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Chapter XI - Cosmos University

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Part 8 - Course 7

"To teach superstitions as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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The basis of the civilization type 3.

Founding of the civilization type 3

What will be the civilization type 3?

The 5 important consequences of the spiritual values in the civilization type 3

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 Course 7


"Children of the Cosmos"

This huge question, mark formed by an aurora borealis above Winnipeg city, is the celestial image of the colossal challenge that the terrestrial humanity must absolutely face: not only to found an authentic, harmonious and durable civilization, but also to simply survive, as it is the condition.
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7.01 The basis of the civilization type 3  

The idea that most of the people have about the civilization is only as a material frame of comfort, deliberately wanted to be a continuous progress, in order to give them 2 things:
"security", particularly against the dangers of scarcity, nature, and the barbarians in the past,

and increasing sensorial enjoyments.

In this common perspective, these enjoyments on the civilization are unknown by the primitives and would have been hardly obtained by the men progressively changing their rough initial existence.

On the one hand: this conception leads you to the virtual world, to the remote orgasm, and will lead you tomorrow to the big crash.

On the other hand: the townspeople (who either idealize the primitive People of a disappeared pas, or who consider them as animals and so, contrary to their ideal) get along together to agree that returns to the past and the nature are impossible and not very desirable for these reasons.

All these points of view are wrong because: on the one hand, all the primitive people haven't been civilized, and in the other hand, returning to the nature today is possible without having to adopt a frame of life of the past, which is extinct anyway. For this, you must start to learn to see it and also to stop to fear it.


Have a look on this great paintings After your reading to discover nature with a new look.

The return to a durable and natural civilization is, first,

seeing the civilization under another angle.

According to the Sioux or the Vedas, and also to me, civilization does not have a fundamental link with the material aspects: it should better be defined as a whole of rules meant to allow the spiritual progress of each man, while assuring the harmony of the material life.

So, civilization is not "technical": above all, it proceeds of a collective human work of continuous creation of the soul itself. There is no civilization without the sense of the sacred, without respect of the Man, without respect of the Life, of the Earth, and of the Divinity.

In fact:

If we admit that the Aim of the Conscience-Life-Energy, which is Us alone, is the return to a spiritual world by the access to the Bodhisattvic Conscience.

If we realize that the main obstacle to the Conscience's spiritual development resides in our desires, our passions, and our material attachments.

It logically results that: the more a civilization develops our material attachments, the more it creates obstacles that take the Man away from the achievement of the final Conscience's aim, which is nothing else than Himself in his essence.

And so that, the less a civilization grants a value to these attachments, the more it gets closer to the right choice.


The civilization type 1/A, gathers all the ideal conditions: so, it is the one where the majority of the men can reach the Liberation. For this reason, it is the most conformable with the desires of the Conscience and of our Mother-Source.

Civilizations type 1/B and 2/A (particularly because of the spiritual teaching and the moderation of desires that is possible with religious practices) still may allow quite a lot of men to realize the true meaning of life, and so to take the right Way (but also to understand), more slowly.

The civilization type 2/B (modern) that does not believe in anything anymore, developing the attachments, and that does not respect anything anymore: is, above all, the Anti-civilization. It is the civilization where the material, psychological, and social conditions, does not allow (except some rare exception) the Conscience to progress and reach its aim. This is why it is condemned by advance and: either it will have to be reformed, or it will be destroyed, as expected by the Tradition.

Nevertheless, it remains that the essential objective of the Conscience is to know Itself: which implies to know the Cosmos of which we are the sons, and which leads to recognize Science as a positive asset of the civilization 2/B; an asset of which the men absolutely need to resolve the problems that this civilization contributed to create.

We can obviously think that the civilization of the Future will be a return to the spiritual values (such as the civilization type 1, but that will keep and develop the techno-scientific knowledge acquired by the type 2/B. If I had to give it a name, it would be the:

"Civilization of the Cosmos' Children"

This point of view being the one of my Sioux friend, Kevin Lock, who did not tell me anything else than the following words -even if the form was different: "You must return to a simpler way of living such as ours, without rejecting the progress in its positive aspects."

