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Chapter XI - Cosmos University

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Part 3 - Course 2

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia

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Course 2

Towards a Superior State of Conscience



2.01 The Resolution, or how to fight Evil

You already understood the method -in 5 preliminary steps- to improve your life:
Acquiring just values.

Being able to re-centre your own life.

Breaking off with bad habits and a bad environment.

Making it up with yourself and the others.

Knowing the just way of acting, or in other words the "Wu-Wei".

But this is not enough: you must assimilate the strategy because improving in the good way requires that you fight evil; but you need to know how to set about doing it.

And I already told you that the Yi-King contained the whole situations of the life.

Your actual situation, if you are engaged in the Way, is described by the 43rd Kouan called "Kouai", which means in Chinese: " The opening, The resolution" .

"Kouai" is formed of 2 trigrams: "Touei" (the lake) at the top, and K'ien (the creator) at the back.

___ ___






The kouans must be written and read from the back to the top, which corresponds with the plants' growth -as well as everything living-, and to the evolution of the Earth (the Matter) towards the sky (the Mother-Source).

We can also observe that the kouan is formed by 5 rising lines 'Yang': this is the positive force of the light, symbol of knowledge, ready to oust the 6th 'Yin' line that represents the negative force of darkness, symbol of ignorance, that takes up the superior place: the direction.

The lake also means the delight, and the Sky means the creative Force of the just action towards the Good in the duration. This implies that the fight must be fresh and merry, inspired by the force of the just action, and have the length of duration.

If you drew this oracle and that the line 6 -Yin at the top- was transferring, this would lead to the following future situation: K'ien: the Sky on the Sky, which is "God in Action". This indicates you that you can succeed if you persevere with the action, but in the same time this transferring line warns you against the risk to not totally come out with the bad inside yourself; and that when the victory will seem to be obtained, the bad will revive from the germs of the past that you did not see or that you neglected to destroy; in this situation there is no alternative: "no way out, misfortune comes in the end"

The worst situation would be that the lines 1 and 3 were transferring, which would result of 'K'ouen' for the future: 'K'ouen' is the lake on the water, which means Dejection and Distress. Indeed, when the water goes underneath the lake, this one gets dry: which is the end of the lake's life. And this would mean the serious risk of failure of your attempt.

I just told you this about the Yi-King -as an example, to give you the longing to know this great book that could -if you had actually consulted it- give you the precise answer adapted to your personal case. For a better understanding of what is "the opening", let's have a look at the Yi-King's original text, translated in French by Richard Wilheim and Etienne Perrot:

" Kouai " - This kouan means an opening after a long accumulated tension, such like a cloud that bursts. On the human plan, it's the time where vulgar men are disappearing. Their influence is decreasing, and a resolute decision makes that the change of the conditions leads to the opening.


Even if only one passion remains in the heart, this one can darken the reason. Passion and reason cannot coexist, that's why a merciless fight is necessary if you want to found the reign of the good.

Nevertheless there are specific rules in the fight of the good to keep out of evil, and these rules must be imperatively observed if you want to succeed.

The decision rests on the union of the force and kindness.

A compromise with evil is not possible;

evil must be openly discredited in any circumstance. Likewise passions and faults must not be embellished.

The fight must not be done with violence.

Where evil is stigmatized, one thinks to turn to weapons; and if you fight fire with fire, you also loose: because you imply yourself with hate and passion. That's why it's important to start by improving your own person and be careful to faults you have stigmatized yourself. That way, the weapons of evil get dulled by themselves when they don't find any opponent. Even our own faults must not de directly fought. As long as we fight against them, they remain victorious.

The best way to fight evil is a forceful progress towards the Good.

These rules can be applied to any form of fight: against yourself and against the others. Penetrate yourself with this extract, and think about its implications. And you will observe how much it is right to believe that we have a tendency to embellish our faults, and also that men stigmatize their own faults on the others; even if this process is made unconsciously.

I also know, from my own experience, that our faults only can be defeated by a fight against ourselves; because only an elevation of our conscience can lead to the natural end of our faults; and only a strong attraction for the high spiritual pleasures can generate the spontaneous rejection of vulgar pleasures that used to satisfy us. This shows the vanity of the asceticism when it is not deeply desired.

