Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


Chapter XI - Cosmos University

XI - 01: Cosmic rules

You are here ! XI - 02: Course 1 - Found your life on the right basis

XI - 03: Course 2 - Towards a Superior State of Conscience

XI - 04: Course 3 - Acquisition of the shamanic conscience

XI - 05: Course 4 - How to reach the Absolute

XI - 06: Course 5 - The fundations of an authentic civiization

XI - 07: Course 6 - The model of eco-development - The "Children of the earth"'s civilization

XI - 08: Course 7 - Definition of an authentic civilization - The "Children of the Cosmos".

Part 2 - Course 1

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia

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Knowing "Who am I"?

Knowing what to do...? Re-centre oneself

Knowing what to do...? Break off with the bad environment.

Knowing what to do ? The reconciliation

Knowing what to do...? The just action or Wu-Wei

Foundation Ampéwi Numpa

The School of the future Leaders of the World

Course 1

Found your life on the right basis

1.01 Knowing "Who am I"?

Starting from the observation of our contemporary civilization's imbalances and the serious dangers that threaten -short-term- the existence of the actual humanity, I lead you to the center of my own experiences: because these experiences totally convinced me of our common erroneous vision of the world and of the life. Then, we went over quickly the main teachings of the Tradition and of the new knowledge of Science. (Note: this allusion concern The Arch of the Future, supposed to be previously)

The remarkable convergence of these 2 currents of thought -the most ancient and the most modern- leads naturally to another concept of life.

This concept, of a spiritual nature, is more just and more harmonious: in a few words, this concept is the only one on which you can erect both your individual lives and your societies. This concept also highlights our civilization's fundamental mistake: the materialist thought that is the cause of all the actual monstrosities.


Adopting the just values implies to reject right away all the fake values:


Those of the religions that are the most pernicious.


Those of the money that are the most attractive.


Those of the ego that are the most difficult to reject, especially for "intelligent" people.


Those of the personal intention to acquire immortality and powers, both illusory, by paying a cult to the dark forces in ourselves.


 Those of the trap of the ego that consist, through a "spiritual materialism", to intend to become personally a God, or to believe that we are a God under a veil.

When these fake values are rejected, we can firmly establish inside ouserlves a just Foundation of Life.

A just foundation of Life simply needs to become conscious of a few things that are: I am not this body and I am not this "I". Wrongly believing that, I am this body or this personal "I" -that are both impermanent, is a continuous source of: ridiculous anxieties, mistake of behaviours, conflicts with others and useless sufferings. And this harms your life's delight, prevents your happiness and slows down your progress.

Think this way:

I have to free myself from these 2 mistakes. This is quite easily possible to realize by freeing myself from the attachments due to desires and fear.

I also have to convince myself that nothing and nobody can harm me, except myself.

I must believe that I am a Living Conscience (with senses, emotions and Spiritual means of action -unborn, eternal-) that has an unlimited field of development and an unlimited time at its disposal.

I am, besides, the only Author of my destiny.

Once freed from the illusory conscience of the body, I am called to "become" what I potentially already am: the Absolute Conscience of the Mother-Source of everything.

And never fall into the trap that is to believe to be a being equal to the level of the Mother-Source.

I would like to insist on the fact that it's not only a question to understand this; understanding intellectually is a necessary step but still inadequate in itself: the most important is to let these values penetrate inside yourselves, integrate them in yourselves and in your life; in a word, live them emotionally. A partial or skeptical adhesion to these values does not procure anything good.

On the other hand, a total adhesion to these values -the only ones that are just- leads to peace inside the one who concretely applies them.

In fact, these ideas mitigate the importance of all these problems of life, bringing them back to their just proportions: in the end, that is not much. These ideas procure to come off problems of life and make us able to acquire the lucidity -full of humour- that enlightens our existences with happiness. By an indirect effect they improve our health too, because all our psychosomatic illnesses stop by themselves; and also because the harmony inside ourselves increase the strength of our immune system as well as the capacity that the body has to overcome by itself all the factors that are the causes of physiological troubles.