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7.02 Founding of the civilization type 3

N.A.S.A: comet Halleboop 

How to settle this Gordian knot and to conciliate all these opposites is the heart of the problem, the center of the challenge you are confronted to. If the terrestrial humanity was unable to -or rebellious- be able to accept this challenge, here is the picture of the world that its rare survivors would have to face, and for a long time.

How will be founded this civilization of the future?

It would be contrary to the spirit of the civilization type 1/A -that inspires us, to lock the definition of the civilization type 3 into a rigid frame: attitude that is the distinctive values of the types 2 A and B, the one that we must reject.

The civilization of the "Cosmos' Children" will not result, I think, in some directives or laws. So it won't be arbitrarily imposed to you because it must spontaneously come from you, groping about... from your individual awareness, and above all arise in your hearts (I hope, quickly).

The people agreeing with the values of the Spirit must invent by themselves the most appropriate solutions, regarding the time - place - conditions circumstances, and immediately apply them.

As a result, the civilization type 3 will have many local variants.

  And then?

What becomes of me?

And if you did not do it, I think it is probable that one (or many) natural or artificial cataclysm(s) (as expected by the Tradition) regenerate(s) the Earth, by a massive destruction of the men and their work: if it was the case, the survivors would not have another choice, to survive, than returning to the values of the "Children of the Earth".
Concerning this cataclysm, Tahca Ushté describes one of his amazing visions:  

"Listen, this is the mental vision I had not a so long time ago. According to my vision, the electric light is coming to the end. The men use the electric energy too much, for their TVs or to go to the moon. The day has come when the nature will dry up the electricity. Policemen without flashlight, hot beer because no more refrigerators, planes falling down from the sky, and even the president who will not be able to call anybody on the phone. A young man will come, one or many men, who will know how to put an end to electricity. It will be as painful as delivery. Rapes in the dark, alcoholics destroying shops to obtain alcohol, many destructions. Although the Whites think they are smart and informed, they will be lost if the machines stop to work because they forgot how to get out of trouble without them. A Man of Light will show up, bringing with him a new spark. This will happen before the end of the century. The Man gifted with this power will also make some other good deeds -he will put an end to the atomic energy and to the wars, simply by stopping the electro-power of the white world. I hope to see these times, but in the same time I am afraid. What will be, will be."

After this reading, I thought that this Indian was raving: how a natural energy could dry up? It seemed to me completely impossible.

Now, on April 11, 1997: it was established that Tahca Ushte's prophecy could happen.

In fact, two very important events for humanity took place in the same week:

On the one hand, the space probe that was close to Europe, one of Jupiter's satellite, sent information to the Earth that allowed to cautious scientists to assert that life has existed on this celestial body: " I am sure there's life there " asserted John Delaney of the Washington's University,

And on the other hand, the sun gave out an incredibly powerful "electromagnetic" storm, of which energy was powerful enough to interrupt our space probes' working (that were, at the same time, many billions of kilometers from it) if they had been touched by it. The scientists alerted the Press about the possible risks of disruption on terrestrial telecommunications due to this energy that yet, was between 30 and 93 millions of miles from the Earth!

Considering the moving speed of the Earth, I approximately calculated that our planet avoided this disaster from 38 days, which is tiny in the space. If the Earth went into this storm, we would have has a -temporary- stopping, but extremely destructive, on every things working with electricity: factories, airplanes, cars, water pumps, computers, etc...

So, the accomplishment of Tahca Ushte's prophecy can happen -this natural phenomenon will necessarily happen again-, and it's not sure that you will have the chance to avoid it. I tell you that a bit of humility would be salutary!

