Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world's leading scholar during the era of the  Great Library of Alexandria.


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In this page you will find all the updates made to the site. It would be useful for you to bookmark it, as you would be able to immediately spot the the newest articles of the site to read them ! You can easily bookmark it by clicking hereMeaning-of-life Updates .

Most updates will actually be translations of our already many french pages. Indeed, we are now trying to translate the whole 200 french pages into english, and we would gladly accept the help of free volunteer translators. Therefore, if you can and want to help, please contact us, you will find our e-mail addresses at the end of each page. Thank you in advance.

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06/5/2005 : Remake of the whole website

05/3/2004 : Complete translation of the "Galactic Federation"

03/17/2004 : Complete translation of the Cosmos University

04/1/2004 Site's Spirit

10/21/2003 : Homage to Buddy Red Bow.

09/25/2003 : The need of another look at the World.

09/25/2003 : See with the eye of the heart - Great paintings.

08/30/2003 : Restore the Respect as the supreme value.

07/17/2003 : Complete translation of "Sacred trees of our woods and orchards".

07/05/2003 : Creation of the "updates" page.

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