Overview of the Human Species by the Galactic Federation (Part 5/6) - Sound on some images

Galactic Federation


I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.Answer to the report R/S3-004:

The Galactic Federation, after an exceptional meeting with the Senior-Staff of the Psycho-forces Specialized in the Frontiers' Security Service, considers not being able to intervene in your sector, which is of a minor interest, before 10 circumsolar revolutions. However, an intervention detachment power 7 has been programmed to be available from December 21, 2012 -of the local calendar.


Do you think that you would be able to increase this species' level of conscience, with your own means, until a sufficient level: to spare them our intervention?


I doubt of this mission's feasibility and ask for the special permission to return to my base.


Mission order M/S3-005: as a Matter of Priority

The Federation's decision is irrevocable: the permission is refused.

During this period, you are assigned to keep your position to:
1 Report us of the evolution of the danger that this species represents.

2 Try your best to develop their faculties psy, while making sure that you do only communicate them information in accordance with their great ancestors and their actual knowledge.


Reveal your presence in this sector to the light units of Andromeda, Vega and Reticuli -they constantly patrol in this area-, and you can have recourse to them if needed; but you are strictly not allowed to use your own weapons, even if you were personally in danger.

Execution of the order m/s3-005 in progress

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