call themselves the "messengers of the Masters", is ludicrous. And we judge a tree to its fruits: and analyzing most of their "messages" reveals the imposture. It could be only a game but some messages are very dangerous because they reverse the principles of the actual evolution, which flatters the people's ego but make them fall in an incredible illusion. It's pure Satanism: there is a Satanism with a "white" face, and a Satanism with a "black" face, and we confuse very often "white" with "good"

Extract from the magazine "Undercover" no. 3, September 2002. 40 rue Paradis, 76530 Grand Couronne, France -Published by Joël Labuyère .

Back to the synopsis.

VII - The fight with the invisible to control humanity, and its corollary: the servitude of humanity by the masters of the world, with the help of the invisible.

We just said that in all the spiritual sphere of the West and the Middle East, the teachings of the masters were diverted from their aims, as well as their contents.

The attempt to confiscate the movement created by Moses is not new. It started at the moment he received the revelation on the Mount Sinai, this is the famous episode of the golden veal in the Exodus (32 - V 1 à 11 et 19 à 21). And this episode is not a symbol, since it concerns the resurgence of a cult coming from UR and Babylon that Moses wanted to abolish. But the spirit of the golden veal finally succeeded because Jesus shouted at the Pharisians and drove the traders of the temple out for this reason. Nowadays, this cult is still perpetuated by the founders and leaders of Zionism under the protection of the USA: these founders as well as the symbols were freemasons -and still are today.

The confiscation of the movement of Jesus by Paul -and the other founders and leaders of Catholicism until the present time- was a success: they succeeded in erasing the existence of Jesus' brother (Jack) and reversing his teachings. Paul recommend that "the one who is taught the holy words has to give all his possession to the one who taught him/her", whereas Jesus said the opposite to his followers: "As you received free of charge, you have to give for free". And in a word, like said Nietzsche: "The Christian's life becomes the kind of life that Jesus was teaching to part with" and "The (Catholic) Church is part of the Antichrist's world, as well as the modern States and the modern nationalism."

The confiscation of the movement of Helena Blavatsky by Charles Leadbeater, the English freemason who became her successor, is very clear; but we can express some doubts: wouldn't it be her -who was not comparable to Moses or Jesus- who would have been cheated by her instructors, since the beginning?

Finally we observe that the foundations of the Vedas was reverted since the cult to the Devas -including its blood-thirsty cults to the Goddess Kali- has spread everywhere in India. And I note that India, which used to be a Buddhist country at the time of the Emperor Açoka, has seen a return in force of these cults because of a plot of the Brahmans who succeeded to chase the Buddhists.

Note: And we can ask ourselves if the same phenomenon is not, in a more occult way, in Islam and all the other religions influenced by the sphere of the West. It's possible if we consider all the blood that was shed and the fights for power.

How and why is this possible?

and why these inversions come with cults, and renounce to fundamental principles (generally fair and generous) that are the root of these spiritual movements? There are too many facts in agreement so that they cannot be due to a coincidence or to the individual human nature.

The cause was developed many times, particularly by David Icke and Frank Hatem, and can be resumed to this text:

"Behind the United States and their Constitution, there is a small group of men whose aim is to reduce the whole world and humanity to slavery, for their satanic plot for a single world government. To give you an idea of this plot, I will go back to the 18th century and I will name the people who activated this plot.

This satanic plot was founded in 1776 under the name "the Illuminati"; it was organized by Adam Weishaupt, who was first converted to Catholicism and became a priest. Later, on the financiers' request, he left the Catholic Church and organized the Illuminati, that was financed by the international bankers.

All the wars since this period, including the French Revolution, was organized by the Illuminati who operated under different names and disguises. And once the existence of the Illuminati was discovered and their plan known by everybody, Weishaupt and his friends started to use different names.

Why did those plotters chose the word "Illuminati" to name their satanic organization? Weishaupt himself says that this word takes its origin from Lucifer, and means "bearer of the light".

The World Wars

"World War I took place to allow the Illuminati to destroy the government of the Tsars in Russia. A goal that the international bankers wanted to reach since the Tsar made their plan fail at the Vienna Congress -and to change Russia into the fortified castle of the atheist communism. The difference kept up by the Illuminati between German and British empires were used to instigate this war. Once the war finished, communism would be set up and used to destroy the other governments and weaken religions.

World War II should have been fomented by using the opposition between political fascists and Zionists. During this war, the international communism should have expanded until its force equals the power of the Christian countries; once this step reached, the international communism would have been held back until day of the final social cataclysm."

"World War III should be fomented by using the opposition between the Zionists (the State of Israel's followers) and the Muslim world. This war will be directed in such a way that Islam and Israel will mutually destroy, while the rest of the world, divided on this matter, will also be involved in this war until the total physical, mental, spiritual and economical exhaustion."