The tact that Tahca Ushte's prophecy was right or not has no fundamental importance: humanity will have to give up with its actual erroneous materialist values. Either in a material constraint -like the one of Tahca Ushte's vision (or another one of a same nature)-, or in a salutary reaction of the humanity to escape the dangers that threaten it: anyway, humanity will have to change its values and behaviours.

At the moment, we are very far from these changes! Nevertheless, we must considerate that the biggest chance of salutary changing will come from the people, and not from the States. In fact, it is completely impossible that the actual States -all driven by the materialist thought- decide of these changes, which would not be accepted by the populations, if they don't find by themselves the sacred meaning of Life.

This is why salvation will come from the Individuals, or will be imposed from outside. These is why becoming individually aware is the most important thing. This is why it would be vain to describe the means to set up one more "Utopia", because one of the fundamental characteristic of the Tradition -of which the emerging civilization will be inspired- is its absence of any dogmatism and its tolerance towards the diversity.

In fact, we must understand very well that it would be stupid to adopt a process similar to those of the types 2: that is, wanting to arbitrarily control the people towards a just behaviour by the means of constraints and directives tied up to the rules and laws.

The fight against evil can be done by the mean of a drastic progress towards the good, and not by using the weapons of evil: this is why progress towards the good will only result from a renewal of the religious sense, similar to the one described in this website.

We must not be surprised. In fact, in so far as the spiritual values of a just meaning of life prevails over the human behaviours, nothing else becomes necessary.
As said Lao Tseu: 

"Get rid of sanctity, reject knowledge,

and the people will gain by hundred times.

Get rid of morality, reject the obligation

and the people will come back to the filial obligation and to love.

Get rid of clever tricks, reject profit,

and there won't be anymore thieves and vagabonds.

For these three subjects

beautiful pretences are not enough."

"So, take care that the men can trust something.

Show simplicity, apply yourself to integrity!

Reduce egoism, moderate your desires!

Abandon knowledge! You will be free of any concerns. "


"The absence of desire creates serenity, and the world walks straight by itself. "

"If the great Meaning is lost,

then appear morality and obligations.

If intelligence and knowledge thrive,

then appear the big lies.

If the close parents get divided,

then appear filial obligation and love.

If the States fall into the chaos,

then appear the loyal servants."


Indeed, when the humans believe in reicarnation they stop to fear death; and when they follow a spiritual objective they become detach from themselves, and spontaneously from need to run after material objectives. No need of police in the Buddhist Monasteries, and the Sioux didn't need laws.

This is why we absolutely need to think differently about everything: only the adhesion of an increasing number of people to just spiritual values will generate judicious changes, positive and durable in all the aspects of life, including the political life.

I could stop to write this website here.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to have an idea about what could be the civilization type 3. Having an approximate idea is possible, because there will always be invariable bases: the bases of spiritual nature, the bases described above, but also in the whole website.

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7.03 What will be the civilization type 3?

Source: N.A.S.A

If the humanity victoriously accepts this challenge, it will be through the way symbolized by Helios: this vessel from the future, with its solar sails, that beat the record of altitude in the history of the aviation. In other words, the way of the highest technology combined with the highest spiritual values expressed in this website.
There are many inventive solutions:
but without a just meaning of life in yourself,

inspired by the respect of everything,

you will fail. 

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7.04 The 5 important consequences of the spiritual values

about the lay life in the civilization type 3

fractal by Laurent Antonini

Victoriously accepting this challenge implies the education of the elite of the spiritual knowledge: the elite will have to be perfectly integrated, courageous, disinterested and ready for personal sacrifices.


Well, this and the new spiritual bases inside the humans will considerably modify -and without any constraint to set them up- the individual behaviours. We just have to make a brief synthesis of the possible consequences of such an important change: it's not a question of "platform" or of one more political program for a "new society"!

It's only a hypothesis, like a game.

We don't need to describe more the spiritual values that will be the bases of the new civilization, because they were already widely developed in the previous chapters: but it is interesting to analyze what would be their logical repercussions on the main aspects of the individual or collective lay life.

