Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


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"To teach superstitions and lies as truth is the most terrible thing" Hypatia
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Thanks - Images and Animations.

Thanks - Musics.

Thanks - Illustrations and texts.

Thanks - Scientific websites and Media.

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Images and Animations

Antonini Laurent: An artist dreamer for his exceptional fractales For its free and nice animations ô-)


xxxxxxxxx For its free and nice animations ô-)

x xxxxxxxxx Discover the nature with the glance of the painter Robert Bateman


xxxxwwwwcBoros Attila: paintings of E.T A program to make fractals.


The Best artists of Heroic Fantasy.

xxFreondream Meilin Wong 's site: Fairies, dragons, and creatures of dream.


xxN.A.S.A: pictures of Space.


x Ron Harris: glamour


x SF story photos.


x Shrimp: A great Thai photographer.


xSiudmak: master of SF painting.


wxx,,Xelfée: all species of fairies.

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Elan Michaels, Spiritually Healing Music of Native America.


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Illustrations and texts

x Carl Sagan for his book "Cosmos" and its whole scientific work.


x Highly recommended to have another vision of the current events.


For its illustrations and texts


xxxx Swami AC Bhaktivedanta pour "la Bhagavad Gità telle qu'elle est"


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Scientific websites and Media

xxxx Agence SciencePresse.




x Archeological Institute of America


BBC News Online: Sci/Tech x







Discovery channel x








x Université de Laval - Québec, a treasure !


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Recommended Websites


wwwwwAn excellent website, highly recommended !

wwwwwThe best encyclopedia About Paranormal.


xwww Lakota na Dakota Wowapi Oti Kin: the best sioux website : Great web directory

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 Enjoy You will never see your meal with the same eyes !

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