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1.02 Knowing what to do...? Re-centre oneself

Mount Agung (Bali)

Becoming aware of these values' reality is very difficult for most of you.

And it comes from the difficulty that the thought has to agree with something it cannot see, something it does not experiment by itself. And what it still did not experiment seem to it to be an illusion, whereas the illusion is rather the ordinary personal conscience -or fake ego. Hence it is necessary to experiment by yourselves other states of consciousness that will convince you more than any readings or parlor conversations.

And for most of people -linked up in the infernal chains of the modern societies and the run of money- it is impossible to experiment these other states of consciousness by themselves. They don't have time: no time to take care of themselves, no time to love, no time to amuse themselves, no time to learn, no time to read, no time to think, and no time to meditate.

Moreover, a minimum of material needs are necessary to be able to access to a spiritual life. Now, your societies even do not satisfy these elementary needs that are: to have a job, a house, enough food, decent clothes, a pleasant sexual life, an enriching social and cultural life. For example, it is obvious that many people, who would have a great interest to read this website, do not have enough money to buy a computer: for these people, only a collective re-organization of the society could give them a chance of happiness and progress.

It's totally obvious that, it's impossible to them to penetrate a just thought in a just way of life if they do not have a just frame of life and the fair material means.

We now can observe why a laborious way of life,

artificial and agitated, is an insuperable obstacle in itself.


This way of life is not compatible with spiritual happiness and progress. Because it results on our inclination to satisfy unlimitedly our senses (in more and more complex ways, fighting to acquire numerous useless -and harmful- things), which make us unavailable, dependent, physically and mentally unhealthy.
The solution resides in this: being available, free and healthy.

Making oneself available, free and healthy implies to re-centre our lives on 3 things: return to independence, return to simplicity, and return to the nature.

Availability can be conquered by THE RETURN TO SIMPLICITY:

by reducing our material needs, being satisfied with the bare necessities without being tempted by superfluous things. Aiming quality and not quantity. Preferring the free pleasures of life, that are the best in any points of view.

Freedom can be conquered by the RETURN TO INDEPENDENCE:

by refusing any forms of dependence: "brainwashing", useless information that constantly submerge our thought and our conversations, financial dependence because of debts, economical dependence by the attachment to an unsatisfactory job, or a bad spouse -the loving dependence towards people who don't like us or behave badly, technical dependence on water, energy, food: you can be independent by producing them by yourselves, even partially.

Health can be conquered by THE RETURN TO THE NATURE:

by being your own doctor, listening to your body, refusing to take medicine at every turn, preferring natural medicines. By refusing to buy or to consume anything artificial: preferring wool, linen and cotton to synthetic fibers; preferring fresh food (raw or not too much cooked, from local production and of season) to industrial hamburgers, tinned food, frozen food, etc... By living in a pleasant and healthy environment, if possible far from the cities. By practicing outdoors activities: Hunting - fishing - picking - gardening - rearing - horse riding - archery - trekking - swimming (sea, lakes and rivers) - nautical or air sports (not noisy) such as kayaking or gliding - out track or cross-country skiing - rock climbing, hiking etc...; By refusing excessive air-conditioning or heating; By seeing people who respect the nature: hunters, farmers, foresters; By being surrounded with trees and animals. By meeting enlightened, wise and sensible people.


Fucking Bastard!
He wants to ruin me!

You also must be pragmatic and pleased with reaching realistic objectives, according to you life's personal elements. If you behave this way do not forget that you cannot -as the American Indian did- give all your belongings, leave your tribe, and go naked in the forest with only a single knife. And this is what Indians of some tribes used to do, as a personal wish: they wanted to get closer to Wakan Tanka, offering their lives and survival to it, and in the same time test their individual courage and qualities. But you can't do it because you are not an Indian! And the nature surrounding you is not preserved enough to meet all your needs.

You still can try to choose to live in a place where life pleasant and the cost of living cheaper, but (except if you are adopted by an Amazonian tribe or make a retreat in a Buddhist temple in Asia*) you have no chance to find a place where money is not necessary. (* Although this is not sure...)