These repercussions will obviously be the result of a deep inside change of the individuals; certainly not the wholly individuals: because only the elite, the one of the heart, can cling to the values of the Divine Spirit, and the example given by this elite will generate the enthusiastic adhesion of the others and will positively and progressively transform the whole society.

Let's look again at the essential spiritual bases, and study the foreseeable results of their application.

They are:

The faith in "Wakan Tanka", or Mother-Source in its 3 fundamental aspects.

Knowing that we are an eternal Conscience.

Understanding the illusory and negative nature of the fake-ego.

Learning to behave with detachment, or Wu-Wei.

Desiring the Bodhisattvic Conscience.

1 - Consequences of the faith in Wakan Tanka or "God"

in its 3 fundamental aspects:


Faith, like it is described above, leads the Man to 2 complementary and inseparable attitudes: humility towards the Power of an unthinkable strength, and respect towards the manifestation of It in all its material aspects.

An ecologic behaviour spontaneously arises, that is intervening as less as possible on the admirable natural balance -and impossible to completely understand in its subtlety-, to avoid playing to the apprentice sorcerer and harming while wanting to do good things.

From there obviously arises conservatism: that refuses, or slows down Science's technologic applications. In this attitude, a long reflection becomes necessary before modifying something or adopting a new technique. This reflection is positive.

Such a Faith restores a just relationship between the Man and the Earth, brings the disappearance of the natural resources looting, does not allow itself some manipulations and refuses the application of the "dangerous" progress. Such a Faith likes that everything on the Earth has its own place: not only the humans, but also the animals, the trees, the plants, the sources, the lakes, the mountains, etc...

This will spontaneously imply:

The "protection of the nature" that will return to its primordial role of feeding and protective mother.

The spontaneous aversion to everything that is artificial or dangerous, for the Man or the environment: particularly big cities and industrial products.

The drastic decrease in the excessive industries exploiting the nature, such as the Amazonian forest or the whales' huntings; or the ones that are harmful such as the chemical or atomic industries (nuclear fission).

The acceptance to take moderately the animal, vegetal or mineral lives to provide for the men's needs -who are themselves a part of the nature. Then the Man will prefer the techniques not too disrupting for the nature, such as: hunting, fishing and biological agriculture; which are better than breeding, aquaculture or chemical agriculture, for example.

The decrease of the industrial production and all the serious problems it generates: especially the employment problems.

The withdrawal of the big cities, by a big part of the population, towards smaller cities -of "human size"-, countryside, or some places with a naturally preserved environment.

Converting the big cities in a more righteous way to make them viable: this requires huge investments.

The modification of the status of the land: that will stop to be a personal property to become a collective property, being entrusted -only for a certain time- to some people.

The disappearance of landed and industrial speculations: that will lead to many resounding bankrupts and restructurings. They will be a necessary pain.

The effective birth control, limiting to 2 children per woman in the regions of the world where it is indispensable (Such as the Sioux, who used contraceptive and abortive herbal tea: they particularly used a plant called "Hupe Stola", which is a kind of yucca), to balance the human population to the available renewable resources.

A temporary imbalance between production and consumption that will decrease, due to the demographic decrease: this will generate a very hard economical adjustment.

The respect for animal slaughters and tree cuttings, or for any form of nature takings.

A more simple and less consuming way of life.

A modification of the alimentary habits that will be based on a healthier nutrition -more vegetables than meat, almost only biological.

The deep transformation of the agro-alimentary industries that will result from these modifications.

The improvement of the physical and psychic health because the priority will be given to an intelligent prevention.

The deep consequent transformation of the medical and hospital system.

The refusal to be manipulated or to comply with the arbitrary. The consequence will be the end of the political powers and of the rich and powerful men: they will have to change their way of thinking.


  If he succeeds

I am out...

The end of the narco-dollars' power, by the decrease of the consumption.

The distrust towards innovations: that will only be adopted if we think that they are suitable to the respect of the Faith, and if their consequences can be under control. The balance between conservatism and neophism (tendency to prefer novelty) should arise by itself, because the youth will have the opportunity to exert its influence.

