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Chapter XI - Cosmos University

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Part 4 - Course 3

"Teaching superstitions as the truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia

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The shamanic conscience's characteristics

How to acquire the shamanic conscience

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Course 3

American Indians have numerous talented artists, of whom Ernest Dominique: he is one of the growing star amongst the artists of the autochthon community of Quebec: he signs his paintings under the pseudonym "Aness"

Acquisition of the shamanic conscience

3.01 The shamanic conscience's characteristics


You should read these specialized books:

" Chamane " by Michael Harner -Albin Michel

" La voie des chamans " by Gary Doore -Collection J'ai lu New Age

" Voir - Les enseignements d'un sorcier Yaki " by the ethnologist Carlos Castaneda -Collection Témoins from Gallimard, but also the other books from this same author; especially:

" Le voyage à Ixtlan "

" Histoires de pouvoir "

" Le second anneau de pouvoir "

" Le don de l'aigle "

"Passes Magiques",

These books, particularly " Chamane " (Shaman in English) will be very useful to you, because they precisely describe the traditional methods of the passing from the ordinary to the shamanic Conscience.

You also can get in touch with European or Indian Shamans who will initiate you into various techniques; the most popular is the technique of the drum that, once a certain rythm is reached, provokes (for some predisposed peole) the passing to the shamanic Conscience. This state of conscience allows you to see the reality under another aspect, to travel with your body-spirit, to contact your Guardian-Spirit, and to get a powerful ally.

Regarding my own experience, I can't concretely teach the acquisition of the shamanic Conscience because I never did any voluntary effort to reach it; I never used any specific method, except for sophrology. Nevertheless, I know in what consist this state of Conscience and it's easy for me to remember in what conditions it spontaneously aroused in me. I also sometimes tried -but failed- to arouse it, so I know what conditions are unfavourable to it. And this analysis is indispensable to previously create the favourable conditions to change of plan of Conscience.


Let's see first what are the different aspects of this shamanic Conscience?

the States of Shamanic Conscience that I spontaneously experienced were:
The conscience before the incarnation into a physical body;

The partial memory of a previous life;

The Conscience going out of the physical body, and its trip towards the stars;

The experience of different senses, and of the supra-conscience resulting of them;

The vision of the aura;

The vision of the future;

The communication with the spirit of the trees and the animals;

The telepathy;

The state of "void", of no-wanting;

The temporary disintegration of the ordinary "I";

The remote action on the matter;

The remote action on humans' spirits;

The remote transmission of our energy to the others;

The healing of someone else by this same energy: called the KI (or CHI).

The phenomenons that can happen in the state of shamanic conscience are not limited to the one above, because there are a lot more. The Vedas list these yoga powers as:
Becoming invisible;

Increasing or decreasing the size of the body until making it gigantic or tiny;

Moving with the physical body by flying;

Making one extremely heavy or light;

Creating objects and material people;

Fulfilling all our desires.

The old "medicine bags" of the American Indians contain stones from the moon and many amazing things. Etc...

About myself, I am limited to talk about my own powers (quite small) regarding the facts I have experienced. All these facts are authentic, and they result of a state of mind that anybody can reach: you already potentially can have it. Nevertheless, you are not conscious of this fact and/or have never tried to acquire it.

And it is now that you must do it, because only your personal experience can totally convince you of its reality. It's not very hard to reach, because this quality is more widespread than most of the people think. However, you will have to pass the different steps mentioned in the previous pages: you will need courage and perseverance. You will also need to be confident, not getting discouraged, and above all not "want" (in the ordinary meaning of this term) but believe, "acting in the state of void" or the Wu-Wei: this is not that easy if you are not naturally predisposed.

As I previously explained,

our Consciences are all at different levels of evolution.

Some people -quite a few- can remember many of their previous lives: the best sample are the " Jâtakas" : the account of the 547 previous lives (particularly as a woman) of Buddha - by Buddha - that are the basis of the Buddhist religious teachings.

Some people can remember only one former life -sometimes with a lot of details - or only with a few details, such as I do.

Some people have an affinity for a country or a culture: these people interpret this as a valid indication about their previous live: if they are sincere, they are may be right.

Some people, in fact the vast majority, can't remember anything.

These important differences can be explained by the fact that the Consciences of these people are not on the same plan. And this does not give the right to those who can't remember anything about their previous lives, to assert that this is impossible: if they do, their attitude is comparable with a born-blind person who would assert that the eyesight does not exist!

Finally, there are those who would like to remember, but cannot.

I would like to tell these people that: it is possible that memory came back if you are in a state of void. If it's the case, I'm glad! If it's not the case, it's because you are not ready: and so don't lose your time and energy. And above all, never accept to be hypnotized to remember your past life! (This is called a regression). Never try to be hypnotized, for any reason; even to have fun. It is possible to any talented hypnotizer to implant in your subconscious some orders that will remain in you after you woke up, and that you ignore it. These orders may modify your behaviour, and you will not realize. I will never trust a human enough to dare to take such a risk. You must, above all, learn to govern your lives by yourselves and to confront everything by yourselves: with no help and no "crutch" of any kind.


