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I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.Mission Order M/S3-004

The Galactic Federation requires a complementary report on the species' discoveries concerning the possible fields such as: the matter's conscience and the Universe's conscience, to estimate its psychological abilities of self-determination.



 Report R/S3-004 on the terrestrial psycho-sciences


004-1: Actual Situation

1 Birth conditions of the actual predominant species

Of all the humanoid varieties who simultaneously -or successively- reigned on this planet, it is -alas!- the less advanced who survived (by a hair's breadth) the terrible disasters on the Earth.

Particularly the when a comet and also many big asteroids (that we observed 11 566 terrestrial years ago) came into collision with the Earth, on the northern part of the continent they called America. This collision provoked in one day enormous telluric shocks, and the Atlan (a big continent/archipelago) was swallowed up. A superior species, mastering psycho-sciences, which was living in Atlan: is today extinct.



Source: NASA
The survivors were from distinct human groups, but they were all of the semi-intelligent indigenous population that was born 25 million years ago. And the latest could, neither recover these sciences nor develop these abilities: we suppose it's because of the harsh conditions of survival.

Moreover, the fights for their different groups' predominance as well as the fights between their own leaders, lead them to voluntarily destroy the few remaining archives of the 4 previous humanities; and even theirs.


2 Actual state of the psycho-sciences.

So, the actual humans do not have the psychological faculties that would allow them to face the crisis they created themselves.

However, an elite has recently appeared: this elite does not possess its great ancestors' talents, but it did some discoveries that are yawning the spirit of a few of them, about:

the holographic nature of the universe

the matter's conscience

the ability of the atoms to self-organize

the universal energy

the psy waves and their applications

their planets' reactions to their emotions

the inter-activity between the living beings' conscience and the universe's conscience

Nonetheless, they still did not perceive anything concerning the essential.



004-2: the future situation

1 Psy abilities of self-determination

It seems that the species' leaders are from now on under the influence of the Galactic federation's rebel forces. These forces took the control over a local group of 56 planets in this area, and set up industrial bases on the hidden face of their satellite; it is also possible that these forces are present (but discreet) on s3.


They are watching and controling YOU!

And it is even possible that the Dinoids have survived in underground sites, in spite of our victory, and have made an alliance with the enemy. Finally, humans have already tuned psychotronic weapons. According to my opinion, they may use psychosciences to quench their insatiable thirst of power.



   Conclusion of the report r/s3-004

Regarding the weakness of the species' declining faculties, and the probable alliance of some of its leaders with the enemy: we estimate that the species does not have the capacity of self-determination anymore.
And regarding the quick increase of its destructive capacities, we advocate an urgent intervention in this area of the galactic forces.
Waiting for new mission order.

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