In my opinion, there is nothing more pathetic than the destiny of a young priest who made the religious vow of chastity, and then masturbates himself in secret with the feeling of guilt!


Father ! What's going on with you !!?

Free your from these fake values, free yourself from the Churches and all the pseudo-oriental philosophies that preach these mistakes. I want to insist on this matter. My friend "X" told me: "You are not like the others, but I would like to know how you do to reconcile your way of life -she was referring to my young and lovely companion- and spirituality".

I would like to answer her: there is nothing to reconcile, because it is reconcilable. It is extremely annoying that such wrong ideas are so widespread! Indeed, many people want to get closer to God and finally possess a true meaning of Life. They get discouraged in advance because these people think that they will be condemned to eat whole rice, boiled salads and yoghurts -and will be allowed to pleasure of the flesh-, that they will have to fast, etc...: and people don't feel they are able to do this. Or worst, they try but they fail. And they only can fail if they did not reached -at least- the Shamanic Conscience. This is true that it is preferable to fast from time to time, and that it is better to eat not much meat. But it is purely impossible -even incongruous!- to live as a Hindu Sannyasi, or as a Buddhist monk, or as a Sioux of the 18th century, in our actual cities.

Be content with penetrating yourself with this:

The Good is the Unique Creative Force.

A victory of Evil can only be partial and temporary. Indeed, by its nature, Evil takes its existence from the Good; this is the obvious reason why Evil can't defeat the Good: if the Good disappeared, evil would also be destroyed.

Consequently, Evil will never be able to defeat the Good; and when it seems that Evil will win -such as the present situation-, it is not far from its own defeat.

In the other hand, the Good can't defeat Evil by changing its nature: this would give a temporary victory to Evil.

The game of these two forces is eternal in the material manifestation. Both of them are necessary, but the energy of the Good leads us to the Spiritual World where this duality does not exist; whereas the energy of Evil chains us to the material world. Now, the objective of the Conscience's evolution is to access to the Spiritual World.

So, progress only can be done with the Good.

2.02 Acquiring the 8 fundamental qualities


Progressing in the Good implies: not fighting our faults -for the obvious reasons explained above-, but acquiring the qualities that will spontaneously lead to the disappearance of these faults.

When the branch does not receive sap anymore, it dries up, dies, and finally fall of the tree. It's exactly the same process for our faults: if our fake-ego stop to feed them, our faults die and come off us, like the dead branch of the tree. So, let's stop to stress on your imperfections! And let's have a look together at the qualities that you need to acquire.


Or if necessary: how to transform the kitty you are into a lion.

These qualities are always double -and all the qualities are double-, because if they did not have this contrary aspect, they would become mistakes. Remember this: any progress is based on the constructive force of the opposition of the contraries, exactly like the World itself.

And turn yourself aside from the religious or philosophical teachings that are based on only one side of one -or many- qualities: because it is seriously wrong to think that way.

The 4 qualities of attitude to have towards the Outside World,

also called the objective world:


For all the reasons already developed, but also because any attempt would be vain. Courage is based on a just meaning of life, and it can be acquired if you accept to concretely face danger or just something that we don't like. Courage must be practiced daily, starting with little things that will lead to the first successes and encourage you to continue.
Courage must be associated to daring (is its external aspect), but also with Caution (its internal aspect). Otherwise courage becomes temerity, thoughtless of the danger: this leads to failure

Courage leads to: abolishing all our fears -starting with the fear of death-; making us stronger, confident in ourselves and in life; attracting people who wish to challenge us: we must not accept; giving us the force to undertake and take risks; giving us the force to brave and overcome the problems and the pain of life.

Courage allows us to eliminate: cowardice - laziness - lies - moral weakness - apathy.

Courage brings Wisdom and abandon to our Mother-SOURCE.



No success is possible without patience: because haste, as a permanent state of mind, only leads to misfortune. Patience can be acquired by the practice of actions and sports that require this quality.
Patience must be associated to the Spirit of instantaneous decision: at the right moment and with no hesitation when it's the right moment. The Waiting must be lived in the state of Wu-Wei. The state of Wu-Wei is essential because a repeated mental reflection only can lead to the doubt. And doubt leads to the fatal hesitation when the moment of acting catches us unawares. Hesitation makes that we miss the chance of success, because it leads us to act: either too late, or at the wrong moment, or to take an erroneous and timid decision. Patience can be acquired if you are able to break away from the expected result of your behaviours.