So, try to never forget that: even if it's better to avoid running after money like crazy, for all the reasons that you know; you would be condemned to a pitiful situation in the society if you did not have enough to survive: it would become an impassable obstacle for you, at least in this life.

In India, in Thailand, and in all the Buddhist countries, people who renounced to the world are highly respected and considered, by the whole society, as a precious source of teaching, blessing, chance and prosperity. All Thai people prostrate themselves in front of their King, and the King prostrates himself in front of Buddhist monks, setting an example to his people. The "Renouncers" (called Sannyasi in India) have a spiritual function that does not allow them to make a material work or to possess anything: and that's why they are taken in charge by the population donation. Brahmans and Buddhist societies have resolved the problem that way.

Do not forget that if you do so in the Western world you will: 1) be starving, and 2) go to jail. Nobody will make the difference between you and a tramp!

And if you are rich -and interested by the way I am showing you- you are a privileged person. Because you can realize many great things, if you intelligently use this energy, starting by yourself: because of your availability, freedom and health. Do not lose stupidly this privilege that is in the same time a powerful obstacle: because you are probably very attached to your money. Just try to manage your relation with money differently, that's all!

Keeping in control of money implies that money does not control you.

Acquiring AVAILABILITY, FREEDOM AND HEALTH, must - unless you already possess - be your first priority objective. If you don't have this basis, you cannot hope to reach any states of consciousness superior to the ones you have at the present time.

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1.03 Knowing what to do...? Break off with the bad environment.


It's not easy for most of you to acquire this indispensable basis that is: Availability - Freedom - Health: we need time and a lot of courage to put right all the mistakes we made in the past. And it's also a venture in the unknown. It means to give up the security of the habits, and most of the times give up a way of life, a job, some places or some people that we like. Because most of the time these people will be hostile -or at least doubtful-towards your personal enterprise.

The materialist thought is a dominant value in your society. Egoism and jealousy are constants of the actual human behaviours. For these two reasons, it's very improbable that you find people who will support you. And on the other hand, it's mostly sure that many people of your circle of family and friends -even your own spouse- will do everything in their power to thwart your attempts to create a better life. Do not hope any cooperation. And if you find it, consider it as a miracle! Here is what is the human equation: one day a lovely young woman who was a journalist that I appreciated -and I think it was a mutual feeling- told me: " You are a wonderful man, but you are too much clean. It results that I feel like a shit when I am next to you. "

It's completely what happens all the time! This young journalist just observed but did not try to modify my way of life: and it's not the case for most of the people around us. People feel like shit about their lives, and it's quite hard for most of them to bear this situation. And the fact to be confronted to a positive example -that they don't have the courage to imitate- makes that they feel even more like shits! So they try to make you regress as they unconsciously think: " if I can make him become a shit, I will feel myself less like a shit ".  

Please, forgive this profusion of "shit" in my vocabulary, but it's the most appropriate word: stop to feel like shit, if you feel you are; but you can succeed if you only handle all your problems round the waist. You should not have to reject everybody in your human environment, but you have to prepare yourself to reject quite a lot of them. You will have to seriously sort them out! For that, progressively detach yourself of the major obstacles that are: the fake friends - the fake loves - the fake pleasures - the fake problems. If you don't succeed, you will relapse and start the process again from the beginning: and that will be more difficult. You must break off with the negative people inside your circle of family and friends. It's imperative and there is no other alternative.

Breaking off with a negative circle implies to be able to make the difference between people of quality (there is generally a few of them) who love us or see us for ourselves; and those (there are generally more than we think) who are hypocritical towards us. And this distinction is very hard to make as long as we cannot see clearly inside ourselves.