The World Government

"At the final step of the conspiracy, the world government will be composed of a dictator (the head of the United Nations), the Council of the Foreign Relations (the group representing the Illuminati in the U.S.A.), some billionaires, some communists, and some scientists who proved their dedication towards the conspiracy. All the other individuals will be reduced to a single race: the conspiracy's slaves."

Myron Fagan

Nevertheless, I don't think things are that simple because I don't believe that this plot started in 1776. In fact, the Illuminati are only one of the multiple branches of the Freemasonry. And Freemasonry has multiple lodges and ramifications that existed before the Illuminati.

The Freemasonry was not born at the 18th century in Scotland, because the Freemasons say that it would have been created by Hiram, the architect of the Salomon temple, of which it resumes the symbols. Furthermore, I feel that Freemasonry is older and certainly originally from the corrupted Babylon, or maybe Sumer; and maybe it has always existed through different forms and civilizations, with a shared goal.

This is a plausible hypothesis, because it's since Babylon and Sumer, which are the roots of the Hebraic religious culture, that it could enter it, and with no doubt be propagated with a secret teaching that would have been transmitted only to a part of the Jewish clergy -which would explain the diversion from Moses' teaching. From there, it contaminated all the other religions (except the Buddhism Theravada). And finally through the Templar, and then the Jesuits it spread into the whole world, including Asia.

Even if the information is hidden to the basic followers, the top of the pyramid would be a pure satanic cult: according to Icke, either devoted to reptilian aliens, or to Asuras, or to astral entities that would have aroused it in exchange of material services. Would the old myth of the "pact with the devil" be a reality?

Note : The Freemasonry hides its real aim since all that is taught to the followers in the lodges, from the superior degrees to the supreme one, are lies. Oswald Wirth himself said it very clearly.

And this doesn't mean that the whole clergy, especially the Jewish clergy (or Catholic), is corrupted since -thanks god!- there are still some rabbis who venerate the pure teaching of Moses or some Catholic priests who still think that they can help the humanity. And I think that all the religious institutions have same symmetry.

Synthesis: it's finally only a trade between a part of the humanity, who is seeking for wealth and power, and other living beings who need a certain form of energy (or food) that humans can provide them by their rites and their negative emotions. There is nothing extraordinary and nothing to fear for those who understand the process.
Back to the synopsis.

 VIII - Restore Harmony for every living being.

We just discovered what is the real CAUSE of the humanity's misfortune since it invented the civilization, and that the perpetrators of this unique cause used the religious cults to enslave the humanity: and it's the ONLY mean that is very efficient, because based on FEAR.

We also observed that there was 2 concepts of the relationship of the Man with the Universe. These 2 concepts are completely opposed:

The Eurasian culture that considers that the Nature is not good since it always have tried to modify it; this culture also pretends that the Man is bad, which implies cults and temples, led by clergies and dogmas, to "save" the Man.

On the other hand, the American Indian culture and a lot of primal People: this culture is characterized by a good integration in the natural environment. This culture is aware that it is part of the nature, and does not try to modify it nor to leave it for some worlds beyond: because this culture knows that the nature is good, and that the men are good too because they are a part of it; which implies that, because of its sense of the sacred, this culture does not need to build temples, neither clergies nor dogmas.

The first culture continually generated problems and bloody conflicts, and is now leading us to a close mass extinction. Whereas the second culture lasted tens of millenniums in perfect harmony with its environment, and should have last indefinitely if the Westerners' cupidity did not destroy it. By reaction to the cults Buddha said:

«Don't believe something simply because you've heard about it; do not believe in the tradition written in your religious books; do not rashly believe in your elders' and masters' authority. And after observation and analyze, when you find out that this thing is in accordance with Reason and leads to the good and the advantage of the individuals as well as the whole, accept it and live with it harmoniously.»

Spiritual progress is only possible when freedom of thought is acquired; and mental progress is impossible as long as the blind faith rages. Freedom of thought leads to the mental progress, while dogmatism leads to the mental stagnation, retrogression and degeneration.

Consequently, regarding to that is told in this page it's necessary to dissolve urgently all the religions and all the sects, and to ban them to stop to feed the obscure forces that are vampirizing us. And we will have to make sure that any other church or clergy founded on cults never reborn again, otherwise the same process will happen again indefinitely.

Likewise, we should stop the practice of the "channels" that is the big gap from where the Invisible world conditions and manipulates the humanity.

Finally we observe that if the sacred ceremonies are useful to unite people and that people must have freedom in their beliefs, all these things have to stop to be organized by permanent clergies: it can only come from an individual process. Men just have to turn the eye of their hearts to the Mother-Source, that is present everywhere, to be able to behave in accordance with their own Will.

I can hardly wait for the times when the Nature will be our only temple, the same as the grand-parents, fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts of each family will be our only educators and clergy!

This is a huge ambition, but I know that the Mother-Source of everything will help us to achieve it.

Ampéwi Nunpa
Animal illustrations: "Ngorongoro, paradis africain" from Reinhaard Künkel published by Chêne

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