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I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.Synthesis Report of the Mission R/S3- 002



002-1: impact of the predominant species


1 Species' demography

The total strength is 6 billions of subjects, of whom 4.8 billions live in a very primitive state and 1.2 billion live in a state of precarious survival. In spite of a widespread deplorable physical condition, local wars and epidemics, the species will temporarily continue to increase for about 20 circumsolar revolutions; after which, it is probable that this species will encounter a drastic decrease of its population due to the changes its behaviours generated on its own environment.


2 Space occupied by the species

Source: NASA

This general overview shows the species' planetary impact that became a major force of the evolution: that has already affected, for its own use, half of the area of the emerged land:
11% for the agricultural areas

11% for the "developed" forests

26% for the cattle's pasture

2-3% for their cities, their industries, their roads, and other services.

The atmosphere is extremely polluted: the green zones are the zones where it's impossible, or hardly possible, to see the stars -by a clear sky- because of the deviation of their own luminous waves -partly due to their atmospheric pollutions.


3 State of the ecosystems

The species' impact on the natural ecosystems has reached a dangerous level, since it started to significantly impair the planet's basic chemical cycles that are quickly deteriorating because of the resources over-exploitation.

The main degradations are:

 Half of the humid areas are lost

The forest stretch was reduced to, at least, 20% and maybe 50%

Corals and forests are progressively disappearing

9 % of the planet's trees species are on the way of extinction, as well as an immeasurable number of vegetable and animal species.

70 % of the planet's ocean fish stocks are over-fished regarding their ability to reproduce.

The soil degradation affects 2/3 of the arable lands

The level of carbon and nitrogen gases are continuously increasing in the atmosphere.


 4 State of the fresh water resources


Dams and other similar works highly, or moderately, diverted 60% of the planet's biggest rivers waters. They stopped so much their waters' flow that the length for the water to reach the sea has tripled. The natural fresh water in now impaired -nearly everywhere- by various toxic molecules the species released by itself.


002-2: Future of the predominant species


 1 Psychomotor behaviour

This species is one of the most aggressive I have ever met. It even has a tendency to self-destruction. Nevertheless, this aggressiveness is quite useful to counterbalance the effects of the unchecked species' birth rate, although it has the means of regulating it. The species seems to be under the control of the reptilian part of its brain, and looks to be a kind of crossbreed -in less advanced- between the Dinoid species of Orion and the Reptoid species of Sagittarius, who attacked their system about 1 million terrestrial-years ago.


 2 Analysis of the social organization
The species is split up in multiple independent states, often rival, of which most of them show the appearance of a democracy. In fact, it seems to be lead by a planetary oligarchy -distinct from the states- of an occult aristocratic type, of which members are the true masters of the planet; on the other hand, their masters seems to lead the species to develop towards an Insectoid type, without individuality.


 3 Projection about the masters' intentions

Anterior starting point:


 They Got You in Their Hands

Illustration from Catclaw


The masters of this world have accumulated huge profits -at any ecological price- to develop their power of action over anything that was still not of their domain, to increase it, and to finance the whole indispensable means to reach their 12 targets, which gradually were or will be:


The first stage is nearing completion:

Painting by Siudmak

01 - Indirectly taking control over the national states.

02 - Eliminating or subduing the rural class of the peasants.

03 - Taking the worldwide control and conditioning of the humans' behaviours.

04 - Taking almost the whole humanity hostage by monopolizing the whole resources.

05 - Reducing the population by: the absence of efficient fights against epidemics, and voluntarily maintaining famines.

06 - Leading a campaign in favor of the institution of a Worldwide Government.


Stage two:

Painting by Siudmak 


07 - Creation and progressive settlement of this Worldwide Government, and its corollary that will be the gradual dissolution of the national political powers.

Note: They may institute this worldwide government by creating, if necessary, a worldwide chaos to justify its settlement; or even by the mean of a fake Alien threat. (page reserved to the members)

  F15 American fighter, picture by the French Airforce 

08 - Institution of worldwide army, police and justice that -in the name of peace, prosperity and fight against delinquency- will repress anybody, for anything and anywhere; and with its corollary that will be the dissolution of the national armies.


Stage three:


Painting by Siudmak

09 - Gradual genetic modification of the humans (in the name of health and longevity) regarding their part in the society (to serve their masters), and the ban -or a tight control- to reproduce by intercourses because it is uncertain: the result is a perfect control of the species and its population.


Stage Four:

Painting by Siudmak


10 - Planned disappearance of the pure humans, because useless: they are not an indispensable factor of productivity anymore. And may be, they will be replaced by asexual clones to avoid any uncontrolled event,


Sample of this Species' Future

or by genetically modified "monkey-men" or "super-monkey", to perform dirty works if needed; their masters have already tried conclusive testing in this way.


Their Super-Monkies

11 - Creation of cyborgs collaborators, more and more efficient for highly dangerous or specialized tasks; and creation of a class of leaders endowed with new bionic capacities, as they have already discovered that the connection electronic microprocessors /neurons works.


Final Stage

For the masters of their planet Only:

 Painting by Siudmak

12 - Tuning and forced application of the "immortality pill" (their researches are already advanced) for the profit of a tiny elite; it will also be a huge additional source of profit for the actual masters.

Finally, will come the Absolute Reign.

Painting by Siudmak

Creation under their Reign of a "new world" that will be totally shaped regarding the masters' pleasure, because they won't have to confront any opposition; with its corollary that is the complete disappearance of the "homo sapiens" species.


Either the species will become a pantry at the disposal of the masters' adversaries, by its masters...


The Pantry

.... or the species will be simply eliminated in a primitive way because it became totally useless: by the means of implants or psychotronic weapons.


See the complete detailed report with all the annexed evidences.



Conclusion of the report R/S3-002

The clues I have at my disposal do not allow us to be sure that such a will of the masters of this world exists, but one thing is clear: they are able to complete this program, as their techno-sciences quickly progress.

What shall I do? Waiting answer to continue my mission.

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