The three major obstacles to overcome to see clearly:

I - Most of the time we unconsciously base our knowledge about the other on a wrong postulate: in fact we tend to believe that everybody is identical to ourselves; as a result, we instinctively assign to the people -without any solid basis- the same behaviours, the same qualities or the same faults than ours. This is erroneous because everybody is different.
In fact, we would be very surprised if we could see how the people are inside themselves: the differences between people are huge! Let this fact penetrate your thought: there are only few bodily differences between humans: the size of an adult human goes, depending on the races, from 130cm to 195cm which is scarcely a 50% gap. While the mental, psychic and psychological differences are amazing: if you could observe the mental differences -especially about knowledge- between humans, you could note that this difference varies from a speck of dust to a mountain. The extraordinary capacity of the human brain makes, for example, that the information memorized between two humans can vary in the proportion of 1 to 100 hundred millions, and in some cases up to 1 billion.

And this is only the quantitative difference, since the qualitative difference is incomparably bigger. And the difference becomes unquantifiable between a human living under the total dependence of his animal urges - and who has no culture, and a Saint -such a Jesus or Buddha: there is simply an abyss between them! This is why, the actual egalitarian democracy that gives pre-eminence of the first over the second, and also rejects the influence of wise men, inescapably leads you to hell.

Consequently you must stop to believe that we are all similar: in the whole universe, there are not two perfect similar things or living beings. Even two drops of water, to grains of sand, or two leafs of the same tree are different. I challenge anybody to prove me the contrary.

II - On the other hand, our need of love or friendship continuously blinds us about the real motivations of the people that we see.

The exacerbated influence of the fake-egos in all the minds makes that -even if you are not conscious- many people around you have in fact an interior negative attitude towards you. When you will have clarified inside yourselves and become independent from you need to be loved or appreciated; and when you will be detached from you own egocentrism (the tendency to reduce everything to yourself): you will easily realize that the people who you believed were loving, faithful and disinterested are secretly, inside themselves, the opposite of what you used to believe. The most common inside attitudes are: jealousy, envy, contempt and avarice.

And if someone has any interest to see you, because of what you provide him/her, and whatever is the nature of what you provide him/her (money, employment, accommodation, social status, food, comfort, care and even advice): you have to be extremely suspicious. In fact, there are big chances that the relationship with this person is only motivated by personal interest, and that he/she secretly wrongs you.

III - The third obstacle is even more formidable because it concerns virtuous people. Indeed there is an common "axiom" admitting that the behaviours due to heart qualities (such as kindness, generosity, compassion etc...) are bearer by themselves of rewards in this life: this is completely WRONG!

In fact, all the behaviours generated by our attachments -whatever they can be- have Karmic consequences: they do not lead to the Liberation, but at the very most a re-incarnation in better conditions.

On the other hand this kind of behaviour, motivated by Virtue, is -in the actual world where the vulgar materialist thought prevails- a source of constant problems of any kind; and even can make you to live extremely dangerous situations that can lead you to dejection, ruin and even death.

And this is, from my own experience, an undeniable fact that extremely surprised me: the people I helped the most, I loved the most, and towards whom I did but good and disinterested behaviours -including those from my own family- are those who lied to me, betrayed me, stole me and persecuted me.


An old Latin proverb says that:

" The Man is a wolf to the Man "

and this is true.

Indeed, you have to know that when you offer to a person -with no ulterior motive- by pure love or pure friendship, whatever it can be to whoever, except very rare exceptions (if it's a good and wise person), this person will:
1. either think that you are a naive idiot, then will try to exploit you more, and so try to take you by compassion going with hypocritical good intentions;

2. or distrust you, and consider that your gift aims a manipulation to deprive him/her of something.

And sometimes these two attitudes make one.

Remember this mediaeval proverb:

" Be good, he will harm you; Be firm, he will respect you. "

And this is real! Consequently your gifts must only be made judiciously and strictly anonymously.


Consider people around you on their actions, only on concrete facts; do not believe in words that don't make sense in themselves, and try to discover what is hidden behind these words. Also keep in mind to not offer spontaneously: wait to be appealed, applying the rule above (except in the case of assistance and help to people in danger, or to people in distress or extreme need!): it will give you the opportunity to see the "invisible". Consequently, break off with bad or harmful people.

Behaving this way will lead you, at first, in a painful loneliness that you will have to overcome -at any price.


