Object : Offer to publish " Vers un sens de la vie "

Letter to the attention of the publishers

French version

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

In 1999, I wrote the book " Vers un sens de la vie " (in English language: "Towards a meaning of life"). From this book I created a website, now very popular amongst the French speaking readers: www.sens-de-la-vie.com

In less than 2 years this website attracted nearly 600.000 readers, generated forums and chats around the world (Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland, etc...), and made possible the creation of different clubs and projects -actually in progress. www.sens-de-la-vie.com, generating more than 1 million "hits" monthly, is continuously increasing since its opening. With the current passing of time, my website became a vast "parallel" encyclopedia of which you can have an overall view:


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www.sens-de-la-vie's challenge:


"Humans have to face threats that they must not underestimate, which is a fact that they quite understand, but it is not enough: they are lacking of a clear vision they could gather around, such as a hyphen."

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Now, I invite you to consider my offer to publish it: the 600.000 visits could represent for a publisher 100.000 books sold (and surely more!). Besides the commercial aspects, the information my website contains could help many people -as the abundant mails of the readers can testify.

www.sens-de-la-vie.com will be translated in many different languages soon, since it became very popular and generates positive reactions worldwide, from any social classes or political opinions: in fact, regarding the positive mails that I regularly receive from my readers, I realized that I could bring together and make it up with many readers from very different opinions -Palestinians, Communists, Israelis, Anarchists, ex-New Age and even ex-fascists!- all together united under the "same banner" and ready to return to a sane basis by other means than aggressiveness, politics or religions.

The less we can say is that sens-de-la-vie.com has the power to rally the humans together, from any sides, even if the website has nothing to see with politics, religions, and does not preach a single and sectarian thought! On the contrary, it is the perfect remedy against a single thought and brainwashing.

A sound thought is certainly the lack of the actual civilization, for its own balance: and this is the meaning of "sens-de-la-vie.com" that aims to bring back the life from the actual confusion (coming from the relations of force and profit) to the order that will come spontaneously from relations founded on the Respect it advocates.

Anyway, a website is quite limited. So I decided to share my knowledge -publishing books- with all the French speaking people (and also the rest of the world, when the website will be translated in English, Spanish and German) who does not have access to internet: this is the reason why I've launched this offer.

I know that you are very busy to handle a huge work load, and that your time is precious. Nevertheless, I would be very grateful if you could attentively estimate the collaboration I offer you, and the range of the information contained in my website -that is meant to become the rich basis of one or many successful books.

You can discover the main themes if you click to on the pages' links mentioned above. It would be very kind of you if you could give me your opinion regarding the way the information contained in my website could be published, of course respecting the spirit of your company and my website.

I rely on your competences. Take your time, my website is huge! And please, give me some news concerning your ideas.

I would deeply enjoy collaborating with you!
© Ampewi Nunpa

Author and webmaster@sens-de-la-vie.com


P.S. 1 : Sens-de-la-vie.com is a vast website that could be published under the form of many books (as many books than there are themes).

P.S. 2 : Humanity being presently very sick, I am trying to help the humans, with my website, teaching them how to cure themselves by simple and basic means (and not any indoctrination, neither a complacent hope towards a guru, nor a political party, nor a religion): this means a return to sound and just values, closer to the nature, and founded on the respect of it -but also every living being. I also inform the readers about some scientific facts, which are not disclosed by the actual media, concerning the past and also some present facts that threaten our individual freedom (freedom of thinking and freedom of acting).

At the present time, many people complain, manifest in the streets, and militate: but they obtain no result! And they are losing their time because the masters of the world absolutely do not take them into account, and violate the most basic human rights. Why can't the people succeed? Because they do not fight the root of the problems! And my website contains, for those who can read and move, the necessary knowledge and tools to remedy the actual situation by themselves. It's neither a question to be content with complaining and to pity on you, nor to manifest in the streets: we need to modify our way of thinking as well as our consumers' behaviour, because "every purchase is a vote".


" sens-de-la-vie.com/meaning-of-life makes you possible to check the level of reliability of the information that you will read by putting the arrow of the mouse on one of these symbols below that are - or will be - at the top of each page, to know their meaning, but also to invite you to check by yourself the sources (that are always mentioned either in the texts or in the links). You are invited to think about it, and nobody asks you to believe. "

I assert (or he/she asserts), from a direct experience. I assert (or he/she asserts), from a logical deduction.I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I believe (or he/she believes) the reliability of the source. I transmit (or he/she transmits) an information of which I do not guarantee (or he/she does not guarantee) the reliability of the source.

Since Nov. 18, 2001 you are the th visit of sens-de-la-vie.com.