Patience leads to: giving longevity to our actions - developing in us the sense of the detail and finesse - keeping out impatient and impulsive people.

Patience allows us to eliminate: impulsivity - impatience - frustration - anger - passion urges

Patience brings Self-Control and perseverance.



Fidelity implies constancy in our undertakings, our ideas and our relationships: but also loyalty towards our own words, our friends, our loves, and towards us. Fidelity can be acquired by the love of the others and the love of ourselves.
Fidelity must be associated to Firmness: because being faithful does not mean that we have to tolerate to be fooled or to make ourselves look a fool.

Fidelity leads to : increasing the respect of ourselves and the respect the others towards us - make ourselves responsible regarding our own behaviours - obtaining the perseverance of our thoughts, our words and our actions - acquiring the spirit of loyalty - attracting and keeping a good human environment - allowing the accomplishment of our duties.

Fidelity allows us to eliminate: versatility - lewdness - the desire of adultery - the spirit of betrayal towards ourselves and the others.

Fidelity brings the "Force of Soul" and a positive image we have of us.



Generosity implies to be able to give and share everything we possess: and this implies the confidence in ourselves and in God. In fact we are not the owners of anything -even of our bodies-, and we do not have to worry because every beings have their part in the abundance of life: and even if they would like to keep it for themselves, one day they will die. Richness is at our disposal as an energy that we must share: which implies not to only behave for ourselves. Generosity can be acquired by the understanding of the spiritual laws that govern the Acquisition.
Generosity must be associated to Discernment: because generosity must not be confused with weakness. Generosity can only be granted to those who deserve it. The opposite case would favour beggary, lie, double-dealing and laziness: which is not in accordance with the will of the Heaven.

Generosity leads to: attracting chance - attracting wealth - doing the good - improving our Karma - attracting an environment of self-interested people: that you have to keep away.

Generosity allows us to eliminate: avarice - greediness - the fear of the lack.

Generosity brings Detachment towards material goods.


The 4 qualities of attitude towards the inside World,

also called the subjective world:



Integrity implies to banish lying towards yourself first (especially the tendency we have to create a fictitious status-enhancing and comforting image that you have of yourselves), and towards the others: by the lack of courage to face them or by duplicity. Integrity is synonymous of honesty. The only acceptable lies are: the lies by courtesy - the lies by pity - the lies during war, as a strategy of ruse to defeat a bad and powerful opponent, but only in the case of a temporary attitude. Integrity can be acquired by the quest of the truth.
Integrity must be associated to a clear-minded skepticism on the others: not lying does not imply to fall in the trap of the others' lies. Being honest does not imply to be swindled.

Integrity leads to: making possible the acquisition of knowledge - being able to keep your belongings (that are squandered or lost in the opposite case - attracting the respect of the others - attracting attempts of swindling, because the humans of today confuse honesty and stupidity - avoiding a lot of problems - allowing us to see us as we really are, and not as we would like to be.

Integrity allows us to eliminate: lying - hypocrisy - dishonesty - tendencies to swindling and theft.

Integrity brings Honesty and the Aptitude that allows making the difference of the Truth and the Untruth inside and outside ourselves.




Humility implies the acceptance of obvious facts: the imperfections of our bodies - of our senses - of our intelligence - of our powers that are weak and short-lived compared to the Mysterious Power of which the Eternal Energy (Material and Spiritual) is immeasurable; and make all our plans vain. Humility can be easily acquired by the contemplation of "God in action", which is Nature and Cosmos. The acquisition of humility is easy when you are in contact with nature, but it's difficult to acquire in the cities where the artificial environment hides to the eyes of the men the fragility of their works, and where all the human behaviours tend to pride.
Humility must be associated to Haughtiness but not to pride, and also to the respect of ourselves, even if we are very small compared to the Universe that is beyond us. Because it is Haughtiness that gives us the Faith in ourselves, in our capabilities, that is indispensable for everything, including for the spiritual progress. Humility associated to Haughtiness generates a worthy attitude: if not, haughtiness can easily topple over slavery.