Only the emotional force of the Faith in yourself -associated to the absence of fear- will allow you to reach this hard path that is in itself a rich ordeal that must be addressed. And do not be afraid about it: the companions the Heaven intended for you will spontaneously come to you, when your purification will be achieved. There is no traveler who stays alone, and there is no man using the Way who is not helped by the invisible world.
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1.04 Knowing what to do ? The reconciliation


Most of you suffer, since they were born, of common things. And maybe you are concerned by these things: let's examine them together:
Lack or inadequacy of physical love from you mother or your father. You haven't been breast-fed(or not long enough) and didn't receive enough cuddles. This wound is inside yourself since a long time, but you are not conscious of it. Anyway, this wound exists and distorts your loving and sexual relationships because you are unconsciously seeking for this love (that is lacking) with people who ignore it, and don't give a shit about it. Become aware of it.

Inadequacy of sexual pleasures during the adolescence. Either the people who educated you gave you a feeling of guilt about sexual relations, or the material conditions were not favourable, or you did not dare, or you could not, or finally you did not suit the others because of a physical or behaving handicap. As a result, either you suffer of frustrations, or you are trying to make up for lost time. All this is an erroneous basis for an harmonious sexual life.

Free yourself from the spirit of lust as well as the guilty conscience

you were instilled - if someone did it to you -.

He is completely right !

You were educated in the fear of life by your parents, and were infused with negative conversations about this subject during your childhood. This prevents you to think and to be positive. Forget all this, and try to meet only positive people, or at least do not participate to this negative world -present everywhere- anymore.

You were educated with the guilty ideas of "what can be done" and "what cannot be done". And you did "what cannot be done": so you developed a high feeling of guilt that prevents you to be yourself: let's get rid of it!

You were educated with the idea that "you had to be string". Either you did not dare to fight, or you fought for it but in some circumstances where people were stronger than you and defeated you. Your failures made you think that you were weak, and to hide this weakness you try to impress the people around you by arrogance, wealth, strength, or any other means. In other words you have a complex: you want to "show" yourself. It's also possible that you hide yourself behind hypocrisy, as a mean to win. And it's highly possible that all these experiences made you a disturbed, changeable, lunatic and quick-tempered. I finally hope that you failures did not made you a disagreeable worm, like I so often met! Remember that strength is not that: strength will come by itself when you will free yourself of fear; this comes naturally to those who carry in their hearts a just foundation of life.

You were educated in the cult of the body and narcissism. And you observed that body-seduction does not last forever. All your lovers left you and your body is not what it used to be. You live this experience very badly. And the fight you have to maintain this seduction by artifices -or sacrifice- does not satisfy you, exhausts you and makes of you a quite infantile person. just remember that the nature of the body is not permanent.

In your confrontations with the others: either you hurt them and you have a feeling of remorse; or people hurt you and you bear them a grudge. These remorse and grudge are serious obstacles that prevent your own happiness. Forgive!

You loved a person who did not love you -or left you- and you concluded: either that you must not love anybody anymore, or that nobody loves you. These two mistakes bring in yourself a painful and useless gap of love that you hardly hide behind a cynical mask of strength (or you already "broke down"). Love people for themselves, and not for yourself: if you love this way, nobody will hurt you anymore.

Either you earned

a lot of money and you're afraid to lose it, or you've already lost it and you want it back, or you've never had any and you're only thinking about any means to make money.

In any case, this obsession prevents you to simply enjoy life and

keeps you out of real friends. Take the necessary time to manage your money,

and then forget it!

You became physically sick to justify your failures and your guilt -and people around you feel sorry for you-; moreover you take pleasure in being sick, even if you say the opposite to your relatives. And this attitude does not allow you to imagine yourself healthy. You refuse health so that this situation will never end. Do you think this attitude is reasonable? Just think that you are -or will become again- healthy.

I would be very surprised that, at least, one of these situations does not correspond with you. If it's the case, I'm glad for you! And if it's not the case you must heal and get rid of this handicap. But please, do not use tranquillizers and avoid psychologists!