Now let's have a look at

When and How did I have all these experiences:

When I was 8 years old : I was seriously sick - I was just out of a period of 6 months where my mother had abandoned me, and I was happy to see her again - I was in contact with the nature.

When I was a teenager, because it is the period where I was worrying for my mother's health - I was eager to learn because I wanted to help her to recover - I was starting to practice relaxation and mental void - I was in contact with the nature.

During the war in Algeria (between France and Algeria); it was a period of extreme physical tiredness - lack of food, almost fasting- associated to a daily danger- I was in contact with the desert.

During my professional life within my important company: I was submitted to acute emotional tensions, regarding very important (personal or professional) problems - I simultaneously adopted a strict hygiene of life - I was in contact with the nature by my week-ends (or trips) of hunting.

In the bush, when I was relaxed and in the state of mental "void" - happy to be in contact with the real life - In love with the Earth and the great spaces.

When I had to face the loss of my belongings and to leave the ones I loved.

Now let's have a look at

When and How these phenomenons of shamanic conscience did not happen.

When "everything was going well for me", financially or about love.

When I was worrying about ordinary professional problems.

When my professional ambitions were the main engine of my life.

When I was overworking (my appointment book was always full).

When I was over-confident, in other words too proud.

When (during a period of my life) I loved to drink alcohol, eat huge and fatty steaks, smoke big cigars, and flirt with beautiful women.

3.02 How to acquire the shamanic conscience

Aquarelle by Bodmer

It clearly results through this short analysis: the extremely important conclusions on the favourable -or unfavourable- conditions of the appearance of the shamanic conscience. In fact, after reading the situations I experienced, it's obvious that:
Life in the city

Professional agitation

The selfish material worries

Personal ambition

Material success

A high social status

A public social life


A sedentary life, with business meetings (good alcohols and big cigars)

Luxury - "flirting" with the women - Unfaithfulness

are the major obstacles to a spiritual life, and so to reach it.

On the contrary, it is obvious that:
Living near the nature

Forgetting oneself

Disinterested love and compassion

Clear peace and happiness

A good hygiene of life

But also:

The periods of dejection due to bad luck

The periods of acute emotional tensions

The periods of lack of affection

The periods of danger

The periods of fasting

The periods of loss and diminution -concerning any plans,

are very favourable to the spiritual life, and so to acquire it.



The emotional tension of Love of the others and of the desire of affection - Fighting against the opponents - Being eager to understand - Tiredness - Fasting and practicing physical exercise - Being in contact with the nature, the plants, the animals - The mental void - Being confident with the Mother-Source of everything -also called God.


Ambition - Pride - Passion - The arbitrary way of managing - Overworking - Unavailability - Being sedentarity - Cities - Alcohol, cigarettes, Fatty food - Sexual concupiscence.

After this reading, some obvious facts spontaneously arise:

In fact, our hardships are a blessing, because humans -especially if they are rich and powerful- generally don't think to call in question by themselves the factors of their behaviours that are unfavourable to the real aim of any existence: which is accessing to the plan of the superior Conscience. This behaviour of the fake-ego being contrary to the will of the authentic "I", creates bad luck and illness.

One of my friend, who is a shaman, was always repeating me this classic sentence that the shamans say to their patients:

" I can cure you, but you will have to die first."  

These hardships are deliberate by the Conscience living in us, to give us the opportunity to understand and to change: there is nothing to see with God.

So, these hardships are like a disease that is necessary to cure.

We can anticipate this disease -these hardships- by adopting the just behaviour desired by our authentic "I". What must be this just behaviour is clear: and I don't need to explain it to you one more time. If you are not sure, have a look at the previous chapters.
It's obviously not necessary to put you voluntarily in a situation of hardship: that is affection loneliness, danger, fight, adversity and extreme tiredness.

You just need to eliminate the unfavourable behaviours (mentioned in this website) from your thoughts and your lives.

You must simultaneously create the favourable and positive conditions: especially the emotional desire to progress, fasting, a healthy life in contact with the nature, the plants, and the animals; and also being eager to understand and to learn.

You must set up your lives on just basis, oust evil from your lives, and develop the 8 necessary qualities (see course 2) as the way mentioned above: to confidently reach the perfect detachment.

Then, the mental void and the Wu-Wei will be easily obtained by the training of any kind of technique to acquire the self-control of the mental: Meditation - Zen - Religious retreat - Sophrology - Aikido - Yoga - Silent contemplation and adoration of the nature - Devoted and silent prayer.

When you will be able to gather these conditions, the passing to the shamanic state will come by itself: you don't need to want it. And when you will acquire this conscience, and that it will be deeply rooted in you, you can leave away the techniques -if you want.

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