Humility leads to: allowing receptivity - acquiring the sense of our just place in the Cosmos - getting closer of, what the first humans naively called (with their timid ignorance) God, because Heaven loves the humble and scorns the proud - making us able to settle the just limits - allowing us to go out victorious of the periods of diminution and loss, by accepting the decrease of our means and ambitions - avoiding conflicts - arousing the will of the others to dominate us: we must not let them succeed - making moderate actions and respecting every being.

Humility allows us to eliminate: pride - the fake-ego - the will of power - the tendency to dominate - the desire to match the others - ignorance - atheism

Humility generates Receptivity and the authentic Faith.



Receptivity implies the availability to receive from the others and the Heaven what we are constantly given, but that pride generally prevents us to see and to accept. Receptivity can be acquired by taking the habit to live the present moment, and by stopping the sterile and permanent flow of our regrets on the past, and of our dreams or our fears on the future. Also by understanding that the death of our body can happen at any time.
Receptivity must be associated to Vigilance. In fact, you need to be attentive if you want to be able to perceive the events, the signs, and the exact nature of your destiny. For that, you must live at the present time: do not think of the past anymore, and only think of the future when it is really necessary. Try to live at the present time because tomorrow is another day! Above all, increase the availability and the sensitiveness inside yourself: be easily influenced the right way that is being receptive with no weakness.

Receptivity leads to: attracting the positive people and experiences - keeping far away the negative people and experiences, because we do not attract them - allowing us to be in accordance with the Heaven's will - reaching the innocent behaviours that keep us from the dangers and favour the success - allowing us to detect the things will make us able to go out victoriously from periods of adversity - developing the shamanic powers of our Conscience.

Receptivity allows us to eliminate: the naive will to control our lives by ourselves - choosing ourselves our environment and anything, following our changing desires -most of the time: bad - the arbitrary.

Receptivity brings to be able to let Life live in us, and so the Detachment.



Detachment implies freedom and knowledge: because being attached in the nets of the outside world, by your senses and your desires, is extremely dangerous because it prevents us from acquiring the true knowledge.

Acting without being attached by your behaviours is easy: it's a question of not acting for yourself. Enjoying your senses without being attached is easy: it's a question of being conscious that only God grant us with this pleasure, and accepting inside ourselves that He can take it back at any time. Being detached also means loving the others for themselves, and not for us. The love of the others with detachment is possible: it's obviously the only true love. It's obviously the opposite of the selfish sexual passion that is blind and destructive.

Detachment can be acquired by becoming conscious of the "Real I", the eternal Conscience inside ourselves: this is why it is more common in Asia than in the western world because people believe in the re-incarnation and the Buddhist teachings. It can also be acquired by avoiding passion situations.

Detachment must be associated to the Mastery of the thoughts and the emotions: which is eased by a reciprocal control of them, as previously mentioned.

Detachment leads to: the peace and delight inside ourselves - ending destructive passions - ending desires and anxieties - ending pain - acquiring the equanimity - ending the "Samsara" (the obligation to re-incarnate) - developing the Bodhisattvic powers - being freed from the material world.

Detachment allows us to definitely eliminate: concupiscence - the desire to exist - the fear of death - jealousy - envy - and all the faults

Detachment brings the disintegration of the fake-ego. Detachment is the basis from which your Conscience will be able to progress and access to the Spiritual World. It is the aim of our evolution here.

Each time you will be confronted to a problem -and also in your daily life- keep trying to apply these behaviours. After the action, take stock on your successes and your failures. Note your mistakes -write them if necessary- and you will acquire new habits with perseverance: these new habits with positive automatisms will take over from your actual negative automatisms.

You will also observe that these 8 couples of dual qualities are always formed of a male quality (Yang) and of a female quality (Yin). For example, courage that is (Yang) associated with cautious that is Yin; or humility that is Yin with haughtiness that is Yang.

This is where their efficiency and their invincibility reside.

Finally, you will observe that these 8 qualities make one, and so they can't develop separately from one another.

The acquisition of these 8 fundamental qualities is, and will have to be, the first basis of the whole education of the humans: yours as well as your children's. Your useless intellectual jumble, which clutters up your brains and the brains of your students, is dangerous because it makes you unavailable to perceive the Truth; it also prevents you from seeing clearly the importance of these factors in your Destiny.