The only possible way to healing is Love and Forgiveness.

Source : "La Bhagavad Gità telle qu'elle est"
Love the others.

Love yourself.

Apologize to the others.

Forgive yourself.

Make it up with the others.

Make it up with yourself.

Make it up with Life.

The pacification of the morals and the hearts was a constant concern of the ancient and real civilizations, contrary to your civilization that pay a cult to aggressiveness. The Indian Sioux had a religious rite to make up the peace and to consecrate the alliance between two people: it's called " Hunkapi " 
In conclusion about this rite, here is what Héhaka Sapa said:

"I would like to mention that a triple peace is established by these rituals. The first peace is the most important: it's the one coming from the men's souls when they realize their relation, their unity with the Universe and all its powers; and when they realize that the Great Spirit is in the center of the Universe, and that this center is everywhere: it is in each of us. This is the true peace: the other peaces are only reflections. The second peace is the one established between two people. And the third is the one between nations. And you must understand that peace between nations can only be possible when we are sure that peace is inside the men's souls."

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1.05 Knowing what to do...? The just action or Wu-Wei

How far have you got ?
You perfectly understood that there is not only what you cansee, and that you are an Eternal Conscience alive.

You are ready to re-centre your life on availability, freedom and health; and you perfectly understood all the advantages that you can get from simplicity, independence and Nature.

You understood the necessity to break off with a bad environment.

You understood the peace in yourself and with the others.

And maybe you don't see how you can get trough such changes that will stir up your life.

Maybe you feel inside yourself that you want to give up and you think: "It's too hard! I will never succeed." You instinctively think that you need a soul of warrior to succeed, and that it's not within anybody's grasp.

If you are in this state of doubt and hesitation about your own capacities, it's because you only react under the influence or the fake-ego. You have to learn the Non-Acting or Wu-Wei. It's just a question of passing the controls to yourself: the true I. By its own nature, the true I -the Conscience inside you that is You- is infallible, omniscient and omnipotent.

And here is the "Snag":

it's not possible to want and to succeed in the same time. 

I feel that I am starting to confuse you. Please, don't give up! I have an idea: I will talk to you about hunting to make you understand what is the Wu-Wei!

True story:

One very hot day we went to hunt with our bows, a friend of mine (a master in martial arts) and I. I thought that the first thing the wild boars would do in the evening would be to go to soak up; I told my friend that we will take the hiding place in two trees, the only water point on the property. We had we us our long-bows, beautiful bows but very long and bulky for hunting in the Mediterranean forest. My friend found the best hiding place in between the three branches of a giant elm nearly dead, and so with only a few leafs. Concerning myself, I climbed on a little green bushy oak, and I started to prune the tree a little bit to be able to use my bow correctly. I sat on a little branch that was hurting my buttock, and in this uncomfortable position I entered in the "state of hunt": that is emptiness, non-wanting and peace


This "state of hunt" is a very extreme state of sensitiveness about all the information the environment gives you: sounds, smells, movements, and in the same time an absolute mental emptiness devoid of conscious will: a perfect fusion with the environment. It's similar to the Shamanic state of conscience "Everything is One": in this state of conscience, there is no more distinction between ourselves and what we ordinarily perceive as different from us. To be clear, the personal conscience totally disappears.


Ishi -Theodora Kruber - Plon

In this state of Unity, simultaneously: I saw myself shooting -without realizing- an arrow perfectly located in the heart of this young male that quickly turned back (while he was silently trotting when he arrived); in the same time I saw my friend on his elm that was just starting to open his bow. This man was a very talented archer, superior to me in terms of speed, power and precision. But at this time, he still did not control the mastery of the interior emptiness and of the Wu-Wei (even if nowadays he is ahead of me). He was amazed by the speed, the fluency and the spontaneity of my action that did not give him the time to understand what was happening. Later, he told me: " You don't need to practice Aikido ; You already possess what Aikido can give you ". He was amazed because my action called into question the principle of his training in itself: he knew that I was a poor archer on targets (targets don't interest me), but he previously saw me making such hunting feats; and he was starting to sense the true reason of my successes.

