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Galactic Federation


I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.First report of execution

of the mission order - R01/S3-005


The quick acceleration of the local events makes me earnestly require a quick and powerful intervention from the Galactic Forces. Ampewi Numpa.

The reliability of the sources cannot be guaranteedReminder of the order's tenor

During this period you are assigned to stay on s3 to:
1 Report us of the evolution of the danger that this species represents.

2 Try your best to develop their faculties psy, while making sure that you do only communicate them information in accordance with their great ancestors and their actual knowledge.

The Galactic Federation:

after an exceptional meeting with the Senior-Staff of the Psycho-forces Specialized in the Frontiers' Security Service, considers not being able to intervene in your sector, which is of a minor interest, before 10 circumsolar revolutions. However, an intervention detachment power 7 has been programmed to be available from December 21, 2012 -of the local calendar.

 I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience.

Report of the first 8 months of the mission S3-005


Part 1  

1 Actions carried out:

On August 15, 2002 of the local calendar, at 22:59 G.M.T., a total of 201 231 humanoid contacts in 270 days were made, with our 60 Mb database, corresponding to 7800 m of data if they were printed on paper: according to the annoying local habits.

(Paper : primitive material support of information, of the cellulose, which a substance coming from the plants of their planet. This mania being responsible for the incredible destruction of the plants by this species that is definitely reaching a point of no-return in the domain of suicidal actions.)

The exponential increasing rate of these human contacts make me think that they will soon reach the figure of 600000.

Some of them having contacted our base several times, this figure must be corrected by a coefficient 1/3rd to estimate the real number of subjects who contacted us.

We estimate that a population of 67 077 individuals had access to the 120 information necessary to the development of their psy capacities.

Each of them has -on average- perused only 3 of the information: it seems that the information were chosen more a random way than in a context of an intelligent voluntary selection.


2 Contacts established by the indigenous population.

On these 67 077 subjects, only 121 took the initiative to come forward us, that is 0. 0018039 %, that we classified category (C): ability of a possible evolution, but very low; and on all these humans, only one suspected our real identity: but there is no danger because we suppose he was a psycho-maniac in temporarily free.


3 Understanding of the information they received.

Following the exchanges established with this species' specimen, we can right now approximately estimate the proportion of those who are able to develop their psy capacities.

The rate is very low: since only 12 subjects have succeeded, more or less, to understand the main lines of the information contained in the database: that is 0.000179 %, that we classified category (B): ability of evolution, but still limited.

And on the whole, only 4 can be considered as having significantly developed their psy capacities allowing them to play an active role: that is 0.000596 %, that we classified category (A): high ability of evolution, allowing them to assume some responsibilities.


Note: it is about 2 young males and 2 mature females. 

Part 2  

4 Evaluation of the chances of success for the mission s3-005.

The species being composed by only about 1 200 000 000 humans having access to the information (reminder: on a total of humans estimated to 6 000 000 000), and endowed with a sufficient culture that is although very weak, and in the hypothesis where it would be possible that all of them who can access to our database...

...there would be a possible potential evolution of their psy capacities, regarding the different categories and figures, on a planetary scale, that could be sorted out the following way:

Category (A) ~ 71 520.

Category (B) ~ 214 800.

Category (C) ~ 2 164 680.


In the hypothesis that the species would be alone and with no help to resolve its problems:

this lack of subjects able to dominate the complex problems would lead to its almost total destruction, for the 5th time on this planet. According to the accurate information that the Federation could gather following the extinction that took place 71 107 circumsolar revolutions ago, we think that we can assert that the number of survivors would be around 144 000 humans.



Part 3  

The reliability of the source(s) cannot be guaranteed5 estimation of the danger that this species represents

After 8 months of experience acquired on the field, I would like to politely draw attention of the Galactic Federation's High Authorities to the fact that our scientific experts, from the Psycho-forces of the Service Specialized in the Frontiers' Security, have -regarding their concealed situation- largely underestimated the species techno-scientific capacities, its weapons, as well as its local occult oligarchy's efficiency: this oligarchy made an alliance with our enemies since a long time.


Here are the corresponding reports :

Rapport S3/005-01/sh/pltc. French

Rapport S3/005-02/sc/futur. French

Rapport S3/005-03/sc/occlt. French

Rapport S3/005-04/sc/fut/inmg/01. French

Rapport S3/005-05/sc/inmg/02. French

Rapport S3/005-05/sc/fcybg. English

Rapport S3/005-05/sh/cplt. French


(Note: the last document S3/005-05/sh/cplt describes a plan in progress that will touch the Galactic Federation's Supreme Council)






Commentary about this picture:

What you see as a powerful spaceship above the American space shuttle, is only a simple small vessel carrying some drones: what you call "flying saucers".

On the left of the picture, other vessels -as well as fighting vessels- going out of the Mother Vessel (which is in fact an artificial planet of 12 000km-long, with 700 million warriors of the Galactic Forces onboard). The Mother Vessel stays at a respectable distance from the Earth, because its forces came to help us, and not destroy us. In fact, if the Mother Vessel were getting too close from the Earth, its gravitational energy could provoke tidal waves and disturbances on the tectonic plates: which would swallow up and annihilate the proud but ridiculous human civilization.

Such a power deployment may seem useless, because indeed, only a tiny part of this force will be engaged in this minor operation; but it's not that superfluous because the Galactic Force may have to fight the Dinoid/Reptoid alliance, from the Bellatrix system, who took the control over the solar system for a short period of 80.000 years, in a far past: about 1 million years ago.


According to a certain unverifiable source, such intervention -but far more powerful- would have happened about 1 million years ago. It would have ended in the total destruction of the planet Mardek (that was the stronghold of the enemy forces, the Dinoid/Reptoid alliance from Bellatrix in the sector of the Galaxy), and the re-introduction of the human beings -of whom species comes originally from Vega- in our system.


Very important note:

Given that the Anlo-American are able, with their system "Echelon" -thanks to their quite rudimentary satellites-, to pick up, listen or read all our communications (emitted either by phone, fax websites or e-mails): how much it should be easy for a more developed Space civilization to pick up humans' information and communications. Isn't it?

Given that these civilizations only can exist and that they never shown any sign of hostility towards us, in spite of the voluntary misinformation concerning them, that is not the plot we believe intended to reassure us, but the opposite.

Given that humanity -trapped by its leaders' negligence- could resolve the major problems that are leading it to its extinction (regarding the short lapse of time it is given) -according our best scientists' opinions, its chances become tighter and tighter everyday

The only real chance we can hope is a help from the sky.

But it is possible that non-interference rules exist, and requires that we have to have to ask for this help if we want to benefit from it.

So, let's do it! What can we loose? NOTHING! And as we said: "Do you know a better solution? "

Consequently, spread these URL worldwide: in English in French

and let's wait for the result: it only can be positive, or just not never happen.

Finally, this must not prevent us to feel responsible and to do our best, here and now!

The increasing rate of the local events makes me earnestly require a quick and powerful intervention of the Galactic Forces, of which I was satisfied to hear that they were already arrived in our sector.

Let's wait for a new mission order. You will be informed as it will arrive

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