The teaching and the training to this acquisition is a long process that implies that the whole society has to collaborate and unite in this direction.

This must be the basis of the formation of your character, as well as the education of your children, that will make you invincible and celestial warriors.

2.03 What way do you have to follow?


An extremely widespread mistake:

is to think that a spiritual evolution absolutely implies asceticism and retreat.

The Vedas and Buddha taught that it was possible to reach the Liberation while living inside the profane life, the family life and the professional life: it's just obviously harder than making a retreat in a temple. Asceticism and retreat are just means, but are not aims in themselves: monasteries, temples and all the places devoted to Faith are only tools at the service of the humans.

The only Temple where God is present doesn't need neither to be built nor sought: this temple is the nature and the men's hearts, and it is everywhere.


 Source: L'indien d'Amérique -Flammarion

Chastity, fast, meditation, Zen are also profitable techniques but that are not aims in themselves. The only goal to the Conscience's evolution is the return to the spiritual world. This goal can be reached by 4 different ways that we will study later. So the ways of asceticism and retreat are only ways amongst the others.

This is real that it's an excellent thing for those who have the opportunity to retreat in a temple (but not everywhere). Anyway, making the decision to retreat from the society is not possible to everybody, especially for those who have to take care of their wives, children or parents. In India, some men -at any age- abandon their homes, their job, their children and wives, to become begging monks: they are called the Sannyasis. Religious orders preach that they do not have to worry about their families because God will take care of them.

What do the children and wives think about this?

I don't think that they are happy, even if they were culturally taught to respect these kinds of decisions. Moreover, what may be possible in Asia is not possible in the Western World. Social assistance and insurances will never be able to replace the physical presence of love, cares, attentions and affection that offers the person who lives in his/her home.

Temples are refuges and it's good that they exist: but we have to keep in mind that, amongst those who live in these temples, there is a lot of people who have selfish and personal intentions, or they just did not dare to brave life. I do not sat this to disparage the authentic religious people (who I admire) whose example and meditation profit the whole society, but to end a misunderstanding that uselessly keeps away many people from the Just Way.

In Fact:

We must not forget that this is the civilization of Cain's sons that created temples, which are themselves the consequence of the civilization of accumulation of the material goods. Temples are, in a way, the hospitals where is cured a disease that should not exist: the materialist thought.

Just as religious orders should not exist either, because there is no difference to do between profane life and religious life: it's in their whole that our lives -and in each of their aspects- must become religious and sacred.

In a word, all the religions are useless for the men whose spiritual conscience embrace the whole of their profane lives.

Each man and each woman must be a priest in his/her own life and in his/her own home. Priests only exist (and this is good) because we need doctors. If there is not disease, we don't need doctors. This is the reason why the Indian Sioux have no temple, and no priest.

Every action of our lives -even the most trite- can and must become a religious action if we live it differently inside ourselves. Let's take the example of the "cursed action" of all the religions: to fuck - to make love - to copulate. This is supposed to prevent you from reaching God or our Mother-Source.


Time have changed! ...

A university

does not show stark naked women


He is perfectly Right!

Most certainly! if, as the French people say: "the little head controls the big head". Most certainly if you fuck to empty your balls, and her to empty your wallet! Not, if when you gaze at the naked body of the beautiful young woman you are clasping, you understand that she is a manifestation of God who offers herself to you with this appearance. Not, if she loves you and you love her. Not, if with a combination of refinement, tactfully and animal violence you give and share with each other a reciprocal pleasure; and that you grateful to each other and both of you grateful to Him. It's a serious insult towards God to scorn the pleasures of life that are nothing else than Him. And It's a serious insult towards Him to behave like an animal: without understanding that everything comes from Him.

To talk about God we commonly use the idiom "Father" such as it's taught to the Catholics: "Our father in the heaven, give us today our daily bread etc..."


This expression is just because "God" is the father and the mother of every creature. If you are already a father and that you had provided for all the needs and pleasures of your children: what would you think if they destroyed all the wealth that you provided for them? What would you think if they destroyed the beautiful house you built for them? What would you think if they hoped to leave this house they destroyed, to go to build a new ugly one?


Well, it's exactly what you are doing to your planet!

As a father, what would be your reaction? 

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