Do not think that I am a superman. On the one hand, everybody can do what I did; on the other hand I am not able to reach this state of conscience at anytime. When I emotional annoyances were hurting me, when serious financial problems were worrying me, and that I was after all going to hunt: I was not in the " state of hunt ". My fake-ego was controlling my action, by stretching my will as we usually do, and as a result I was failing. Unfortunately, I injured some animals by my own fault: and I sincerely apologize to them. This story may help you to understand what is the Wu-Wei, and what are the obstacles to it.

What does the Non-Acting consist in?
"In the Samurais tradition, there is an anecdote that illustrates the importance of the work on us, especially concerning our emotions. On day, a samurai was entrusted with the mission to avenge his Shogun who was murdered. When the Samurai found the killer, he drew his sabre and slowly moved forward his opponent to kill him. And then the killer, by despair and rage, spit at the face of the Samurai! Afterwards, the Samurai hesitate a few seconds, step back... and amazingly, held back his sabre and went away! The killer asked him why the Samurai didn't kill while he just had to hit one time to cut his throat. The Samurai answered him that the spittle made him angry, and that if he had killed him under the influence of the anger, it would have been a personal action controlled by an emotion; and not the impersonal act of revenge he was assigned to. In other words, he only could perform his task in a complete state of emptiness: "no thought, no emotion..."
The non-acting is a spontaneous action devoid of personal

emotions and intentions, it is Un-Karmic.

How to reach the state of Wu-Wei?

The Wu-Wei is based on innocence, confidence, interior peace, and mental emptiness.

To reach this state you have to free yourself of: all the personal intentions, egoism, pride, and any fear of failure.

So, you must not desire, you must not wat, you must not think, and you must not be scared.

This is the state of "emptiness", which is devoid of thoughts, intentions and negative emotions.

And it is also doing nothing useless: see Miyamoto Musashi's definition.

In the state of Wu-Wei, everything disappears: confidence disappears, because confidence implies doubts; peace disappears, because peace implies fear; and success disappears too, because success implies failure. The Wu-Wei can be defined as a sensation: the sensation to be One. And in this state of conscience, anything we do succeed because the Conscience inside Us performs its role, and also because the Nature itself is in Peace, Bliss and Efficiency.

Remember this well:

When you free yourself from what I told above, soon or later this state of conscience

will come spontaneously to you. And you will be very surprised.

Try to memorize this sensation and the emotion that this state gives you. It's the best way to be able to come back to this state as much as desired. Afterwards, intentionally place yourself in the same emotional state, and the emotion will bring you back to this state of conscience.

The emotion is the DOOR that will allow you to access to all the superior state of conscience; to this one, but also to other states of conscience.

If you can acquire the Wu-Wei you can undertake anything and succeed in everything. Any other action, led under the influence of the fake-ego, will bring you back to the same failures and the same problems. This acquisition is possible and easy for all of you, because it only results on a voluntary training: which is essentially break off with desire and fear. The biggest obstacle for you will be that this way of behaving is totally opposite to all your habits since you were born; another obstacle may also be that you may be afraid to fail.

Now, it's precisely when you will be able to break off with the will to succeed that you will succeed.

And be careful! You will succeed in a surprising way -a way that you did not even envisaged- because the Infallible Conscience knows what is the best for you, whereas the fake-ego ignores it.

It results that you must be permanently receptive and available

to any spontaneous event.

Indeed, it's possible that you take this spontaneous and beneficial event for a danger, and that you take the friend stranger who's coming to you, for an enemy. So you should be innocent, be confident and do not reject anything; and you must not adopt anything either: because anything that comes to you because of the others' intentions is not inevitably good for you, and generally it's quite the opposite. With time and the development of your personal powers, you will be able to make the difference between these two kinds of unexpected events. Generally, whatever happens to us by the Heavens' Will is as quick as lightning, and it's often associated to an effect of shock and fear. While it is generally quite easy to see and sense from far away human intentions.

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