The necessity to call upon to many new technologies, automated and lightly polluting.

A bigger financial support to pure Science, and a biggest role to the scientific thinkers in the society, will become necessary to apply and dominate these important changes.

A bigger role of the State in the planning of the environment and the lands -for the financing of the research and of the scientific applications- and against the 16 factors of risk previously mentioned: to make possible the mutation of the type 2/B into the type 3.

A drastic decrease of the role of the state in all the other fields.

A long period of crisis and imbalance of the whole society.

 * * *


May be should we consider Science as the 4th political power (after the executive, legislative and judicial power?). This power, which essential functions would be the acquisition of knowledge and the propositions of its application, the National Education being annexed. This may be possible, at the only condition that these scientists are also authentic spiritual guides.

2 - Consequences of the fact that we know we are an eternal Conscience:


Knowing that we are an eternal conscience abolishes all the fears - mitigates all the pains of the existence - mitigates all the individual human mistakes.

The absence of fear and the serenity, which are the bases of wisdom and: brings the peace of the spirit - establishes the compassion and tolerance towards the others - brings a vision more just about illness and health - defuses human conflicts caused by the fear of the others.

This will spontaneously imply:

Becoming conscious of what we really are: and this will also allow us to see the other people as they really are. Recognizing in them our own tendencies to the faults, we will spontaneously become more tolerant and friendlier, and so: less aggressive.

Being aware that we cannot die also implies to become aware that we cannot kill * either. (*killing an enemy means to eliminate his/her body but not his/her soul: so the problem is not resolved, because in another life we will meet again this enemy who will try to get revenge.) From there comes an extreme reticence on killing, even animals. Killing without valid reasons is out of the question; this is why this conviction will bring Peace in all the fields.

Knowing that we are eternal will also allow us to understand that youth and old age - wealth and poverty - delight and trouble are only cycles that we continuously travel all over from life to life: nothing is permanently obtained, we do not own anything. So, the agitation to obtain what will be lost again (or the anxiety to loose what we own) is completely stupid.

Knowing that everything is transformed into its contrary will help us to endure more easily the periods of pain or hardship: because these periods will not last eternally.

A natural limitation of the essential needs, and a way of living that aims: simplicity, quality, and the absence of worry and conflicts.

Decrease of the time devoted to work.

Increase of the time devoted to spiritual, artistic and intellectual life.

A society more "cool", more tolerant, more smiling, with a slower pace of life. 

3 - Consequence of the fact that we understand the illusory and negative nature of the fake-ego:


Becoming aware of the illusory nature of the fake-ego implies to understand that it is the cause of pain. Aiming to get rid of pain leads to eliminate the cause of the fake-ego that resides in the desire, avarice, attachment, passions, aversion, pride and the will of power; in a word: the materialist thought. Aiming to get rid of the fake-ego necessarily leads to develop (internal and external) qualities, such as: courage - patience - integrity - generosity - fidelity - humility - and qualities of receptivity and detachment; these qualities generate righteous and honest behaviours in all the fields.

Righteous behaviours allow the disappearance of the arbitrary laws and rules, of the police, the courts and the prisons.

This is the way to Freedom.

This will spontaneously lead to:

The end of the "winner" myth, of the competition and avarice.

The decrease of personal ambitions.

A society where the human relationships will be more relaxed, more smiling, and more agreeable.

A society where people will work less, and so less linked with money.

The end of the absolute power of money and of the social hierarchization by money: it returns to what it really is, a way of exchange and also energy.

The primacy will be granted to the individual development of the 8 qualities mentioned above.

A new human hierarchy founded on the more or less acquisition of these 8 qualities will arise.

The birth of a "caste" of real industrials and traders -ignoring the sickly avarice- whose legitimate aim would be the profit (because it's their economic function), but understanding their social role, that would be: taking care of the production and the trade of material goods, and financially supporting the society's material and spiritual leaders (thing that they would do in spite of their inclination for money: in they did not, they would loose their social status).

