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I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.Mission Order M/S3-003

The collected clues reveal a worrying situation.

How much advanced are their researches about weapons and space navigation?

Close your shutters...They are watching YOU! 



 Report R/S3- 003 on the terrestrial techno-sciences


003-1: actual situation

1 Weapons and space and space navigation

Human Peace & Love!

Source: American Army

The actual weapons, particularly anti-matter weapons, at the disposal of the species are destructive enough to eradicate life on any planet. Nevertheless, at the moment their weapons are only a danger for themselves because they are still unable to control interstellar space trips; propulsion of their spaceships (that are only tiny uninhabited robots) seems to be only generated by thermic engines. Human species did not make any significant progress since their first inhabited trips to their only satellite: they call it the Moon.

A space probe, Mars Odyssey 2001, equipped with quite sophisticated implements, was recently put into orbit around s4: the species considers the colonization of s4.



003-2 : situation to come


The species' planet


1 State of their techno-sciences researches


The species recently made significant discoveries in the following fields:

5th dimension

10th planet of their solar system


neurons/microprocessors connections

space energy, black energy, black matter, antimatter

cold fusion

genetics, cloning, ageing gene and possibility of immortality

hyper-space and hyper-dimensions allowing the access to all the worlds


biologic computers

quantum computers

artificial ovules and artificial orgasm

extra-solar planets

death ray

resurrection of species

superstrings and micro-dimensions


supra-light speed

It's just the beginning of these discoveries, but the means invested are huge and some applications of these discoveries will be effective in a few time.



003-2 : future applications

1 New Weapons

Death Ray


They already tuned and marketed the "death ray" that became an anti-missile; it also seems they already tested anti-matter bombs since 1998 (according to their calendar: that I will continue to use as a reference in this report) on s5, the biggest planet of their solar system (local name: Jupiter).


2 Interstellar Space Trips 

It also seems that they will soon be able to build antigravity generators, according to the researches of the Finnish scientist: Dr Eugene Podkletnov.

Teleportation is still not within their reach, but could become soon possible: with the researches made by Danish physician in September 2001.




conclusion of the report R/S3-003

Les elements joined to the report let us think that the species will control the interstellar space trips before 50-100 circumsolar revolutions, and then it will be able to destroy a planet, nay a complete solar system. There is a high probability that the species disappears before it masters these techniques: however, it would be wise that the Galactic federation's authority studies the risk this species represents.
Waiting for new mission order.
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