The change of the public men's criterions, because the primacy will be given to wisdom, simplicity, and generosity.

The disappearance of the traditional political parties.


This guy is an anarchist, believe me!

The public disaffection towards the religions and sects that don't follow this way.

A society that will spontaneously get hierarchized according to these criterions: for the townspeople, it should be a pyramidal democratic aristocracy based on the social recognition of these human qualities (see the next course); and for the human collectivities who prefer a more "Sioux" way of life, it should be a society simply founded on the tacit recognition of the merits and the honors going together with these qualities.

The attribution of privileges and important rights to the people who have these qualities.

A new orientation of the personal ambitions in this way.

A complete overthrow of the connections between money and politics that will stop to be linked.

The disappearance of all the actual political structures.

The recognition of the right of diversity and difference.

Freedom that results from these changes.


4 - Consequence of the fact of learning to behave with detachment, or Wu-Wei.


The generalization of the practice of Wu-Wei will leads to the birth of more detached personalities - stronger and more honest- whose actions will be more efficient in all the fields.

This will lead to the disappearance of all the weaknesses linked to the attachment, a so a more honest society considerably harsher towards evil: because it will neither dread it, not participate to it.

This will spontaneously generates:

A more honest society, and the disappearance of laxness and all the compromises towards evil and criminals: who can be people, groups, or states.

The birth of a new generation of brave and honest men.

The birth of a caste of real warriors -because ignoring fear and personal ambition- that will be assigned to oust evil and to the country's internal and external protection.

The considerable decrease of the crimes, by the fear that will inspire the efficiency of these warriors fighting in the state of Wu-Wei.

The real public order, because founded on the people's adhesion, the esteem and affection towards its protectors.

The efficiency at all the levels, individual or collective.

The reinstatement of trust towards the leaders.



5 - Consequences of the fact of desiring the Bodhisattvic Conscience:



The quest of the real aim of the existence that is the development of the Conscience's scope -to lead it to reach the Bodhisattvic Conscience-, will generate on the spiritual plan the spectacular increase of freed soul, and on the terrestrial plan of the spectacular increase of the number of qualified spiritual guides.

This will spontaneously generates:

The birth of authentic spiritual guides, qualified, respected and loved by the population; these guides will be models and examples for the people.

The attribution of the major role to these guides who will become the supreme authority. People will have an absolute trust in them, because these guides will be detached, will not personally own anything, and will not have any executive power.

The voluntary submission of the leaders, the warriors, the industrials, the farmers, the traders, the civil servants, the labourers, of all the social classes to the spiritual guides' advices and directives.

The exclusive handling by these guides of the children's public education that will be religious, at the real sense of this term.

The choice by these guides for the just orientation of the children's lives -corresponding to their nature and their predisposition-, to prepare them to assume the social role that suits them the best.

The respect of each of these groups towards the other groups that will arise from the understanding of the Conscience's laws of evolution.

The appearance of a political organization -a real one- that may be aristocratic - religious - non-hereditary and democratic on every level of the social pyramid and for the important collective choices, but with no democratic interaction of the inferior levels on the superior levels.

The appearance of purification practices, donations, and sacrifices throughout the population.

The appearance of new collective places devoted to spiritual teaching, meditation and prayer.

The alternation of periods of religious life and periods of lay life.

The influence of spiritual values in every behaviours and every private or public choices.

The public indifference towards power and money.

The return to the family concept, linked to the desire to give birth to children in good conditions to allow them to realize the real meaning of life and access to the Bodhisattvic Conscience.

The return to a balanced sexual life that will make possible the foundation of stable couples.

The encouragement of the youth to sexual life -which is necessary to the adults' emotional and affective balance-, and to fidelity within couples.

The primacy given to the affective and corporal love due to the children who will be born from these couples, as well as their private education in righteous values and the development of the 8 basic qualities.

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